Saturday one-liners


How long did it take the New York media to bring up new offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg’s 2002 decision to kick off in sudden death overtime?  Not very.

Arkansas QB Tyler Wilson is drawing comparisons to Bills Hall of Famer Jim Kelly.

The Dolphins are expected to have $37 million to spend on veterans, and $6.3 million to spend on rookies.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft says he was a Ravens fan for three hours last Saturday, hopeful a Baltimore win would give the Pats the ability to host the AFC title game.

Stats aside, Ravens QB Joe Flacco sums up his five-year career pretty persuasively:  “We win a lot of football games around here, and this is actually the third time I’m standing up here getting ready to play in an AFC championship game.”

The Bengals are cutting prices on 85 percent of their club seats, which don’t count toward the determination of a sellout.

New Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton isn’t worried that he runs a 3-4 and the personnel has been acquired for a 4-3; “I’m a coach of men, whether it’s 3-4, 4-3, 5-5, I don’t care,” Horton said.  “I’m going to coach men.”

Steelers LT Max Starks loves classical music.

A photograph helped Titans QB Matt Hasselbeck avoid a $15,750 fine for a horse-collar tackle.

The Jaguars are helping revitalize the neighborhood in which their stadium is located.

Texans DE J.J. Watt has used his long arms to land a grocery-store endorsement.

Colts owner Jim Irsay and Rob Lowe have apparently resolved any awkwardness arising from last year’s “report” by Lowe that QB Peyton Manning would retire.

16 Broncos are on track to become free agents, led by OT Ryan Clady.

New Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt says that Larry Fitzgerald, Kurt Warner, and Peyton Manning have all said good things about QB Philip Rivers.

Chiefs G.M. John Dorsey has made his first acquisition, signing DT Daniel Muir.

Raiders G.M. Reggie McKenzie thinks the team is about a year away from resolving its salary-cap issues.

The Giants’ failure to get to the playoffs has been highlighted by the fact that they’re the only team missing from last year’s final four.

A Congressman fwants the Redskins to ditch their nickname; “This isn’t like warriors or chiefs. It’s not a term of respect, and it’s needlessly offensive to a large part of our population,” Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) said.

Cowboys LB Sean Lee is expected to benefit from the shift to a 4-3 defense, since he has the skills to handle pass coverage from the middle position.

Former Eagles QB Ron Jaworski likes new coach Chip Kelly; “He’s refreshing,” Jaworski said. “I love Andy Reid, but I think near the end it was a little bit depressing.  I think there was a little bit of a loss of focus from Andy Reid.  The team wasn’t doing well and I think a new look was needed.  Chip Kelly was that new look.”

The Lions are looking for more leadership from their key players.  (A good start would be “any.”)

Packers S Sean Richardson underwent surgery to repair a herniated disc in his neck.

When new Bears coach Marc Trestman talks about the coach-quarterback relationship being the “No. 1 marriage in all of sports,” we can’t help but think of a former Bears coach.

Vikings P Chris Kluwe is writing a book entitled Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies, which will be “a collection of uncensored essays and stories about whatever I feel like.”

Plenty of people in Charlotte are upset about a proposed increase on restaurant and bar taxes to raise money for renovations at the stadium where the Panthers play.

The Buccaneers have given prescription eyeglasses to 30 local children.  (And to 67 game officials.)

Falcons WR Roddy White thinks the team got too lazy, complacent, and relaxed after building a 20-0 first-half lead against the Seahawks.

Saints S Malcolm Jenkins says he will do all he can to learn from the 2012 season.

Despite two straight successful years, the 49ers have been able to keep their front office and coaching staff intact.

The Seahawks’ special teams had a significant role in the team’s success in 2012.

A year after having a very good draft, the Rams head back to the Senior Bowl to find more players who can help the team get even better.

Cards G.M. Steve Keim thinks “this is a start to something special.”  (We agree, if by “special” he means being consistently left in the dust by three other NFC West teams that are either elite or close to it.)

6 responses to “Saturday one-liners

  1. Joe Flacco says: “We win a lot of football games around here, and this is actually the third time I’m standing up here getting ready to play in an AFC championship game.”
    As a Steelers fan, I’m not wild about Flacco. But this is why I’ve never understood the knocks on him–especially by Ravens fans. Five years in the league, five playoff appearances, two division championships, three conference championship games. Okay, so he’s never won a Super Bowl. But geez, it’s hard to argue with a record like that.

  2. would it not be more appropriate – and probably the purpose of his job – for the congressman from Washington to focus on FIXING THE COUNTRY and not the name of a football team?

  3. As a Ravens fan I must admit that the browns Bringing so much coaching talent has me a little worried. Bring in Lombardi, not so much.
    Also thank you Deb. Flacco is a good QB that wins consistently and would be perhaps better regarded if his receivers helped him out more in previous postseasons. It gets particularly irritating defending him to other Ravens fans because it’s like they don’t remember the clown show we had at QB our whole history before Flacco showed up.

  4. Deb says: Jan 19, 2013 3:35 PM

    As a Steelers fan, I’m not wild about Flacco. But this is why I’ve never understood the knocks on him–especially by Ravens fans…

    It’s because media coverage of the Ravens is obsessively about Ray Lewis. I’ve seen games on TV where Flacco is lighting it up, and the announcers gush about how Lewis must have said something to Flacco during halftime.

    And I’ve seen post-game interviews of Flacco where all they ask him is about Ray Lewis. It’s got to stick in his craw a bit, but he’s always handled it well.

    In short, Ray Lewis IS an all-time great, but it seems Flacco will never get his due respect until Baltimore is more “his team” — right now, the perception is he’s riding 52’s coat tails.

  5. Canyonero, you couldn’t be more wrong. People’s perception of Flacco has nothing to do with being in #52’s shadow, and I was born in raised in Bmore. It’s the fact that’s he’s inconsistent and hasn’t had the best offensive line/ receivers around him. He does not get enough credit locally or nationally for being as solid as he is. He’s good enough to win the big one and/or at least get us there. The defense was not even good this year.

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