49ers “highly, highly doubt” that Crabtree will be charged


The 49ers have an unwanted distraction for Sunday’s game, involving one of their best players, as receiver Michael Crabtree faces allegations of sexual assault.  And their immediate goal is to ensure that it won’t be.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the 49ers “highly, highly doubt” that Crabtree will be charged with a crime.

Per Schefter, another witness (a female) corroborated Crabtree’s version of the events to police.  Moreover, Crabtree cooperated with authorities, submitting to a two-hour interview.

We don’t doubt that Schefter is accurately reported that the 49ers “highly, highly doubt” that Crabtree will be charged.  But it’s always dangerous to predict with any degree certainty the actual contents of a police investigation or the manner in which a district attorney assessing the evidence will exercise the very broad discretion inherent to the question of who will and who won’t be prosecuted.

The fact that another witness corroborates Crabtree doesn’t mean Crabtree’s version is airtight.  The other witness could be a very bad witness.  Likewise, Crabtree could have made a very unconvincing case during his interview.  There could be physical evidence that renders the witness testimony less relevant.

At this point, we don’t know — and no one outside of law enforcement knows, either.

For now, though, it’s important for the 49ers to be confident and optimistic because that’s the best way to ensure it won’t be a distraction for Crabtree on Sunday.  Really, that’s all the team cares about right now:  Ensuring that they will get maximum performance from Crabtree on Sunday.

If he eventually is arrested or charged, they’ll worry about that at the time.  For now, with no chance of Crabtree being arrested in Georgia for something that allegedly happened in San Francisco, the smart approach by the team is to act like it’s a non-issue — in the hopes that Crabtree will do the same.

23 responses to “49ers “highly, highly doubt” that Crabtree will be charged

  1. this whole thing is blown out of proportion….i wouldnt be surprised if this was set up by the opposing teams so that the niners get distracted from winning.

  2. He must be using Big Ben’s attorney.

    Rapists tend to use the same attorneys to pay off their victims

  3. Hey to everyone who prematurely accused Crabtree, innocent till proven guilty & surprise female witness agreeing with crabtree’s statement…. HATERS ALWAYS HATE

  4. I completely agree that we cannot rush to judge in either direction on this case. But please excuse my snicker at the idea of PFT telling us that we need to be patient and wait for the facts.

  5. Not surprised one bit. Athletes get girls on a nightly basis. Rarely will a gold digger come out and cry rape ( Kobe, Big Ben) to try and win the lottery. Those type of women are hoping they will pay up to avoid bad PR but, and good for them, they don’t.

  6. How many athletes were investigated for sexual assaults and actually charged or arrested? Not too many… I still don’t get how these guys can fall into that trap. Learn from your peers.

  7. Indeed, as Brian Banks knows very well, you don’t have to have done the crime and you can still be charged and convicted despite a complete lack of evidence (after all, how can there be evidence of something that never happened?).

  8. What a great way to distract a major player on the eve of a critical game: file a false charge of sexual assault. Of course, filing false charges is criminal, but how many DAs want to get into a he said-she said confrontation. And meanwhile, the player has this burden, consciously or unconsciously.

    With this much money on the game, it seems a nice technique to manipulate the odds slightly, at no cost.

  9. Yeah sorry but if there was any of this other hypothetical evidence they wouldn’t have let him leave the state. Looks like the taxpayers will have to continue to pay the girls way instead of just Crabs

  10. For his sake, I hope he is innocent. Not knowing the facts, however, has never stopped speculation. If he is being scammed (big week for scams apparently), the girl should be arrested. But if he is guilty of something, it will be a free-for-all on social media and in the news since he was allowed to leave Cali to go play. We all love watching for a possible train wreck…..

  11. The 49ers are just happy that they aren’t playing Srattle today.

    Thumbs down me all you want, but facts are facts. Truth is we were a couple of rookie mistake away from this being a completely different game.

  12. Heck he will pay out of court like Ray Lewis did to the two families able to hide the facts and move on and some day first round HOF’er. That is the NFL of today. Yes he will play today and the announcers will be silent as usual.

  13. kylealbertson says:
    Jan 20, 2013 12:58 PM
    Another girl with a bogus story trying to get some cash from an NFL player. Jeez.

    for every blackmailer there are ten women who a athlete got really pushy with… if he was dumb enough to get in this situation… oh well..

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