Ravens, 49ers win to set up Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Super Bowl


Jack Harbaugh played one year of professional football, with the AFL’s New York Titans in 1961. He began a long career as a high school and college coach in 1964. But Jack Harbaugh’s lasting impact on the game of football will be the fact that he had two sons in the two years between ending his playing career and beginning his coaching career.

On Super Bowl Sunday, John Harbaugh (born in 1962) will coach his Ravens against Jim Harbaugh (born in 1963) and the 49ers. Jack Harbaugh surely had high hopes for his two sons half a century ago, but even the proudest of fathers probably couldn’t have had such high hopes for what his two sons could accomplish in the family business.

Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh will be the dominant storyline in the two-week run-up to the Super Bowl. It will be the storyline you’re sick of hearing about long before kickoff. But it’s also a storyline we all should appreciate: This really is something special, to see two brothers coaching against each other on the biggest stage in American sports.

When the Ravens met the 49ers on Thanksgiving in 2011, it marked the first time two head-coach brothers faced each other in the NFL. John Harbaugh said at the time, “I think it’s an amazing thing. It’s an historic thing. It’s very special.”

To meet in the Super Bowl will be even more special. Perhaps most of all to Jack Harbaugh.

Here are my other thoughts on Sunday’s action:

Colin Kaepernick is the player I’m most excited to see on Super Bowl Sunday. The 25-year-old Kaepernick is in only his second NFL season and will be starting only his 10th NFL game when the 49ers play the Ravens in two weeks. And if he leads the 49ers to a win, he’s going to change the way people think about the quarterback position. Kaepernick is an amazing runner, but he doesn’t have to run to beat you. In last week’s win over the Packers, Kaepernick set an NFL record with 181 rushing yards. So this week, the 49ers would surely make Kaepernick’s running a major part of the game plan, right? Wrong. Kaepernick had just two runs for 21 yards. But the threat of Kaepernick running to the outside helped open up Frank Gore running up the middle. Gore interrupted Kaepernick’s postgame press conference to hug Kaepernick and tell reporters how great his teammate is: “He can do whatever — throw the ball, run the ball,” Gore said. “He’s a different quarterback, man.”

Was Tom Brady trying to kick Ed Reed? With 20 seconds left before halftime, Brady foolishly slid feet-first and then failed to call timeout, running the clock all the way down to four seconds and costing the Patriots a chance to take a shot into the end zone. But he did something else on that play that raised some eyebrows as well: He lifted up his foot with Ravens safety Ed Reed approaching, as if he was trying to kick Reed. Just like with Ndamukong Suh on Thanksgiving, I don’t know if it was an intentional kick. But it sure looked suspicious.

For a first-team All-Pro, Dashon Goldson sure can be a liability in coverage. Goldson is the 49ers safety who got burned on Julio Jones’s first-quarter 46-yard touchdown, and as good as Goldson is at delivering big hits, he struggles staying with fast receivers on deep routes. Look for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who loves to throw deep, to test Goldson in the Super Bowl.

No one knows what constitutes a catch in the NFL anymore. When Atlanta’s Harry Douglas caught a big pass late in the fourth quarter, Jim Harbaugh challenged it and was sure he was going to win, and he went nuts on the sideline when he lost the challenge and the catch was upheld. I thought he was going to win the challenge, too, but I didn’t know for sure because no one ever knows for sure what a catch is in the NFL anymore. It’s simply impossible to accurately predict how a replay review of a close catch is going to be ruled.

Don’t go, Tony. Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez says he plans to retire, but for my own selfish reasons I hope he changes his mind. Gonzalez is one of the most fun players to watch in the NFL, a player who always goes about his business the right way and is still among the game’s best tight ends at age 36. Plus, he’s five months older than me, and I’m not ready to concede that that means he’s at the right age to retire. I hope Gonzalez is in the playoffs with the Falcons again a year from now.

The 49ers need Aldon Smith to get his groove back in the Super Bowl. In the first 13 games of the regular season, Smith had 19.5 sacks. In the last three games of the regular season and two games of the playoffs, Smith has zero sacks. Whatever is wrong with Smith, San Francisco is going to have a tough time winning the Super Bowl without its best pass rusher stepping up.

