Report: Russell Wilson rep asked for new contract


Bus Cook apparently doesn’t read PFT.

Cook represents Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.  And Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that an unnamed representative of Wilson (i.e., Cook or someone who works for him) called the Seahawks this week “insisting that something be done” to adjust Wilson’s slotted third-round rookie contract.

Something definitely will be done.  In two years.

As we’ve mentioned plenty of times (and specifically in relation to Wilson), the new CBA prevents rookie contracts from being renegotiated until three of the mandatory four years have been completed.  While Mort gives Cook an escape hatch by suggesting that the call may have been placed in jest, it’s a joke that the statement was even uttered to the Seahawks.

Here’s the other reality, which Mort didn’t mention.  There’s a chance that the request originated not with the agent, but with the player, who may have gotten the idea after Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic gushed about the fact that Wilson is destined to get an immediate raise.  Though it doesn’t seem to be in Wilson’s nature to make a money grab, why shouldn’t he want to be paid at least as much as the free agent with the three-year, $26 million deal who is sitting on the bench?  In contrast, Wilson signed in 2012 a four-year contract that pays out $2.996 million not per year but over its lifetime.

It’s another reason why the Seahawks need to trade Matt Flynn.  Apart from the salary-cap benefit that comes from giving money committed to someone who isn’t in the starting lineup to someone who will be, getting rid of Flynn means getting rid of a constant reminder to Wilson that he’s getting paid peanuts in comparison to his understudy.

And, barring any discreetly-delivered briefcases containing something other than crackers, Wilson will be for two more seasons.

UPDATE 1:19 p.m. ET:  Several already have asked in the comments and on Twitter whether the Seahawks could simply cut Wilson and sign him to a new contract.  The answer is yes, if he clears waivers.  But he wouldn’t clear waivers.  Indeed, he wouldn’t get past the Chiefs, who hold the top spot in the pecking order — and will continue to hold it through Week Three of the 2013 regular season.

72 responses to “Report: Russell Wilson rep asked for new contract

  1. Mike Florio, can the following be done (just a hypothetical because no team will ever try this out with a cheap overachieving rookie)-
    Russell Wilson is cut by the Seahawks. He now signs a new contract with them which is more in line with his performance ?

  2. Just keep it up Wilson. I promise promise promise you ll get a monster extension. Sign on bonus and for 9 years. Lol

  3. What if they cut Wilson with a guarantee that he’ll immediately resign with them? As a free agent couldn’t he sign any contract? Isn’t there a way around this?

  4. can we please just stop talking about any player being under paid? we all know the contracts are not guaranteed but what you fail to mention in any story about somebody being paid is their signing bonus is GUARANTEED. to bad somebody is being paid more per year than you but you should have thought of that before you signed your contract. as you said in russell’s case it is a moot point because he has to wait but I refuse to feel sorry for somebody making as much as these guys do. unless he blew all of his signing bonus he will just have to suffer making only 900 grand a year.

  5. Looks like the Rooney rule needs to be expanded further. The racist state of the NFL has white backups making more than black starters.

  6. supremekingz says: Jan 20, 2013 1:14 PM

    What if they cut Wilson with a guarantee that he’ll immediately resign with them? As a free agent couldn’t he sign any contract? Isn’t there a way around this?

    He would have to clear waivers. Good luck with that.

  7. Package Matt Flynn, along with their 1st rounder, in order to move up in the draft to a team that wants a more sure thing than the Mike Glennons and Tyler Wilson’s of the world.

    Colt McCoy would be attractive as a backup to Wilson. He would probably be a halfway decent bet to be able to run that read option, given that he has enough wheels to pull it off. Plus, dude needs a change of scenery, bad.

  8. It makes no sense at all to make the request, as it only serves to make Wilson representatives look bad. Fortunately, their client will have ample opportunity to make millions in endorsements, both locally and nationally.

    If they’re smart, they’ll take out an eight figure insurance policy against career ending injury.

  9. If Wilson and his people are upset at his current compensation he can blame the idiot head of the NFLPA.

  10. russel is the future and will undoubtably recieve the largest contract in seattles history unfortunately the cba has set the guidelines this way. hopefully flynn goes to a good home maybe a trade for a good wide out.

  11. Like I said here a few weeks ago. The Seahawks don’t strike me as a team that will handle success well.

  12. A little too early, Russell. You will get paid that way for another couple years, and get another agent that know how to work your numbers.

  13. He’ll peter out next year and be the 3rd round player every one thought he was. Just kidding.

  14. Poor Russell Wilson he is now paying for the sins of Ryan Leaf and Jamarcus Russell, much like our children someday will be paying for our national debt, and they will be asking the same question, and they will realize the answer is just as unfair.

