Harbaugh on Boldin’s guarantee: “I think we all believe that”


In the week leading up to Sunday’s AFC title game, Ravens receiver Anquan Boldin paid homage to the quarterback of an AFL champion from 43 years ago, who accurately predicted the toppling of an elite team that used to be in Baltimore.

We’ll win,” Boldin told reporters regarding the Ravens’ upcoming game against the Patriots.

Sal Paolanontio of ESPN reports that a Ravens P.R. staffer went straight to coach John Harbaugh after Boldin made a potentially inflammatory guarantee.

“That’s what he believes?” Harbaugh said.  “I hope that’s what we all believe.  I think we all believe that.”

An unnamed high-level Ravens source was more specific.

“We don’t think the Patriots were tested very much this year,” the source told Paolantonio.  “So we’re going to test them physically and see how they respond.”

And we’re all going to sit back and enjoy it.  In only six-and-one-half hours.

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  1. Idk how many times I’m going to read a headline like this and, regardless of how many Raven players are also in the headline, just assume this has to do with my 49ers.

  2. That is perfect just keep giving us more incentives and bulletin board material before 630 this evening, love it. Ray Lewis will be on ESPN by Tuesday saying how the NFC champ is going to beat us in the Superbowl….lol

  3. As opposed to the Ravens, who were tested and lost most of their games down the stretch? The Pats played in some really close games this year… including @ Balt where they only lost by a point

  4. I really thought the ravens were going to win this one, then someone has to go and make a guarantee against the patriots. Ravens fans, don’t let yourself think it isn’t a big deal, belichick feeds on this kinda stuff and a guarantee you can make, is that his team will have an extra pep in their step today because of this.

  5. Wow! I totally expected Harbaugh to say something like, “Boldin is crazy. We have no chance in this game. I’m not even sure why we are playing.”

    Sarcasm aside, what exactly was the coach supposed to say?

  6. Mmm, so the Patriots weren’t tested this year? They played the same Ravens and lost by a relacement ref FG, played the Texans twice winning both ,same team that destroyed the Ravens in Baltimore, Denver, Seattle ,SF.

    The only team left is Atlanta which Boldin must think is the best team in the NFL by that deduction ?

    Hopefully the Patriots will get that opportunity to be tested in New Orleans.

  7. The Ravens every year have a lot of talent and win important games during the year along with Ray making a big splash of retirement this year BUT they have not proven to themselves how to win the BIG game.

  8. mgscott says: Jan 20, 2013 12:08 PM

    What do you expect him to say ? We’ll lose ?
    How about nothing. Just keep quiet and play the game.

  9. The Ravens are a talented team, well coached, and tough. The Patriots are all of those things and are quarterbacked by a read option hall-of-famer that will be making adjustments at the line of scrimmage.

    It is a windy day in Foxboro which will hurt Flacco’s high arching deep ball. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Patriots have a better net (+ offensive yardage – defensive yardage allowed) running game.

    Vegas was wrong about the Ravens last week but it defies probability that Vegas will be that off two weeks in a row.

    The x factor will be turnovers. If the Pats don’t protect the rock all of the above goes out the window.

  10. Ok, im a Pats fan and in no way did Boldin guarantee anything! Ask any player any Sunday for any team and they will all say yes, we are going to win. Stop trying to make a story out of nothing. I agree, some Ravens have been popping off a little but saying we are going to win when asked is not a guarantee! These two teams always play each other tough. Gonna be a great game! I just think if both teams play their best football, Pats SHOULD squeak it out.

  11. Why does everyone on here seem to feel that the Ravens are going to take it to the Pats physically?
    The Patriots are every bit the physical team that the Ravens are!

  12. A couple of things I notice last week was that the team that controlled the line and ran the ball better won the game. To put things into perspective we saw Peyton Manning and Aaron Rogers exit the playoffs. That is two of the top 5 QBs. It is going to be interesting to see how this one plays out.