David Akers is a liability for the 49ers. Akers led the league in missed field goals during the regular season, and he missed his only attempt in Atlanta on Sunday. If the Super Bowl comes down to a last-second 49ers field goal attempt, no one in San Francisco will feel confident as Akers takes the field.

One more game for Ray Lewis. The best defensive player of his generation — maybe the best defensive player in NFL history — will play his last game in two weeks in New Orleans. Lewis already has a Super Bowl MVP to his credit. Now he’ll try to give his career a storybook ending.

187 responses to “Ravens, 49ers win to set up Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Super Bowl

  1. Underdog that, odds makers, sports writers, and talking heads. One of these days you’ll figure out the Ravens love it this way, and aren’t some second tier nobody team. See you in New Orleans.

    Seeing Gillette half empty before the two minute warning was too good. Flacco outplays Brady. Again.

    Harbowl. Deal with it.

  2. No cheating = No championships. That’s the genius of Belicheck.

    Got to love Brady being serenaded in his own stadium by the Raven fans at the end of the game. Classy move, leaving before the game was over Pat fans.

  3. The Harbaughcolypse is upon us. Well at least we know the game will be called clean with no lopsided officiating for Brady

  4. Showing once again how hard it is to always be clutch in the fourth quarter when you don’t know what the other team is doing.

    Will Pats fans finally admit that it is hard to win Super Bowls without cheating?

  5. WHERE YOU AT Brady apologists?? Ya’ll were real quick to jump all over Manning last week.

    How does it feel to know your idol Brady has gone 9 straight seasons without a superbowl and has been outplayed by Flacco in the last two AFC title games?

    Should be a great SB

  6. Tom Brady is the most overrated player in the history of the NFL. Choked again outplayed by Joe Flacco and Eli Manning in back to back championship games and SB appearances.

  7. So are they going to reset the countdown on that Ray Lewis retirement board? Just like when they prematurely booked the copyright for 19-0. Serves this arrogant organization well.

  8. Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens and their fans on tonight’s convincing win. Clearly, the Ravens, like the Giants, seem to have the defensive schemes AND players to keep Brady & Co. in check. After defeating both Peyton and Brady, there can be no doubt that the Ravens deserve to be playing in Super Bowl XLVII.

  9. An all Harbaugh Super Bowl? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Kill me now. They should determine the winner by which coach is more annoying in the days preceding the game.

  10. That was SOOOOOOOOO sweet.

    The once again overrated Patriots promptly bounced out of the dance in their OWN BUILDING by the Ravens.

    Ray Ray and Mr. Bernard Pollard OWNS the media proclaimed “genius” and Cindy Brady.

    Mr. Bernard Pollard scares the Patriots. Ray Ray dominates them.

    What has the “genius” done since getting busted for cheating??
    He has gotten out coached, out classed, and his team was dominated at home TWICE.

  11. Philadelphia Eagles First Home Game Rule in effect:

    First team to play Philadelphia Eagles at the Linc past three years has gone on to win the Super Bowl.

    Ravens win. Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Matt Birk ride off into the sunset.

  12. I think that Brady’s foot up was intentional, but only meant to be self-defense, not a Suh-like act.

  13. Congrats 49ers and Ravens. Now the race is on for which storyline you’ll get sick of over the next two weeks….2 brothers coaching against each other in the superbowl or Ray Lewis’s last game.

  14. I was hoping it would be Harbaugh vs Harbaugh so that’s awesome. I always liked Ray Lewis but lately he’s been extremely annoying. How about Randy Moss finally getting to a super bowl? Thats even better. Should be an awesome game. Go Niners!

  15. As much as I want to see Ed Reed get a ring it’s hard for me to root for the ravens with Ray Lewis crying and carrying on all the time he’s a fraud Hurry up and get him out if here…

  16. Get ready for all those idiots who keep waiting for Harbaugh’s head to explode heads to explode.

    These are the two best teams in the NFL right now and both deserve to play in the big game. Wish SF was playing NE cuz that would almost guarantee SF the win. I predict a tough game.

