Bus Cook “irate” over report that new deal was requested for Russell Wilson

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Maybe Bus Cook really does read PFT, after all.

Cook called Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, “irate” regarding the report that a representative of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has asked for a new deal even though the current labor deal prevents a renegotiation until Wilson has completed his third NFL season.  Cook called the report, which originated with Chris Mortensen of ESPN and about which we posted, “a bunch of bullsh-t.”

Cook insisted that he has had no conversations with the Seahawks about a new deal for Wilson.

“I know you can’t do that yet,” Cook told Rapoport.

Mortensen suggested that the request may have been made in jest.  Cook’s reaction suggests that no request was made, in jest or otherwise.

Regardless, Cook had to get his version out there in clear and unmistakable terms, because other agents inevitably would have been swarming around Wilson, pointing out that his agent isn’t aware of one of the basic realities of the labor deal and hoping that Wilson will choose to make a change.

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  1. Wilson would not succeed with any other team, if he does not re sign in 3 years and goes somewhere else he will fail. this offense is built to run the ball, he only has to throw 15-20 times game and short passes at that, that’s why his yardage and attempts are so low. this teams defense and run game is the reason they are successful. if Wilson goes to a team where he had to be the primary source of offense like Brady, manning, Rodgers even luck, he will not succeed. he is the black Alex Smith but since he is black the perception of his game is different than a white qb even though they are both game managers.

  2. Guys like martens on and a heftier are no better than TMZ or any other gossip rag. They report on innuendo and half truths. I’m not saying they don’t work hard and do research, but come on its just gossip. As far as im concerned report it to me when its news and not before. just because tou were the first to report on a trade or new contract means nothing to me as a fan. youre only one step above sideline reporters. another joke in the league.

    And to me any player or team representative who would divulge information to these guys should be ostricized by others in the league.

  3. I don’t blame the agent at all. The perception was of this (given the rules an agent should know) would make him appear incompetent as an agent…which then drives away future customers.

    What I don’t get, is how people are allowed to conjure up bs’ stories like this and nothing happens.. Bad,bad job by Ian Rapoport if Bus is telling the truth.

    And yes, I’m a Rams Fan, and I hate the Seahawks. But call a spade a spade

  4. Ahhh,good old Bus Cook. Packer fans remember him fondly…..

    Good Luck Seattle, Bus likes to see his name in the paper more then his clients. Wilson made a bad choice on that one.

  5. Fishphsn – NOTE: Wilson…on his 20 throws a game averaged more yards per throw than any other QB…and set the rookie record for the most TD’s thrown ever!!!

  6. Mortenson looks like a gossip-mongering idiot in all this. It makes his source look stupid, and in the process does the same to him. If he had any common sense he would have contacted Cook first to see if there was any truth to it.

  7. he tied the record with 26 genius, didn’t set it and he threw for 3100 in 16 games, not exactly lighting up the stat sheet. his yards are low because their defense got turnovers and they run the ball, I.e. game manager. pay attention. he is a good player, but would not succeed anywhere else.

  8. He was in top 10 in 40+ yard completions, top 5 in completion percentage, quarterback rating and yards per attempt. Statistically he was the best quarterback over the final 8 games of the season, that is when Seattle stopped trying to use him as a game manager and used him as a game changer. 24/36 for 385 yards and 3 TD in a divisional round playoff game doesnt sound like game managing

  9. “Mortenson looks like a gossip-mongering idiot in all this. It makes his source look stupid, and in the process does the same to him. If he had any common sense he would have contacted Cook first to see if there was any truth to it.”

    What does that make Florio since he is trying to take credit for it???

  10. So I guess Chris Mortenson is a liar and creates his own news because otherwise nobody would even know he was alive. Maybe the National Enquirer will start a sports section.

  11. Hey fishfan you are a f Ing moron did you not see any of last weeks game he single handily brought the hawks back threw 385 yards so shut it

  12. The solution is rather simple: Give Russell Wilson’s wife a job in the PR department or Community Relations. Then pay her $8 million a year for it. Since the Wilson are married, their share the finances equally in the end.

  13. Finphan please stop showing your ignorance. We realize your Dolphins beat the Hawks this season. We realize you guys have a pretty decent rookie QB. But just because the Hawks are clear across the country from you, doesn’t mean you can spew forth ignorance about things you have no clue on.

    Please…RW’s going to be a successful, if not elite, QB in the NFL for many, many years to come. And I would bet that if both are mostly injury free in 10 years, RW will be a much, much better QB than Tannehill.

  14. Whatever anyone thinks about Bus Cook, he is correct to call the report of his request for a renegotiation to be total bs. I don’t care if it is ESPN or any other source; there is no way that Wilson or his agent asked for a better deal.

