Fan fight outside Georgia Dome leads to stabbing

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A classic playoff game ended with an ugly scene outside the Georgia Dome, as a fight between a 49ers and Falcons fan ended with one person reportedly stabbed.

According to the Twitter timeline of Atlanta’s WSB-TV, an argument between fans escalated as fans were leaving after the game.

A witness told reporter Rachel Stockman that a Falcons fan punched a 49ers fan,  who then pulled a knife on the Falcons fan, cutting them in the neck.

That station has some Zapruder-level cell phone video of what appears to be police and paramedics treating someone, and the victim is being taken to a nearby hospital, but there’s no word on that person’s condition.

63 responses to “Fan fight outside Georgia Dome leads to stabbing

  1. And this is why the NFL and all major sports are sweating attendance records. Who in their right mind wants to go to a game anymore where you have to fight off drunks, potentially get spit on and DIE?!?

  2. Victim? Hardly. Sounds as if he was the first to become violent and it didn’t end well. I hope it was in the parking lot otherwise the weapon was brought into the stadium. If so, why bother with the security eyewash? Do it right or don’t do it at all.

  3. I went to lambeau for the sf @ gb game week 1. After the game a 49ers fan was asking loudly why we were all so quiet. As I passed him I said we would talk more but we are scared of getting stabbed (believe me I am plenty aware how stupid it was to joke about that, one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done) he told me I shouldn’t joke about that and showed me a small knife he ha in his pocket. I told some cops but he left quickly. I will def. never go to a game against the niners again.

  4. Let’s see…

    Going to game: high tix prices, violence, drunk idiots, disgusting food, and appalling restrooms.

    Watching at home: ability to pause game to piss and eat my own food, not fear for my life.

    Tough call, Godell.

  5. Each game I go to it becomes more miserable. It’s worse when the home team wins and I’m a fan of the home team. If the home team wins then some drunks feeling empowered want to be loud and obnoxious and the losing team fans are drunk and bitter don’t want to hear it. I always thought Philly fans were the worse but fans of every team feel some territorial need to test people’s boundaries and that is before and after games. Perfect example I’m a redskin fan and I went to the ravens/redskins game this year at FedEx field . Five guys pull up in their red hummer and park next to my family and start yelling here we are at ravens stadium south. They proceeded to start getting into people’s faces all up and down the parking, fortunately other fas weren’t nearly as drunk so they ignored them and they eventually got tired and went on in the stadium. The game ended with the redskins winning in OT and when we went back out the same guys were getting abused by some of the skins fans that I had proudly seen ignore them earlier. I mean I just don’t get it is that having fun? It’s supposed to be entertainment not your like get over it . It’s a game.

  6. I thought that Ray Lewis was in Foxboro too, but I am watching the game and they haven’t said his name once.

  7. Why do these stabbings always involve San Francisco fans?


    ’cause actually they’re bandwagon jumpers from across the Bay…..

  8. I wonder how many stabbings there would have been if the game had been played at ‘Frisco and Atlanta won?

  9. This is why guns or any weapons should never be allowed in sporting events. Too much emotion and alcohol make for bad combinations.

  10. Don’t mess with those 49er fans. Last week over ninety five of them were kicked out of the game against Green Bay. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Stay classy Frisco.

  11. socalseahawker says:
    Jan 20, 2013 9:00 PM
    Raider fans get a bad rap.
    My thoughts exactly.

  12. I don’t really get why everyone is bashing the 9ers fan, he was defending himself. The Falcons fan was asking for it, and started the whole thing. What are you going to do if someone comes up and punches you? It’s called self defense

  13. As a 49er fan I will admit that these reports about some of the fans are getting ridiculous and embarrassing. This is not what football is supposed to be about.

  14. melikefootball says:
    Jan 20, 2013 9:43 PM
    We need to have knife control in this country.

    good one

  15. Hey zygote, its going to be called attempted murder. Stop watching Saved By The Bell for your legal advice.

  16. “It’s called self defense”

    Its going to be called attempted murder. Apparently your watching Saved by The Bell reruns hasn’t provided you with the correct legal advice.

  17. I’m so glad all the mature people start by calling all of the Falcons fans sore losers. I was at the game, it has to be one of best games I’ve seen in a long time. I am a Falcons fan, when I was leaving the dome I did not see one Falcon fan running their mouth to a 49ers fan. Most of the talking was done by 49ers fan. They were rude, cussing at us for no reason, so I’m guessing the whole thing was instigated by some drunk punk SF fan who did know when to quit. I really hate that someone got stabbed over a football game, that should be the real issue here, instead of ignorant people who for some reason continue just to like to bad mouth the Falcons. Grow up.

  18. And…. that makes it stabbing incident #3 this season by 49er fans.

    That’s not counting the visiting fan who had his head smashed into a wall repeatedly in a restroom at Candlestick Park, while countless 49er fans watched (causing him to go into a coma). Or the countless fights we witnessed at Candlestick Park at the October Seahawks game.

    The Raiders and 49ers both have a serious problem with gang affiliation. Unfortunately, both franchises choose to ignore it, at the risk of fans who attend their games. It’s a serious problem, and is not limited to the NFL. Remember, it was gang members wearing Giants gear that put the Dodgers fan into a coma not too long ago.

  19. Were making Oakland Hater Fans look like choir boys!!!

    Not only is OUR team physical but, so is OUR fanbase & I LOVE IT!!!!

  20. Defense from a forcible felony; A person is justified in using threats or force to the degree they reasonably believe it is necessary to stop another person’s imminent use of unlawful force. A person is justified in using deadly force which may harm or kill only if he or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent death or great bodily injury to himself or herself or a third person or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony (unless it is regarding defense of habitation, which has it’s own requirements below). You are not justified if you were the aggressor or you are/were/on-the-way-to committing a felony. (The state has pre-empted local cities and counties from further restricting this defense.)(16-3-21)

    GA law on self defense seems like room in there to stab a man when being assaulted.

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