  15. Don’t get me wrong he absolutely outplayed his contract…. So did Alfred Morris and a handful of other rookies…

    Guys like that should just be happy they were selected by teams that maximized their abilities and will allow them to get monster contracts in the future.

  16. the thing about trading Flynn is the dumbest. Kyle Orton stinks and even he makes like $3M a year as a backup. They already paid Flynn his guaranteed money last year….you don’t just trade a good player in arguably the second most valuable position in football because YOU “think” Wilson might consider it a reminder about the money he isn’t making. stretch.

  17. Bus Cook (or Russell Wilson) needs to hire a marketing agent.

    Wilson could likely make more money pimping Starbucks, Nordstrom & Amazon.

  18. Is it that hard to believe that the team’s billionaire owner Paul Allen hasn’t already done something to convince the kid they’ll take care of him. I can envision him being gifted a new car or penthouse apartment, just something to show he’s appreciated and in good hands if he doesn’t bitch about the situation.

  19. There has been allot of one year wonders in the NFL history,now I am not saying Russell Wilson is a one year wonder,but they should wait until he plays one or two more seasons before you sign him to a long term contract.

  20. I wonder if the owners would go for an amendment that would allow them to renegotiate with 3rd round and lower players if they perform like Wilson after the first year. The players would have to give up something though, like if they choose to renegotiate after the first year then the team would only have to pay half of the amount a franchise tag would cost if they decide to franchise the player at the end of the deal.

  21. Why trade Flynn just because he makes more money? Plenty of backup QB’s in the league get paid more then Wilson does now so unless they want to go draft another 3rd round or later guy to be their backup next year they will have this issue no matter what. The total amount of cap dollars they have allocated to the QB position is more than reasonable so it’s not a strain on them right now.

    Trade Flynn if a good deal comes up and it makes football sense, but not just for the sake of Wilson’s ego. If he’s such the great leader he’s talked up to be it shouldn’t even bother him.

  22. WHY would the NFLPA negotiate this contract? Was it a reaction to the PREVIOUS contract where the new players were getting the huge contracts in their first years etc.? I don’t understand. Can somebody explain the history of this present contract situation? How can the Hawks possibly expect their all-everything QB to wait as long as four years without a MAJOR problem that filters throughout the entire team?

  23. I’m guessing colin kaepernick wants a raise too, though he was a high 2nd rounder so he’ll make about $750k next season. Maybe the NFLPA can create a first 3 years bonus pool for top performers in the league who weren’t taken in the very top of the draft and making good money already.

  24. The NFLPA should have insisted on the teams having the rights on a player for four years, but if the player wasn’t a first round pick, the player becomes arbitration eligible (like baseball) after two years.

  25. The Seahawks deserve to get at least 3 years of cheap production out of him before he gets his big deal. It goes both ways, players deserve to be paid well because their careers aren’t forever but teams deserve to reap the benefits of a good draft pick and shouldn’t have to give him a raise after just one season.

  26. With his performance, he’ll earn FAR more than the 3 million on his contract from endorsements. Don’t cry for Russell Wilson…he ain’t gonna starve.

  27. What if they cut Wilson with a guarantee that he’ll immediately resign with them? As a free agent couldn’t he sign any contract? Isn’t there a way around this?


    I’m sure Andy Reid would love it if the Seahawks did this because KC would undoubtedly put in a claim and they would then have their #1 problem solved for next to nothing.

    As far as Flynn is concerned, the Seahawks shouldn’t have a problem trading him. The cap hit they would take by bringing forward the last 2 million of his salary cap would be less than his ’14 base salary, so they would not take a cap hit by trading him. Any team trading for him would have him for 2 years at $12 million, which isn’t bad at all. The ‘hawks should be able to get something like a 3rd this year and conditional pick the following year.

  28. The problem with the contracts in the NFL is that they should all include escalators. The raises should have started at becoming the starter and moved up from there. It would prevent the teams from having disgruntled players and allow players and their agents to stay focused on other things. Of course, it would also have to allow for the opposite. Too many play hard for that big contract and then fizzle.

    But claiming the NFLPA is to blame is silly. To a point. The rookie cap was needed in order to get better heathcare and other things for current and former players.

  29. They don’t have to cut Flynn. Almost every team has more money invested in this position and they are getting less out of it. You don’t cut someone because his pay is hurting the feelings of someone else, they are professionals. The moment Wilson gets hurt PFT would be saying how it was wrong that they cut a capable back up.

    I am a Wilson fan, obvious by my posting name, but one year doesn’t get you a big contract either. Go do it again and show it wasn’t a fluke. He will get his. I don’t blame him for trying but the situation is what it is.

