Longtime personnel man Floyd Reese leaving Patriots

When Scott Pioli left the Patriots to go to Kansas City, the Patriots brought in veteran personnel man Floyd Reese, but that arrangement has apparently reached its end.

According to Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com, Reese’s contract is expiring and he isn’t expected back with the club in 2013.

The split is described as amicable, and Reese and Belichick have a long relationship going back to their days as assistant coaches with the Lions.

Reese didn’t have final say, but he did help the team with negotiations with agents, while Pioli replacement Nick Caserio worked from more of a scouting perspective.

While Pioli’s still collecting checks from the Chiefs, it’s easy to wonder whether he’ll eventually come home the way old Patriots assistant coaches do.

10 responses to “Longtime personnel man Floyd Reese leaving Patriots

  1. No thanks on Pioli. The Patriots have really bounced back these past three drafts. Pioli was a part of that dreadful stretch before.

  2. Tennessee should bring him back because he can actually let Bud ADAMS know that Dowell Loggains will ruin this offense. They did nothing under him after Palmer got fired.

    Plus, they went to the Super Bowl with him as GM.

    Floyd and Belichick likely had philosophical differences and he had a good run in Tennessee. Bring him back, but owner is too egotistical and unintelligent to think of that.

  3. Piolo was an unmitigated disaster with the Chiefs, hard to believe he would be back with the Pats in a high level front office position. I could see the Pats giving him some sort of role, but Pioli’s ego probably keep him from accepting a lesser role.

  4. After what I’ve read about his tenure in K. C., and the last three drafts he was in N.E. for, we don’t want him back in any capacity.

  5. Reese was just a contract guy, maybe offering up some old school wisdom on players. Caserio is the player guy and now deserves to run the whole show. Pioli is a run the show GM that put together a pretty good roster in KC(5 Pro Bowlers, I think). He just made some big mistakes in QB and coaching selections, as well as rubbing some people, especially the media, the wrong way(ask BB how much that can hurt you, i.e. Cleve). He’ll land somewhere, especially w/his resume and connections(Parcell’s son-in-law), but prob not in NE under Caserio.

  6. I hope Egoli doesn’t return, the Pats drafts have progressively improved since his departure.
    09 was so-so, 10-12 were very good to excellent.

  7. A 64 it could be that Reese simply wants to retire and go fishing some where. He’s did a great job in NE helping to retool the Pats roster, while maintaining a high level of competitiveness.

    Thanks Floyd, good luck in whatever you plan to do in the future.

  8. tedmurph,

    No, Pioli did nothing in KC. The Pro Bowlers were drafted before he got there, along with Eric Berry who made it on reputation (sure wasn’t based on all the burn he got being thrown over in that secondary this year).

    If the Patriots bring him back, it would strictly be Belichick helping out a friend, thus I don’t see it happening. He doesn’t fit anymore in what they’re doing. Difference for McDaniels was that with O’Brien leaving, there was an opening. He gambled thinking he could do that job in KC and failed miserably.

    Reese always got a bad rap while Jeff Fisher skated from their time in TN. While I’ve always thought Fisher was more of the problem (5 winning seasons in 17 years and a complete collapse of that roster once he’d won the power struggle with Reese), but he always got the positive slant on him because he has more media friends perpetuating this myth of him as a great head coach.

    Reese really deserves another shot at being a GM if any of these bottom feeder teams were smart.

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