Bernard Pollard strikes again, Ravens up 28-13

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Ravens safety Bernard Pollard has caused a lot of pain to members of the Patriots over the years and he doled out another big hit in the fourth quarter on Sunday.

Pollard laid out Patriots running back Stevan Ridley, who appeared to be out on his feet before fumbling the ball on his way to the turf. Ridley returned to the locker room, likely to be evaluated for a concussion that would put him alongside Tom Brady, Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski on the list of Patriots knocked out of games by Pollard.

It looked like Ridley might have been down before the ball came out, but referee Bill Leavy ruled otherwise after the replay and the Ravens took possession of the ball just a few plays after an Anquan Boldin touchdown put them up 21-13.

And it led to another Boldin touchdown just a few plays later. It’s the third touchdown pass of the game for Joe Flacco, who has completed 11 of his last 12 passes, and the Ravens have scored 21 straight points to grab a 28-13 lead with just over 11 minutes to play.

UPDATE 9:16 p.m. ET: The Patriots have announced that Ridley won’t return to the game.

81 responses to “Bernard Pollard strikes again, Ravens up 28-13

  1. Ridley led with his own helmet while Pollard braced at an angle. I thought Pollard was going to get knocked out, but that was a vicious collision.

  2. As a 49er fan, I’d rather play the Pats because I hate them more than anyone, but this is sweet to watch! Flacco carving up the Pats, and good old fashioned hard hitting football with no flags!

  3. Patriots are soft. Flacco has outplayed Brady the last three meetings. Pats got 2 of the 3 wins.
    They still get all the calls, or no calls for holding after even 10 yards.

  4. Proving again that it’s much harder to win a Superbowl if you don’t know what the defense is going to do.

  5. I hate to say it but my Ravens are a bunch of dirty players and even have a “murderer” on the team..but hey we are going to the superbowl and going to win it.

  6. Not a fumble. The player was hit, hit the ground, then lost control of the ball. Sometimes it helps if you watch the play without the sound instead of letting the announcers dictate what you think happened.

  7. As a patriot hater i would have rather seen them l..ose another super bowl. But i will take this.

  8. I still don’t see how that was a confirmed fumble. It didn’t come out until his helmet and knee knocked it loose AFTER his button was on the ground.

  9. Definitely was a fumble. His knee knocked the ball loose before he hit the ground. That’s why it wasn’t overturned. Pay attention.

  10. Not a fumble are you kidding me ! The runner was tasered by the collision ! Hes lucky he held onto his bowls let alone a football !

  11. As Deion Sanders once said “Tom Brady played like hot garbage”. (Ironically, he said it after Baltimore knocked out NE in 2009).

  12. nesuperfan: helmet to helmet hits AREN’T illegal on runners in the open field, only QBs and defenseless receivers. That was a 100% legal hit.

  13. As a Pats fan it’s disappointing to see the way thid game is going but I can’t avoid saying it Pollard is dirty. there’s to much evidence to suggest it’s simply a coincidence

  14. The Broncos played the Ravens sooo much tougher than NE has. It’s embarrassing, frankly.
    New England just couldn’t take the hits that Baltimore dished out.

  15. djcrabby8 says:Jan 20, 2013 9:24 PM

    Not a fumble. The player was hit, hit the ground, then lost control of the ball. Sometimes it helps if you watch the play without the sound instead of letting the announcers dictate what you think happened.
    Seeing as it was a big hit the play was replayed quite a few times. Dude was out before he even hit the ground and ball was loose right before he hit the ground. Nasty hit.

    In any case New England doesn’t even deserve to win tonight. They’re getting thoroughly outplayed and beaten up for good measure.

  16. Ravens have been the top of the AFC class for the last two years, deal with it. Superbowl bound. Hate on haters.

  17. Can’t stand how classless the Ravens players are on the side line and Ray leads them trying to pull his shirt off with game left BUT Tom showed how gultless he is when on fourth down he could have tried to run for a first down and he throws to no one.

  18. I think I’m on record as saying take the points.

    I didn’t expect this, but the line was clearly ridiculous.

  19. This has to be the worst defense to ever appear in a conference championship game.

    Just pathetic. This dynasty is officially OVER!