    Those who have taken the opportunity to claim that Wilson is a product of the Seahawk “system” don’t know what they are talking about.

  15. Finsphan you have no clue what your talking about, Wilson will be a top 5 QB in the NFL by his 3rd year and he’d do it for any team in football, even your trash team. Obviously you didn’t watch the 2nd half of the ATL game, he absolutely lit them up. If you think he’s a game manager than what would you call Ryan Tannehill? He’s not horrible but compared to Russell he’s Ryan Leaf. It’s hilarious how all the idiots who don’t know football bash Wilson because Seattle has a great D and a great running game, but their recievers are total trash at running routes and because they can’t get open if their lives depended on it Russell was forced to scramble around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, that’s why he threw for only 3100 yards. RG3 only threw for 3298 is he just a game manager? Game managers don’t lead 4 game winning touchdown drives and they don’t lead their team 90+ yards in the 4th to take the lead then 80+ to win it in overtime because the D blew the lead with seconds left, and they sure don’t do it on the road in Soldier field. Lastly game managers don’t tie Rookie records for touchdowns in a season and if he was just great beu of the running game Lynch would have had more than 11 TD’s to his 26. Don’t be a hater because Seattle found a better QB in the 3rd round than your team did in the top 10. 100 QB rating rookie QBs don’t grow on trees and they sure aren’t game. Managers no matter how good the D and running game are.

  16. finsphan – Although it is clear that you’ve already made your assessment and it will not change no matter what facts are brought to your attention and perhaps this a futile attempt to even suggest any other thought than your own, I will still engage in this meaningless act.

    There is a difference between cannot and is not asked of. Wilson is not asked to throw it often because if the run game is there, that is their first option. However, if the run game is stuffed, like it was when he played against Brady in Week 6 and again in the post-season against the Falcons, Wilson is asked and delivers. What Wilson accomplished in the second half of the Falcons game will be forgotten because the defense was not able to hold the lead, but I am not mad at the defense either since they did play lights out that allowed Wilson to get the ball enough times to get the 3 consecutive TDs.

    Since you are so big on stats, why not consider the fact that Wilson’s passer rating is the highest when he throws more than 31+ passes (112.5) and the lowest passer rating he has is when he throws 11-20 passes (90.8)? I recognize that he hasn’t been asked to do it often, but when he does throw for more than 31+ passes, it is accurate. Why fault a man for being efficient with his throws?

    What about the fact that he had the second most passing yards in the post-season (491 yards), only second to Kaepernick, another mobile QB? Mobile QBs are only a real threat if they are accurate passers, which both Kaepernick and Wilson are.

    Why compare Wilson’s to his rookie stats against Manning, Brady and Rodgers on their elite status right now? It doesn’t make sense. If you’re to compare what Wilson can be, you should look at Manning, Brady and Rodgers rookie year to make an assessment.

    Wilson’s rookie year in the regular season – 26 passing TDs, 10 INTs, 3118 yds, 4 rushing TDs, 6 fumbles, 3 lost balls. 252/393 – 64.1%, 7.9 avg yds.

    Manning’s rookie year in the regular season (1998) – 26 passing TDs, 28 INTs, 3739 yds, 0 rushing TDs, 3 fumbles, 1 lost ball. 326/575 – 56.7%, 6.5 avg yds. It wasn’t until 6 years after his rookie year that he was putting up elite numbers in 2004.

    Brady and Rodgers didn’t play their rookie years, so we can’t really know what they would’ve done their first year.

    But if we looked at 1st year that Brady played, which was his 2nd year in the NFL (2001), he had 18 passing TDs, 12 INTs, 2843 yards, 0 rushing TDs, 12 fumbles, 3 lost balls. 264/413, 63.9%, 6.9 avg yds. It wasn’t until 7 years after his rookie year that he was putting up elite numbers in 2007.

    As for Rodgers, he didn’t play for a full season until 3 years later in 2008, his numbers were 28 passing TDs, 13 INTs, 4038 yards, 4 rushing TDs, 10 fumbles, 3 lost balls. 341/536, 63.6%, 7.5 avg yds. It wasn’t until 6 years after his rookie year that he was putting up elite numbers in 2011.

    My point is, how can anyone sit in judgment of Wilson based on what he is doing right now as a ROOKIE and not do the same when we say names such as Manning, Brady and Rodgers. If anything Manning, Brady and Rodgers all show us that we need to wait a good 6-7 years before we can really assess where a QB can be. Right now, Wilson has better stats than all these elite QBs compared to their rookie years. Does it mean that he will be elite? Not necessarily. But it’s foolish to be dismissive of him.

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