  17. even the new england clock operator cheats….

    well, like LT said….as far as the pats are concerned….if you ain’t cheatin you aint tryin

  18. What a shock the Ravens win and Ray Lewis acts like a nutcase. Good wins for the 49ers and Ravens. Bad news for NFL fans – now we have two weeks of the Crybaugh brothers.

  19. This Super Bowl could last ten hours the way the Hairballs cry on the sidelines and the players want a flag on each play.

  20. Well the media was just dying for it and now they can go crazy over it. ugh…what a gross storyline. I can guarantee I won’t watch any coverage between now and the kickoff.

  21. There’s one other storyline I expect to be run in the ground: the first Super Bowl in NO since Katrina. A lot of worthwhile journalism is likely to emerge, as well as a lot of utter piffle.

  22. You know, back when Spygate happened, I laughed because I loved to see the Patriots humiliated, but I never REALLY thought that it had any substantial effect on their Super Bowl wins. But the more years that go by, and the more playoff games they lose to underdog opponents, the more I think that it was a bigger factor than anyone appreciated.

  23. “Most overrated team in the league” “One and done” “gonna get spanked by Manning” “Ray Lewis retirement party in New England” “Brady is the greatest”…sorry haters!!!! Ravens in the Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Harbaugh Bowl!

    Funny, 4 years ago you’da thought the Ryan’s would more likely be the 1st brothers to coach opposite teams in the big game.

  25. niners816 says:Jan 20, 2013 9:53 PM

    I was hoping it would be Harbaugh vs Harbaugh so that’s awesome. I always liked Ray Lewis but lately he’s been extremely annoying. How about Randy Moss finally getting to a super bowl? Thats even better. Should be an awesome game. Go Niners!
    I’m fairly certain Moss got to the Super Bowl during the infamous 18-1 season with New England.

  26. Anytime the Patriots lose, it’s a good day. Sorry.

    The window is closing Bill and Tom. The stat CBS put up about being 67-0 at home with a half time lead? Yeah…how’d that work out?

  27. Every year, since 2008, I‘ve been coming on these boards telling you all that the Patriots run a gimmicky version of the run and shoot offense that will never complete a winning playoff run. Some great defense team will always stop them along the way!

    Year after year, this has been true and I continue to get 95% thumbs down.

    Once again, I told you Flacco will outplay Brady and I get 99% thumbs down.

    Belicheat 0-fer post- spygate again. Cheaters don’t win!

    Brady and Belicheat mystique is over!

  28. The hoodie is simply an average coach. He was 44-56 at Cleveland and as we all know has won zero SBs without cheating. If they didn’t spy to win those SBs Brady would be thought of the way people think of as Kelly, Marino, Moon, and Tarkenton.

  29. What is with this act from Lewis after the game? Laying on the ground????? I hope the Ravens beat the 9ers but not with him in mind.
    Ray…..where’s that white suit?

  30. Agree with some your points
    the Niners NEED a better pass rush
    We gotta get it done !!

    Tony gonzalez Should come back next year
    The Falcons ar in the same position as the Niners last year
    If they get it together, they’ll go to the SB next year
    Just learn to make half time adjustments like the 49er coaches

  31. Where the whiners saying Pollards hit was illegal after the Pats got away with an illegal hit on Pitta (who by the way hoped back up and scored a touchdown)…go home Pats!!!

  32. Hey Tonya Brady, the Ravens just showed you how to kick someone in the balls and not miss. Go home beatch.

  33. Meanwhile, Rex and Rob Ryan will be battling to see who gets the last ham sandwich.

  34. Anyone want to bet that former Vikings/current Ravens LT Bryant McKinnie gets arrested before the Super Bowl?

  35. In Brady’s pre-game interview with Marino, mention was made that this year’s team was the most talented that Brady’s ever had around him. I didn’t hear any denials though, so what everyone’s saying must be true.

  36. I was always suspicious of the easy wins the Pats had so long ago, against better teams. I suppose it is much harder to win without cheating.

  37. As a Steelers fan, this isn’t my favorite matchup LOL But there’s no choice here. Pulling for the guys I love to hate … with respect. Good luck to the Ravens!