  30. We all might want to consider the source and not jump to conclusions about Wilson being greedy or wanting something done now. The guy’s not an idiot and knows the rules.

  31. Where was all the outcry when the Raiders paid all that money to Jarmarcus Russell?
    I’m not blaming anything on this kid. I think he’s amazing. I don’t Flynn is that bad, I just think he’s that great. Every time I see him speak, he has an amazing attitude.
    He’s a young man. He’s got many years left in him. When he’s Peyton Manning’s age he could sign for that kind of money. If he doesn’t last due to injury, no team can afford to pay someone for what they’ve done, in reality they have to pay them for what they can do.
    And yes, I didn’t feel sorry for Breez when he was faced with the horrible prospect of playing for 16 million a year, and I don’t feel sorry for anyone making 900k. This kid will get his, he’s incredible!

  32. Not much different that a player like K Blair Walsh selected in 6th round…sets NFL records, team scoring in rookie year…yet has 6th round pay for next 4 years.
    Object of Rookie wage scale was “prove it” before payday…..and it makes perfect sense.
    For every late round rookies like Russell Wilson or Blair Walsh, there are 10 high picks that wash out before their rookie contract expires.

  33. Too many people listen to ESPN and think they know everything. Hello THEY DO NOT! Let Wilson get put on waivers and see how quick he gets picked up. I say he is a bust next season, while ESPN has him in Hall Of Fame already.

  34. There is no such thing as out playing a contract. He played well. All players expect to play well. His value has risen as a result of his play but his contract was signed with the expectation to play at a high level. I don’t see anything wrong with the rookie wage scale concept. Name one industry where the new kid that goes to work for somebody gets the most pay. He will benefit from endorsements and a huge contract when he is eligible. No issues.

  35. I have no doubt his wife is in his ear every day and that’s he knows how much every other starting quarterback in the league is making. I am sure Wilson has heard 100 times, “Tony Romo is making $15 million and I don’t see him in the playoffs”

  36. The NFL has a pool of money that pays players for out performing their contracts. It can be as little 20 k up to a couple of hundred grand.

    He will get paid plenty no matter what. This contract structure was made to protect teams from paying 60 million for mediocre play like is being done with Sam Bradford.

  37. I’d want to sign a contract for tons of money if I were a running, flash in the pan QB. In five years, this guys is a struggling backup, having two or three ACL surgeries.

  38. I find it hilarious that people think Matt Flynn has any value at all. He got beat out in training camp by a 3rd round draft pick who when the Seahawks began the year were terrified to open up the playbook for him. So its not like he walked in and played like he did in the last half of the year. That real doesn’t say much about Matt Flynn.

  39. Cba that’s all that needs to be said. How about be great full for the money you got as a rookie and earn that ridiculous money u want in two years. Remember signing bonus already paid I believe and endorsements. Can’t tell me you don’t have a million dollar home paid for or your driving a Kia? I’m calling bs Wilson. Suck it up or go work for McDonald’s they give ya a raise.

  40. it very likely that read option quaterbacks like rg3 wilson Kapernick will have much shorter careers. If I was one of them I would look for big money early while I was in my prime.

    NO doubt wilson is looking at rg3 saying that could be me.

  41. This has to be a joke. Russell and his agent both read and re-read and re-read the cba.
    I’m sure if Russell’s agent did this without his knowledge, Russell will be signing with a new agent very shortly .

  42. The Seahawks could work out a deal with the Chiefs that they cut Wilson with the understanding that the Chiefs will claim him on waivers, then they trade Flynn to the Chiefs for Wilson, and then sign Wilson to a new contract. The Chiefs might be a potential trade partner for Flynn anyway.

  43. If there is one thing I could change in sports is that athletes get paid based on there performance, you have a great year it will reflect the amount of money you recive for that year , it will never happen but how I wish it could happen , crappy season = crappy pasta years end

  44. Players can never win. When Drew Brees played out his contract and was a free agent who held out until he got the contract he wanted I heard so many people on here bashing him for not jumping on the offer the Saints got him. Even as a free agent people want players here to just shut up and sign what ever is offered to them.

    Free agency is the first time a player can truly negotiate his contract. He can’t do it comming into the league and he can’t even do it after playing out his rookie contract because he becomes a restricted free agent. Even when he becomes a true free agent he can’t do it because a team can franchise him up to 3 times and lay an exclusive franchise tag on him preventing him from negotiating with other teams.

    When Wilson’s contract is up and if he plays hardball I just hope I don’t hear any of the honor your contract crowds on here complaining about his negotiation stance.