    Go 9ers!

  20. I wonder if the game might have turned out differently had the Pats been able to secretly videotape Baltimore’s practices.

  21. It’s really embarrassing watching the cameras on that murderer. Pathetic display by the NFL all around.

  22. I love it earlier in the week all I was saying is how they haven’t won a Super Bowl since spy gate and of course I was told I lived in my mom’s basement, you know the usual lame comments from these bandwagon fans. But once again I was proven to be right.

  23. Good game Ravens…..Good luck to you moving forward.

    I still can’t believe that ref upheld the fumble call….It seemed clear that his ass was on the ground before he let go of the ball and don’t know how anyone can look at that replay and say otherwise but it is what it is. I’d love to see an explanation from the league on that one.

    But the bottom line is that your team made the stops to keep us out of the endzone in the second half. Flacco and your defense played well. Congrats on making the Super Bowl.

  24. Clearly Ridley led with his helmet, as Pollard had slowed up to see which direction Ridley was going. So if anything Ridley knocked himself out on pollard’s helmet, not to mention runners are not afforded the same protection on hits as defenseless receivers and QBs. Pitta got hit helmet to helmet the play before his TD catch and there was no flag there. Nothing dirty about Pollard’s “hit.”

  25. atwatercrushesokoye, I forgot, but I remember now that you say it. Thank you for the reminder, and correction.

  26. Congrats to the Ravens and their fans. When you beat Manning and Brady on the road to get to the Super Bowl, there’s nothing you can say.

    The Talib injury (and of course Gronk) doomed the Pats, but Flacco came of age tonight. The Pats have a good young team and will be back next year, but this night belonged to Ray, the Ravens, and the fans that watched Lee Evans drop that ball last year. Congrats again.

  27. If commentators like Skip Bayless were judged the same way he judges Flacco, he would be off the air tonight.

  28. slickster35 says:Jan 20, 2013 9:48 PM

    It’s really embarrassing watching the cameras on that murderer. Pathetic display by the NFL all around.
    Funny but I don’t see anyone who was ever convicted of murdering anyone on either team’s sideline. What game are you watching? The longest yard?

  29. Congrats to the ravens. They deserved the W. the Baltimore fans on here should feel good but don’t disrespect the patriots as it just lowers the accomplishment of your team winning against another great team

  30. There was no way that was a fumble. I’ve been saying since the Manning pick 6 last week the NFL want Lewis to go out a winning. I don’t know why that guy is everything wrong with the NFL. They should’ve chosen Gonzalez instead much classier guy much better role model.

  31. @ nesuperfan…. Please learn the rules before calling yourself a super fan. That hit was 100% legal, because there aren’t helmet to helmet penalties on running plays like this.
    As for those claiming Pollard’s hit was dirty… C’Mon, man!! Ridley lowered his helmet and knocked himself out on pollard’s helmet.

  32. Great hit – thats how the game should be played – with toughness, although im sure he’ll get fined by the pantywaist – league powers that be in the Nancy Fooball League.

  33. Rvens could have scored another two touchdowns. Ravenna were Ali and Patriots were Joe Frazier. At least three egregious penalties not called on patriots but refs could not stop the ravens. Oats are soft and now a small time team without spying.

  34. When is Brady going to retire? That is the question to ask.

    I have said for two years that he can’t throw the long ball any more. He just does really really well short over the middle with some excellent receivers. A Brady long ball is a 5 yard pass to welker or Gronkowski. To his credit he is very accurate with those short passes, and he makes the right decision every time. However, if you take those short passes away..Brady is an average QB.

    Plus..Brady is a wuss..No tripping penalty? Hiding out with the Refs..What a wuss. Best ever way..he is a wuss. I would prefer to play Brady anytime rater than Roethlesberger or Manning.

    Wes Welker plays like a Raven. I wish he were on the Ravens. That guy is tough.

  35. Pretty sure the fact that we made it to the afc championship game proves the dynasty is not over jealous losers. Where’s that team we played in the SB last year oh yea not in the playoffs the ravens beat a pats team that was missing so many key contributors its not funny. I’m not crying just saying with those players back next year we will prob be at this game again next year. That said congrats balti see ya next year

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