  38. The game will probably be alright. What is going to be sickening to see is all the media hype and having to listen to two Harbaughs do interviews. Not to mention the Harbaughesque sideline antics. I will watch no footballl related propoganda before this game. I’ll probably watch the game if I dont have anything else to do. This scenerio kinda makes me wonder if there isnt some sort of set-up for it to happen. Was some shoddy officiating in that SF – Atl game. Just sayin’.

  39. Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh will be the dominant storyline in the two-week run-up to the Super Bowl. It will be the storyline you’re sick of hearing about long before kickoff.

    I’m sick of it already…and the 2nd game ended less than an hour ago.

    Harbaugh VS Harbaugh.

    No thanks. I’ll be watching a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants/Fried Green Tomatoes marathon on Lifetime.

  40. Hey, I hate the Patriots as much as as the next guy. Isn’t it telling that the coach or the QB can’t give an interview they have to count on a defensive back! What a low class organization the Patriots are.

  41. That was a very emotional scene in the Raven’s locker room. One can see the inspiration that OJ has on this team and how despite ALS he is still fighting and a beautiful dedication by Ray Lewis. I am a Giants and a Broncos fan but this really tugged at my emotions. I am glad to see the Harbowl battle of two brothers going to the Superbowl. These are two very classy teams.

  42. Congrats to the Ravens on a well deserved win. They proved once again that defense wins championships.

    They played like champs in all phases. Well done, now finish strong.

  43. The Patriots fans are not going anywhere guys. Ravens played good ball tonight, and that’s how you win. It’s tough to ignore that the Patriots lost 3 defensive staters in the first quarter. Game was being controlled by the pats until then.

    Well be back healthy next year ladies…. Better watch out. You can say the Pats only won due to Spygate, but any real fan of football knows that every team did the same thing but no one will acknowledge that. 5 SBs in 12 years boys….
    Better believe were getting another one.

  44. Now we know how good Brady is comparing Manning. Manning’s teammate failed him, Brady failed his teammate.

  45. The 49ers need Aldon Smith to get his groove back in the Super Bowl. In the first 13 games of the regular season, Smith had 19.5 sacks. In the last three games of the regular season and two games of the playoffs, Smith has zero sacks. Whatever is wrong with Smith, San Francisco is going to have a tough time winning the Super Bowl without its best pass rusher stepping up.
    Wrong with Smith? Didn’t he recover a fumble?

  46. I followed Belichick here when he was in Cleveland. I never thought he was such a great coach, and neither did Cleveland who fired him. Yes, Art Model didn’t think much of him either. Strange how he won in NE!

  47. Why are these ravens fans still talking about Pittsburgh? Get over it. See somebody if you need therapy.

  48. Congrats to the Ravens. Great game by them. They know how to play Brady. No doubt. Will be rooting for John over Jim.

  49. Congrats to the Raven’s/49ers and their fans. Both went on the road and took care of business!

  50. The Ravens earned their trip to the Super Bowl. The won three playoff games, the last two on the road against the #1 and #2 seeds. Despite tough field position they kept this game close in the first half and took over the game in the second half. Boldin backed up his pregame comments. Joe Flacco impressed and earned himself a boatload of money in his next contract.

  51. Brady was clearly kicking up in the air when he slid. Dirty play, without a doubt. There are other QBs is this league who would get crucified for doing the exact same thing. Will Brady get a pass? Of course.

  52. This is HARBOWL II folks. HARBOWL I – was the Thursday night game in 2011. Now, HARBOWL II is a chance for Jim to avenge that loss from his big bro.

  53. “First team to play Philadelphia Eagles at the Linc past three years has gone on to win the Super Bowl.”

    Looked it up…it’s true but, those teams all beat the Eagles in that game (NO, GB, NYG) but the Ravens lost this year.

  54. Now can we please stop saying that Brady has passed Montana as the GOAT? Montana never choked and never cheated. Brady looked pathetic today to be quite honest.