  13. The only promblem I have with what they said is if it doesn’t go your way Ravens after the game address what you said. This game comes down to the head coaches and the QBs. Now let’s compare the two. One team coach and QB has been to five SB and one three of them. The other team coach and QB as been to a couple of AFC championship games. Oh yea, I see how the Ravens could be so confident. I’m a Saints fan so I don’t have any horse in this race. That being said, I just don’t see anyway the Ravens will win this game. Pats 34 ravens 17

  14. Didn’t Cam Newton make Super Bowl t-shirts before this year started? everyone likes to make guarantees because it’s a fun thing to do.

  15. Yea, Wilfork, Spikes, Mayo, Hightower, Talib, and company aren’t physical. Please.

    And on offense, the Patriots have gone up against plenty of physical defenses this year and have scored over 30 every time (Houston twice, SF to name a few). Ridley runs as hard as any back in the league.

    Just because the Patriots don’t have rehearsed pregame dances and don’t yell in front of a camera doesn’t mean they’re not physical. Only physical teams are still playing right now, so it’ll come down to execution.

  16. tigerlilac says:
    Jan 20, 2013 12:27 PM

    Vegas was wrong about the Ravens last week but it defies probability that Vegas will be that off two weeks in a row.


    In 2000, Vegas had the Ravens as heavy under dogs against Sports Illustrated “Best team in the NFL”–the Titans, and the NFL’s most explosive passing offense, the Raiders. Then in the Super Bowl against the Giants.

    We all know how that turned out.

  17. tigerlilac says:
    Jan 20, 2013 12:12 PM
    Wow . . . too bad I am a Patriots fan. Otherwise, I could bet the house on the Ravens and retire.

    Pats’ fan too, but if I was making a bet, I would take the Ravens with those points.

    Just hoping the “refs” don’t interfere with the game’s outcome, no matter who wins.

  18. I’d rather have my team go into this game with confidence… No doubt this will be a tough game. Can’t wait!

  19. ravenmuscle | Jan 20, 2013, 1:17 PM EST
    I think Brady will get his leg broken on his first pass attempt.

    I think you lost all rational thought at 12… I am being generous

  20. Steeler fans commenting? The only thing they have is a prayer for a raven loss in their Steeler snuggies as they reflect on that 8-8 record.

  21. ravenmuscle says:Jan 20, 2013 1:17 PM

    I think Brady will get his leg broken on his first pass attempt


    Really gonna miss this guy’s valuable insight

  22. Gee who to root for today? Can’t root for Pats or Double-Murderer led Ravens. Jim Harbaugh is arrogant. While Colin Kaepernick is prob a nice guy the tatoos look stupid. So i guess it’s Matty Ice and the Falcons.

  23. If anybody but that punk Boldin had said it would be a non issue but the jerk irks people.

    Yup got steeler snuggles with the we got six Lombardi’s how many you got printed on it…pretty sight.

    Good luck raven fans today as your long long long long long awaited trip to the Super Bowl may come true

  24. The Patriots were tested. That’s a BS comment. They played 5 of the 7 teams that played in the divisional playoffs. The only ones the didn’t play were the Falcons and Skins.

  25. I don’t understand all this false bravado coming from Baltimore… Seriously, they had an ok season, but far from a great one… The only reason they are playing today is because Denver’s safety, and Manning gifting them a couple touchdowns… They go back to last year’s AFC championship, and act like it was a fluke that they didn’t win… Last weeks Denver victory was 10 times the fluke of last year’s game… Seriously, a db knocked the ball out of your WR’s hands, and you missed a field goal – which would have sent the game into OT, not won it; like Baltimore likes to think it would have.

    Look back at the Raven’s season this year, it’s wasn’t that good. I respect the Raven’s D, but mainly for what they have accomplished, not what their doing.

  26. Raven fans getting nervous…?
    Will it be like the last four times…?
    We want to be so much like the steelers..!
    Copying is the sincerest for of flattery…thanks

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