Brady botches the clock, but Patriots take a lead into halftime


Even a quarterback as experienced in the postseason as Tom Brady sometimes makes clock-management mistakes at big moments.

Just before halftime in New England, Brady botched his clock management, running for a short gain, going down inbounds with 20 seconds remaining and then failing to call a timeout. If Brady had either thrown the ball away or called his timeout immediately, the Patriots would have had time to take another shot at the end zone. Instead, Brady hesitated and Patriots coach Bill Belichick finally called timeout with four seconds left before the half.

That set up a Patriots field goal, and New England went into the locker room up 13-7 at halftime. With better clock management, it might have been 17-7.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said at halftime that he’s pleased with how his team is playing, despite the deficit.

“I’m not concerned about anything — we’re down by six,” Harbaugh said. “We’ve done a nice job in the red zone at both ends.”

In the second half, Harbaugh will have to hope his offense can get more red-zone opportunities. And Belichick will have to hope that if it comes down to a last-second drive, Brady displays better clock management.

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  1. I have to say, Brady should have gotten a penalty for that leg “kick” at Reed when he slid. Watching the replay, it sure looked intentional. He forced his leg to go up towards Reed. Kinda of a dirty play if you ask me, and he’s lucky he didnt hurt himself there too.

  2. Overall, good game. Surprised Ravens didnt completely kill themselves with their poor field position. This really could be a lot worse for them.

    Let’s go Ravens!

  3. Harbaugh needs to be concerned about the multiple idiotic 15 yard penalties they seem to get every game. The Ravens are keeping it close, but watching them start every drive inside their 20 makes it such an uphill climb.

  4. What was that kick when he was sliding if you give yourself up you can’t be aggressive doing it !

  5. Raven fans are we nervous yet..?
    Raven fans can you sit still…..?.
    Raven fans is every call
    a bad call….
    Raven fans can you taste it yet..

    Hey no sweat done it six times and its fun when you win…remember?

  6. That attempted kick to injure Ed Reed on the slide by Brady was a joke. Reed was attempting to avoid Brady by jumping over him- Brady was attempting to buckle Reeds knee lifting his foot as he slid into him. Brady is a great QB, but that was chickensh it.

    Bunch of cheaters.


  7. Brady getting away with kicking and whatever else the refs won’t catch. Wait for the Ravens halftime adjustments like they did last week. AFC Champs! #ravennation

  8. He also ran into the ref as the ref was fleeing his original running direction. Totally not the Ref’s fault, Brady ran behind him like he might lead block for him!

  9. Punk move by Brady, he spiked Ed Reed. The league should fine him for that move, Reed let him go when he began the slide and he spiked the defenseless defender.

  10. Classic Belichick.

    He’s one of the worst football game strategists/managers in the sport. He has no business not calling a TO himself in that clearly obvious situation to get a free extra shot at the endzone. He has made mistakes like this many times this season and on huge situations that arguably cost the Pats a chance to win a few of the games they lost.

  11. If that was anyone else that kick would have been a penalty. We need to hit pretty boy..Go Raven!!!

  12. Nofoolnodrool says:Jan 20, 2013 8:14 PM
    Raven fans can you taste it yet

    Yes, I believe they can.

  13. The Pats are the modern day Buffalo Bills after they got caught cheating. Bills dominated a cupcake division like the Pats are doing now, and once they are in the playoffs, they choke! Without their spycams, Brady is just like Marino, a great regular season qb. And don’t tell me the Pats didn’t benefit from cheating. BB would not spend years, have dedicated staff to cheat, have them sneak into other team’s practices, issue fake field passes…etc and not get anything out of it. BB is a cold and calculated genius. No way he does all that and put his reputation on the line for nothing.

  14. Really watch clock problem started when Fernandez made the catch and elected to move back into the field instead of getting out of balance which he could’ve done

  15. When is Brady going to retire? That is the question to ask.

    I have said for two years that he has a Mark Sanchez arm. He just does really really well over the middle with some excellent receivers. A Brady long ball is a 5 yard pass to welker or Gronkowski. To his credit he is very accurate with those short passes, and he makes the right decision every time. However, if you take those passes away..Brady is an average QB.

    Plus..Brady is a wuss..No tripping penalty? Hiding out with the Refs..What a wuss. Best ever way..he is a wuss.

    Wes Welker plays like a Raven. I wish he were on the Ravens. That guy is tough.

  16. I want to know where the hell the flag was on the Patriot that ran into Ed Reed after he called for a fair catch.
    Of course if a Raven did it flag day all over the place.

  17. And they always say Brady is a better QB than Peyton… 13 points compared to Manning’s 35 and whenever the Cheaters won the SB they had a much better defense than Colts and the refs helped them as against the raiders … Peyton haters thought only he throws interceptions in crucial playoff games … LMAO

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