  55. Yeah shoddy officiating alright but it went against the niners so give the conspiracy theory a rest

  56. Hey wheres that amPATS guy thats always writing on here? Typical Pats fan. Did everybody else notice that half the stadium was empty in the 3rd quarter when Ravens went up by 15.. I live in New England and Pats fans are the worst.. This is a great night!
    Another year of this there will be no more pats fans around here in New England maybe they will go back to being Cowboys fans or whatver team is winning at that point. Before Bledsoe I never once IN MY LIFE seen a ZOLAK Jersey but seen fat guys in the mall with AIKMAN jerseys on, Once Pats won a superbowl I seen that same fat guy in the mall with a Brady Jersey. Thank You Ravens! You did it for Raiders fans and all of the NFL FANS!

  57. GO RAVENS!!!!

    Steve Bisciotti!!!! You’re the man!!!!

    I lost faith in you 5 years ago, but you did it!!! You turned it around and the Ravens are going to the Super Bowl!!!!!

  58. Great.. now we get to watch Joe Flacco check down to rice and throw jump balls to boldin for another week.


    He shows no excitement, no fire, no passion. Just a soulless shell of a human being. He is is completely devoid of character and it manifests itself in his style of play.

  59. dear raven fans stop being worried about steeler fans for once enjoy your trip to 47 and know really the ravens winning keeps the trophy in our division. we play eachother 2 a year and those are super bowls every time even if charlie batch is winning @ the Bank. congrats to ed reed on his 1st sb sizzle ray both of them especially the old head ellerbe Ngata FLACCO yes the elite flacco birk ozzie graham all y’all you deserve it. NOW GO WIN YOUR 2ND TITLE!!!!!! sincerly steeler fan

  60. The Ravens will win because:

    John and Jim are too closely matched. It will come down to a one score game. The 49ers kicker is David Akers. The Ravens kicker is Justin Tucker.

    Enough said. Go place your bets now.

  61. Oh boy. Look at all of the spygate whiners coming out of the woodwork. Congrats to the Ravens. They kicked our butts tonight, but the spygate stuff is silly.

    I didn’t see Rodney Harrison, Tedy Bruschi, Mike Vrabel, Willie McGinest, Ty Law, or Richard Seymour out there today. If we had those guys in perpetuity and still haven’t won than you’d have a point.

    If anything, the Pats have proven they can’t win it all without a top tier defense. And look who is competing in New Orleans…2 top defenses. Is what it is.

  62. Lewis announces retirement. Reed & Birk retire ? Strong possibility. Manning & Brady , 2 of the top QB ‘s both lose in playoffs. Harbowl? Coincidence? Ravens will win.

  63. I just hope John Harbaugh beats Jim Hardblow in the SB. Would love to see the whiny young brother get his butt kicked. Unfortunately it won’t happen. The 49ers, Falcons, Seahawks, and Packers are all better on paper than the Ravens. But here’s hoping a few turnovers go Baltimore’s way and Ray goes out with a win.

  64. Question: On that Pat’s RB fumble/injury, was the reason there was no helmet-to-helmet call, because the RB lowered his head? Thanks.

  65. Funny thing is, everyone thinks Brady is so great, which he is, lol.

    But! The 3 SBs that he did win, he was game manager QB, not elite. And mostly won with last second turnovers or FGs.

    What has he done since being called elite? Plenty of losses in big games, and beat downs on the Bills and Fins.

  66. Harbaugh vs Harbaugh… The fix is in. Good job Goodell. Pretty sad when you can see the SB matchup coming weeks before it happens. NFL is almost as bad as NBA now lol.

  67. Again ravenator has to bring up Pittsburgh when no one else did. Great job Ravens you deserve the win. Now go out and win it and then you can talk trash. Congrats.

  68. pixelito says:
    Jan 20, 2013 10:54 PM

    Why because your team didn’t make it?

  69. Best part about this matchup, now we get to see a Harbaugh have a meltdown after EVERY flag that is thrown.

    This officiating crew is going to have their hands full with these two throwing tantrums.

  70. Is it OK for Browns’ fan to root for the Ravens? I love their style of play – physical, smashmouth football. They’re the kind of team I want my Browns to become.

  71. Boston can reset their ray Lewis retirement billboard for two more weeks. What an arrogant organization. BB cannot even comment and accept humility.

