Mort: Wilson didn’t know agent asked Seahawks for a raise

Getty Images

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen stirred up a bit of a storm earlier in the day, reporting that the Seahawks received a call last week from a representative of quarterback Russell Wilson “insisting” that Wilson’s contract be adjusted.

Agent Bus Cook, who represents Wilson, was “irate,” and Cook called the report “a bunch of bullsh-t.”  Cook denies that any request for a new contract was made.

Mort now says via Twitter, “Anybody inferring that Russell Wilson was aware of inquiry about his contract this year would be wrong.”

In revisiting the topic, Mort didn’t back off his report that the request was made, despite Cook’s denial.  So, per Mort, the request was made and Wilson didn’t know about it.

We inferred it that Wilson knew.  And if we’re wrong, the notion that an agent for a player called the player’s team and “insisted” on a new deal without the player’s knowledge is troubling, to say the least.