Report: Matt Ryan has sprained AC joint

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The season came to a painful end for Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan in more ways than one.

The Falcons blew a 17-point lead on their way to a 28-24 loss to the 49ers and Ryan wound up with an injury to his left shoulder. Ryan got crushed by 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks as the Falcons futilely tried to retake the lead late in the fourth quarter and looked to be in a fair amount of pain for the rest of the game.

Adam Schefter of ESPN originally reported that Ryan would have an MRI Monday to determine the extent of the injury to his shoulder or collarbone, but offered up an update a short time later with more information. Per Schefter, Ryan has a sprained AC joint in the left shoulder and the team is waiting to see if an MRI is necessary. For now, they believe no surgery will be needed.

Even with plenty of time to heal up, missing out on any serious injury is a small silver lining for the Falcons as they start their offseason. An offseason that could include a new contract for Ryan.

44 responses to “Report: Matt Ryan has sprained AC joint

  1. Injury seemed to mostly be Ryan looking for somewhat of a built in excuse for not getting it done. That’s how I read it. He was *really* selling it hard at games end, catching the last snap one handed.

  2. Had Ryan not bumbled a perfect shotgun snap prior to that resulting in a turnover — the Falcons have not permanently relinquished the lead, nor would he have suffered the hit injuring his A.C. joint. He’d be healthy marching on to the Super Bowl.

    It’s amazing how easily avoidable mistakes can have massive consequences.

  3. Looks like Russell Wilson will be the 3rd replacement QB for Pro Bowl. Drew Brees took RG3’s spot, Eli Manning took Aaron Rodger’s spot (when did he get hurt?), and now Matty Ice out, Wilson in.

  4. Reminded me of Shaub’s last performance….. just not yet a clutch playoff QB. That 4th down throw was just awful. He’ll be chewing on that all off season. How do you not just get a jump ball over to Tony G on that play? Live and die with your guys….. don’t throw BS that may not have even netted a first down in a play with the game on the line! Wow.

  5. How dare Mike Smith keep him in when he’s clearly hurt.

    Oh- Notice the ‘rub some dirt’/’tough it out’ comments? Yeah, remember those.

  6. Say what you want, but Ryan is def one of the top qb’s in the league. Def not his fault, the def will be fixed in the off season!

  7. Adding injury to insult !!
    It must be a tough loss for the Falcons
    They looked invincible in the first quarter
    17 – 0 had me really scared and disheartened

    Give it up for the 49ers !!
    Give it up for Harbaugh’s decision to replace A Smith with Colin Kaepernick

    Go Niners

  8. Is it really Wilson?? Stafford is an alternate too!! Not saying Stafford is more deserving, but it would at least be a make up call for putting Cam Newton in front of him last year.

  9. If the Falcons would have won, have to wonder if Ryan could have played in the super bowl or not. Ryan had good protection today. Better than I thought it would be. At times I thought he held the ball a little too long. Like the play he got his shoulder pancaked.

  10. Why did I know the Falcons would blow it?

    Time for a new coach, one to get them from point A to point B.

  11. New contract for what? If Gonzales retires that tells you all you need to know about the team’s confidence in Ryan.

  12. I’d still like to know how brushing the side of a QB’s helmet with your fingertips is a penalty, yet landing with all your weight on a QB and making NO attempt to brace your impact isn’t.

  13. Not a falcon’s fan but The 9ers defender smacked down on Ryan’s helmet/face mask before he smashed on top of Ryan injuring his shoulder just like the falcon defender did to Kaep early in the game. Should have been a 15 yarder for both only one was called. Just saying.

  14. mindelm42 says:
    Jan 20, 2013 8:46 PM

    Looks like Russell Wilson will be the 3rd replacement QB for Pro Bowl. Drew Brees took RG3′s spot, Eli Manning took Aaron Rodger’s spot (when did he get hurt?), and now Matty Ice out, Wilson in.


    And exactly who cares?

  15. “Say what you want, but Ryan is def one of the top qb’s in the league.”

    Ok, I’ll say it. Eli Manning has twice as many Super Bowl MVPs as Matt Ryan has playoff wins. No one outside of Atlanta was the least bit surprised by the TOs and the loss. It’s what Matty does in the postseason.

  16. Ryan is vastly superior to Romo. After that hit anyone might suffer. Also there were a lot of questionable calls, non-calls at the end of the game. The hit on Ryan could have drawn a flag and the final pass play was probably interference. That said I don’t have a problem with the reviewed catch, it was most likely incomplete but there wasn’t enough evidence to overturn, if it had been called differently on the field it would have been held up as an incompletion. But the suspect calls just highlights how the NFL needs to get pro refs that they can hold accountable instead of these generally incompetent part-timers. Ravens fan here so no dog in this hunt, pumped for a Harbowl.

  17. I figured it was something involving the heart. They need to play with more of it. All the talent in the world that crumbles when the pressure is put on.

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