49er take their first lead of the game

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For two straight weeks, the Falcons have blown three-score leads.

They did it in the final minute last week, after leading the Seahawks 20-0 in the first half and 27-7 in the fourth quarter.  This time, a 17-0 lead has become a 28-24 deficit with 8:23 to play.

Last week, quarterback Matt Ryan saved the Falcons by driving the team into field-goal range with 31 second left.  This week, he’s got more time — but he needs more than a field goal.

The nine-yard touchdown run from Frank Gore comes more than 17 minutes in game time since the last points scored, also on a Gore run.  In the interim, the Falcons had a pair of turnovers, and the 49ers missed a field goal and saw a potential touchdown become a fumble just outside the Atlanta end zone.

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  1. 49ers got screwed on that challenge. The ball moved on the ground and his hand even slid from the middle of the ball to the tip during that movement. How can they say that was a) a catch or b) inconclusive and could not overturn the call on the field? It seemed quite conclusively to me that it was not a catch. I have no horse in this race, just want to see a good game and correct calls…that was bogus.

  2. The NFL is as much about luck these days as skill. The Patriots should have won last year—-Welker dropped an easy catch. The Ravens actually should have won vs Patriots if Evans catches the ball. This Niners game was about the Falcons dropping a shotgun as much as anything else. The Refs missed the interference call at the end. Enjoy it Niners fans but next year you will probably be on the opposite end of a crap call.

  3. Falcons didn’t choke you dope..good game,it’s a shame it wasn’t the giants vs 49ers they would have scored 40+ on the niners..Balt wins this thing

  4. Not to mention the garbage PF call against the Falcons vs Capernick. Then no call vs the Niners against Matt Ryan on the last drive? Please. These refs are awful.

  5. lol, this is no surprise. was anybody really thinking the falCONS would win even with a 17 point lead?? i personally love watching the falCONS in the playoffs, it’s like watching an intersection knowing there’s gonna be an accident. falcons will forever be the most professional bunch of chokers in sports. That garbage doesn’t belong in the Dome.

  6. Ppl it wasn’t a hold, he bumped him at the line of scrimmage and within 5 yards… Give me a break. Fans always wanna blame refs, but blame the Falcons they gave away a 17 point lead then a 10 point lead. 2 weeks in a row they couldn’t hold on to a lead. Choke artist see you in the Dome next season Who Dat!

  7. I wonder who was faster today – Vernon Davis on the field or Arthur Blank fleeing from the cameras after his patented “We’re winning – here I am, look at me!” move blew up in his smug face.

  8. I’m proud of the Falcons today. Congrats to the 49ers, they did what they had to do. The bad calls pretty much evened each other out on both sides.

  9. Not a fan of either team. Watching that game, it was pretty obvious that the NFL wanted SF to win for whatever reason. That blow to the head call against Atlanta was pretty bad. Would have been 4th down, instead the Niners keep the ball and score. A few other iffy calls against Atlanta as well. That last drive for the Falcons, No roughing for driving the QB into the turf? No holding call on Bowman on that 4th down play? I am really starting to wonder if the whole thing is rigged. Been some really bad calls this season that changed the outcome of games. It is like the NFL lines things up to turn out the way the NFL wants them. I cant wait to see if Baltimore gets the favorable calls so there will be a Harbaugh vs Harbaugh Super Bowl.

  10. Definitely holding on the Niners against Roddy. It’s not a bump if you grab his arm and won’t let him get away.

  11. The guy tapped Kaepernick’s helmet and didn’t even distract him from looking downfield. C’mon, that shouldn’t have been a penalty.

  12. Right clean hit. Hit him in the head and slammed him into the ground. I suppose the hold by the linebacker didn’t happen too? And before you argue it was withing five yards it doesn’t matter if the ball is in the air.

  13. ATL is not built for postseason yet… they were lucky to get past Seattle. everyone knew the 49ers were coming back and you could see the panic in Ryan’s eyes

  14. iamwhodat says:Jan 20, 2013 6:12 PM

    Ppl it wasn’t a hold, he bumped him at the line of scrimmage and within 5 yards… Give me a break. Fans always wanna blame refs, but blame the Falcons they gave away a 17 point lead then a 10 point lead. 2 weeks in a row they couldn’t hold on to a lead. Choke artist see you in the Dome next season Who Dat!

    Really? What game were you watching, and what is your interpretation of the rule? Contact is allowed, but you cant keep your handhold on the players jersey. Especially when he is getting the ball thrown to him. I could see a no-call if the ball went somewhere else. Bowman was draped all over the guy.

  15. Harbaugh meltdown on the sideline … is the reason why there was no penalties called on the 49ers.
    Lets face that hit is on Brady or Peyton it’s a roughing the passer.

  16. mungman69 says:Jan 20, 2013 6:14 PM

    No penalty for Ryan, just a clean hit. The gut hit Colin in the helmet and you can’t do that.

    You are wrong. Driving the QB into the ground is a penalty, and that is what happened to Ryan on that play. Kaepernick wanst hit in the head. The players fingertip brushed the facemask and didnt even cause Kaepernick to move his head. Not only that, the Referee who tossed the flag couldnt even see the contact that there was, he was behind Kaepernick. Justify it all you want. I dont care about the outcome of the game because my team wanst in it. It was pretty obvious to non-fans of the teams that the game was skewed in SF favor by the officials.

  17. kiefs how can you equate welker dropping a pass to luck? he’s an nfl wr. he doesn’t operate on luck. he gets paid to catch passes. dropping a pass like that is not him getting unlucky. it was him not making a play when he needed to.

  18. Calls, more calls, and bad calls. They didn’t decide the game, went both ways. Those of you inclined to say “we” this and “we” that about your favorite team — take it easy, remember that “they” won it or lost it, not you.

  19. @shlort… I know your team just lost bro, but there were plenty of non-calls for Atlanta as well. I clearly remember two offensive holding/interference calls that were missed on Roddy White alone. It was a good game. The non-call at the end was correct. The “catch” by Douglas was not. His entire hand slid 3/4 of the way down the ball and it clearly moved. Look. I’m actually sorry that your team lost, but somebody had to. I wish Gonzo the best on his retirement if he does. Surefire HOF first ballot. Good luck next year dude.

  20. As for the no call at the end- I’m okay with that. Sure there was some contact, but there is on every play. That was a very risky pass in traffic. It just missed. Too bad Ryan couldn’t have thrown to Julio those last two plays instead of Roddy.

  21. I would think that the best way to tell whether a call (or no call) was bad is if no one would question it if it’s not made (or made). In both cases – the roughing the passer and the 4th down play – no one would have thought twice if a flag had not and had been dropped, respectively.

  22. “Would have been 4th down, instead the Niners keep the ball and score”

    If by score you mean fumble. The person foul didn’t sad to any 49er points.

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