  45. What is tough about this is you have some players like Wilson that deserve more money, and other players who sign big contracts that don’t perform well (Shawn Alexander/Chris Johnson to name a couple).

    When it works out against players its not fair and should be adjusted, when it works against the team, no one suggests a contract adjustment for the team.

    In fairness Wilson deserves more money for sure. In fairness, Chris Johnson should give back a much of money. Life is not fair.

  46. I like the idea of trading Flynn for a spectacular grabeverything indefensible wide out, but that isn’t Seattle’s most pressing need. We have decent enough receivers. We really need an omniscient pass rush.

  47. It’s not Russell Wilson pushing the new contract it’s his agent. Im sure Russell Wilson wouldn’t mind extra money, but I think he’s more worried about getting ready for next year.

  48. FinFan68 “Name one industry where the new kid that goes to work for somebody gets the most pay.”


    This actually isn’t uncommon if a kid is a top student coming out of Harvard or Yale. You think if a law firm hires a Rhodes Scholar they didn’t have to bid for him? This scholar also won’t be forced into something in a field that has a monopoly on what he does. He will have more options to him.

    I understand the wage scale but it is against all things we hold as Americans. People scream socialism all the time but will force it on someone else with no issues. Can’t call yourself a capitalist if you agree with the wage scale. And just for the record I vote largely Democratic but nothing imposed by their party is more socialist than the Rookie Wage scale.

  49. buckybadger says: Jan 20, 2013 3:35 PM
    This actually isn’t uncommon if a kid is a top student coming out of Harvard or Yale. You think if a law firm hires a Rhodes Scholar they didn’t have to bid for him? This scholar also won’t be forced into something in a field that has a monopoly on what he does. He will have more options to him.

    I understand the wage scale but it is against all things we hold as Americans. People scream socialism all the time but will force it on someone else with no issues. Can’t call yourself a capitalist if you agree with the wage scale. And just for the record I vote largely Democratic but nothing imposed by their party is more socialist than the Rookie Wage scale.
    Agree completely, but employees of normal companies don’t sign contracts with guaranteed pay and term of employment. If a company hires the Rhodes Scholar equivalent of JaMarcus Russell (not likely, but possible) they can sever ties with him the first time he falls asleep in a company meeting; unlike the Raiders, who had just signed him to the biggest rookie deal of all time.

    Wage scales don’t make sense for any part of the free market driven by capitalism, but the NFL is not. Between the draft, guaranteed contracts, and a salary cap, the free market has little to no effect on the internal dealings of professional football.

  50. jwreck, not exactly true about the contracts. There are partnerships and board deals all the time that make it impossible to get rid of someone. Board members sign deals very close to what GMs and coaches have all the time. Their contracts are also binding both ways. The only way they get fired is if they do something that would be called a breach of contract so your sleeping on your job might qualify as a breach in contract but these guys have deals far better than what NFL players have. These players can get cut even if they are performing and the team just didn’t manage their salary cap.

  51. If any player deserves more, its Russell. But the new rookie structure was necessary to prevent the Ryan Leafs, and such from killing franchises for years. Could they give him a big extension without affecting the 1st 3 years?

  52. Wow, after 1 season this guys reps are all ready money hungry. Russell needs new reps badly and if I were the Seahawks I’d insist he find new representation. Even if it was him who asked for the raise his reps should have explained to him that it’s impossible and to just wait the 3 years patiently, pay his dues and Seattle will gladly give him what he deserves. The fact that’s not what happened says his reps don’t know the rules of the CBA and contract the rules of the contracts, and that is absolutely unacceptable. It makes Russell look greedy and could’ve possibly caused a rift between him and the front office. Anyone representing a profesional athlete needs to know every single guideline in the CBA that pertains to his duties and these morons should be fired immediately.

  53. Somebody out there can tell me if this scenario is plausible:

    Paul Allen calls his good buddy the CEO of Starbucks and asks CEO to hire Wilson for some kind of commercial. CEO hires Wilson for, say, $5 million.

    Paul Allen sees to it that some $$ comes to Starbucks somehow (investment $$, whatever).

    Is something like this legal?

  54. @kenowest If that’s how it works the Falcons want a refund on Ray Edwards. He was replaced by a white guy named Biermann that made way less money.

    For that matter, 90% of the players in the NFL are black. Maybe we need a Welker rule so we can see more white players have an opportunity to start….

  55. Can’t Subway sign him on for a good deal with RG3…?

    I mean really, that defensive lineman for the Lions whose name was mentioned so little this year I forgot it is making some big bucks pushing subs for those guys.

    It rhymes with Sue….hmmmm.

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