  72. Super Bowl Bound!!!!!!

    Crying Steeler fans’ hate, sounding like sweet lullabies.

    Goodnight NE and rest if AFC…

  73. I was really woooried about the pft crew picking the 9’ers over the Falcons. Give em credit cause they played good for about half a game. The deep roster of the niners will take most teams down, as for the. Ravens and Pats game.. it was like watching an older version of the red and gold. But being a niner fan and watching the ravens as well. Couldnt ask for a better game than this one for the niners. I rooted for the pats though, until they started droppin passes that shulda been caught. Better to play the ravens i think. That way, when the niners get the trophy, it will all be seen. The red and gold domination will be against the better of those two!!

  74. I’m a happy Vikings fan. Moss or Birk will get a ring. Glad this is set up like this. Most superbowls I root against a team, now I can root for both…because the Vikings sure as hell are never going to win one. May as well root for player favorites.

  75. I’m happy that Frank Gore, Randy Moss, Anquan Boldin and Ray Rice get chances at getting a ring this year. Moss is obviously controversial, but he’s been a model teammate this year and it would be great to see him go out with a championship.

  76. it’s a great story, but Tony Dungy says to be fair one of the Harbaugh brothers should be a minority

  77. What a game by the Ravens…defense was bend dont break holding pats to 13. Joe was phenomenal in the 2nd half and clearly the better qb today. Congrats to the pats and their fans on a great season. Bring on san fran and may the best team win. and much respect to all the fans that can put aside their team alliances and respect the teams that have made it. Lets go Ravens!!

  78. Sue Brady…Ducking behind the skirt of a ref, or falling down instead of running for first down on fourth down.

    Brady Suh…Kicking another player.

    Of course, penalties are never called on Tuck Brady.

    Last week Ravens DBs couldn’t touch Broncos Receivers. This week, just like SB Patriots won against the Rams…The Patriots were holding the receivers all the way down the field.

  79. I agree that the NFL is rigged. Ever since the first game that SOB Lewis came back for he has been shoved down our throats. Sick of seeing him fake crying before and after the game. He is not the first player to retire and is damn sure not the best defensive player of all time. I won’t watch the Superbowl for the first time on my life because of how I know the way that Simms is going to talk about nothing else except this is the murderers last game. Come on preseason.

  80. To all you people complaining about the harbaughs bein crybabys just get over it…you just wish your coach had the fire and the passion these guys have for football and yes their players feed off that and thats why they perform at a high level and win big games … and no more of this brady is the best crap guy hasnt won a super bowl in 9 years! Can you say overrated?

  81. For all the people ragging on Ray Lewis, come on. I’ll admit all the attention on him in these playoffs can be obnoxious and he is a bit of a weepy preacher, but he can’t control the coverage. The over saturation of Lewis is the media’s fault not the man’s. He’s a special guy that has meant a lot to us Baltimore fans and the NFL overall. It’s great that he and Reed get to go to the Superbowl, I just wish Tony Gonzales was going to join them ( no offense 9ers’ fans you guys have a top tier organization I love to watch.) I know Ray is sappy but its cause he loves the game so much. So do I and I think you guys do too. It’s going to be a game for the ages.

  82. Hey Michael, I thought that the Patriots were favored to win the super bowl. Of the four games last week, three were great games and the Patriots were just a great team. They are nothing more than an over-hyped team by the media in a cupcake division.

  83. They say this is the first brother vs brother Super Bowl….I disagree. The first brother vs brother Super Bowl was Dungy vs Lovie. All kidding aside, I think this is going to be a great game.

  84. 2 weeks of non stop Ray Lewis dribble (involved in a double murder a few years back) with the morally vacant media holding him up to be some type of role model. Numerous players involvled in sexual assaults on both teams. One player actively under investigation for sexually assaulting a woman two weeks ago. A quarterback who looks like he belongs in Rikers Island with tatoo’s over his entire body. Two coaches each of whom are arrogant, ego maniacs.

    These may be the best two teams in the NFL but it’s hard to root for this Super Bowl given the type of people who populate these rosters.

  85. I got a feeling,
    9’ers going to the Super Bowl!

    A good bit of irony that we’re going to have the Harbaugh Bowl. Good thing the 49’ers have the smarter Harbaugh brother.

    Another good thing is that it will be a Blue State Bowl with teams from Liberal Maryland and California playing. Nancy Pelosi’s district will be NFL champs again.

    Go 49’ers!!! Go Kaepernick!!!

  86. Brady’s kick was obviously deliberate. He didn’t even need to “defend himself” because Ed Reed was doing everything he could to avoid hitting him.

    I don’t think anyone can predict anymore what constitutes a catch in the NFL. Or a legal hit, for that matter. Goodell’s stupid meddling with the rules has everyone guessing and second-guessing every call made on the field.

  87. Please realize that Mr. Crabtree was set up by the dirtiest birds there ever will be!! Im laughing not because he will be exonerated, but because they tried their damdest to distract the team! Now they go home, maybe some aughta go visit that poorguy that got gashed at their house. Since when is it illegal to assault someone verbally and physically? Got what was coming to him if you ask me!!!.. i believe that mr. Crabtree will come out unscathed in this, lots of scamming females out there.. no better time than right now to get the 6th for the franchise. My thanks to Jim Harbaugh and all the coaches and players for not only putting in the hardwork, but for the excitement of watching it get done. Go niners!!! Play hard, practice hard, be fanatic in what you do 🙂

  88. Not only will the Lombardi Trophy be on the line but a side game of which coach will have the most whiny, incredulous look on his face when a call doesn’t go his way. I for one will be rooting for the coach who doesn’t have a murderer on his team.

  89. Well the 2012-13 NFL football season ended early for me this year.

    There is no reason to watch any of the pre-game shows or Super Bowl XLVII itself.

    Watching two egomaniacs and a person involved in a double murder invoking God’s name after every game just doesn’t seem very appealing.

    Looking forward to the draft starting now.

  90. Smith is, like many of those who agree with him on here, is an idiot, and unqualifed to write for PFT. I am no Brady or Pats fan, but if he thought Brady’s lame, defensive straight-leg was a “kick,” and he did not see that Suh’s was an intentional, offensive kick, the man lacks the visual accuity, logic and judgement that his job requires.

  91. bobinnh85 says:Jan 21, 2013 10:03 AM

    Not only will the Lombardi Trophy be on the line but a side game of which coach will have the most whiny, incredulous look on his face when a call doesn’t go his way. I for one will be rooting for the coach who doesn’t have a murderer on his team
    Very, very well said. I’m also kind of hoping that a defensive lineman and/or a linebacker de-cleats Kapernic and taunts the heck out of him afterward; as long as its not Ray “all about me” Lewis.

  92. Congrats NFL and everyone else that was hoping for this match-up, you all got your wish.

    Should have been ATL vs. BAL in the Super Bowl and had the two guys that are retiring battle it out for the ring.
    Instead SF gets BS calls and slips by to have the precious Harbaugh Bowl. What a crock!

    Two main reasons behind my argument?
    1.) Roughing the passer call on 3rd and long – Kaep’s face-mask barely grazed(Judgment call for refs mind you) = 1st down SF, go ahead TD.
    2.) 4th and manageable for ATL – Roddy White has a 49er backpack on while trying to convert the catch(another judgement call, maybe) – instead the ref is right in front of the play with his back to it, so the call is the back judge’s to make, and of course he doesn’t = game over.

  93. Quit Whining Mr. Putney!!

    (1)-The flag will be called everytime – It’s not like they decided to finally start calling it in the NFCCG

    (2)- Bowman let go of him when the ball was in the air and the pass was also thrown behind him and they were also inside of 5 yards

    (3) Harry Douglas did not complete the catch two plays before anyway!

  94. @jarvis1984

    Spoken like a true homer…

    I guess the only kind of talking you niner fans understand is whining, since that is all your coach ever does.


  95. “Roughing the passer call on 3rd and long – Kaep’s face-mask barely grazed(Judgment call for refs mind you) = 1st down SF, go ahead TD.”

    It has been a week, but didn’t the 49ers fumble on the face mask possession?

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