Terrell Suggs tears into Patriots

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Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs doesn’t like the Patriots.  And now that he’s on his way to the first Super Bowl of his career after beating them in the AFC title game, Suggs has teed off on his team’s long-time nemesis.

“Tell them to have fun at the Pro Bowl,” Suggs said after the game, via Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports.  “Arrogant f–kers.”

Suggs elaborated, explaining that, in his view, “These are the most arrogant pricks in the world starting with [coach Bill] Belichick on down.”

Suggs eventually calmed down, but only after pointing out that “ever since Spygate they haven’t been able to win.”

“All BS aside they are a hell of a ball club,” Suggs said.  “They have the right to be arrogant.”

Under that standard, the Ravens do, too.  Five straight playoff berths.  Five straight years with at least one playoff win.  Three AFC championship games.  And now, finally, their first trip back to the Super Bowl in 12 years.

We’ve got a feeling that, win or lose, Suggs won’t be calling the 49ers coach an “arrogant prick” two weeks from tonight.

167 responses to “Terrell Suggs tears into Patriots

  1. The Pats are the modern day Buffalo Bills after they got caught cheating. Bills dominated a cupcake division like the Pats are doing now, and once they are in the playoffs, they choke! Without their spycams, Brady is just like Marino, a great regular season qb. And don’t tell me the Pats didn’t benefit from cheating. BB would not spend years, have dedicated staff to cheat, have them sneak into other team’s practices, issue fake field passes…etc and not get anything out of it. BB is a cold and calculated genius. No way he does all that and put his reputation on the line for nothing.

  2. Arrogance is when your middle linebacker is involved in murder and claims nothing to do wth it.

    But I agree with Suggs that “These are the most arrogant pricks in the world starting with [coach Bill] Belichick on down.” He forgot to name Brady.

  3. Im not an AFC fan, but man! It was great to watch the Ravens beat the Pats.

    The Pats are a great team, overall.

    But the coach is a disgusting human being.

    He is everything I DON’T teach my sons on how to be a man.

    What a poor sport. Glad they lost!

  4. Ray Lewis needs to hire an acting coach. His postgame antics are OBNOXIOUS.
    We get it.
    He’s retiring.

  5. newenglandsports11 says: Jan 20, 2013 11:10 PM

    This guy is crazy, I am going to go out on a limb and say he lips are bigger than his brain.


    Oh yeah! That’s not racist!

    Keeping is classy in Boston! Is that below the Mason Dixon line??

  6. Tom Brady was the one who said the Ravens sure do a lot of talking for a team that never beats them. I’m sure Suggs didn’t forget that cute comment.

  7. Suggs pretends he’s not arrogant yet has done nothing but bad mouth other organizations on the radio for much of his career. Stop talking and go leave it on the field in two weeks.

  8. Ravens are a team of destiny it is true! Believe it folks. Theres no one better than General Lewis and General in training Joe

  9. I love it. No team in sports generates more emotion and hatred than the New England Patriots. They’ve won so much over the past decade that the entire country loves to dance on their grave when they don’t win the Super Bowl.

    Pats got beat tonight down Gronk, Talib, and Jones. Hope they can stay healthy next year and be in this spot again.

    49ers by 20.

  10. just when i was about to give props to the baltimore organization, we hear about this. they came to play today, let’s give them that. but when you hear stuff like this, why don’t people give the ravens a hard time? suggs has been an elite player in the league, no question. but he’s also been one of the biggest babies we’ve seen in years. good to see he knows how to win like a man. when the pats won those tainted super bowls, did you ever see ANY player take a jab at another organization like suggs just did? why does he get a free pass with fans and the media? does the so called spygate nonsense really carry that much weight? i respected the way suggs handled the ravens loss last year, especially going on espn with skip bayless after they lost. but i guess we see what type of man he is when he makes comments like this. hope he shows the same honesty about kaepernick when they get steamrolled in two weeks

  11. Love me some Suggs, he is true to his word. You all know it, you all say it, only T Sizzle brings it to the media. You are welcome.

  12. I’m a Pats fan and the Ravens are a Tough team. That is the type of team that beats the Patriots. A team that smashes you in the mouth. But to say the Patriots are arrogant is just stupid. Expecially coming from Terrell Suggs out of all people. If you had any of the Patriots coming out talking this type of trash they would be benched. It is funny how all these people come creaping out talking trash about Spygate bla bla bla get over it thats not the reason they lost the reason they lost is because the team is soft.

  13. Ive said it for the last 4 years, finesse (Pats) will never beat Power (Ravens, 49’ers, Giants, etc) when it truly matters!

    Also all of that clever spygate talk, Ive seen my team win 3 Super Bowls in my 27 years, how many fans can say that? And you may say they are tainted, but unless they walk into the Hoody’s mansion and take his rings, they happened!!

  14. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but saying what Suggs said is arrogance by definition. Ray Lewis and his post game antics are arrogance. Call me a cynic, but there is no way that his bowing down on all fours on midfield following the game today was an organic reaction. I like Ray Lewis, and I respect how good of a football player he is. But if you tell me that you think Ray would do all the things hes done post game the past two weeks without cameras and media around to eat it up, then I’ll tell you that your full of it.

    The Pats are arrogant, absolutely, and I am by no stretch of the imagination a Pats fan; I cant stand them. But get off your high horse Ravens, because you’re no less arrogant, especially if you win the Superbowl in 2 weeks.

  15. I think fans will be much safer with Ray Lewis palying in the Superbowl than attending as a fan with his possee!

  16. Oh yeah Suggs, the Ravens aren’t arrogant, PLEASE! Worst Super Bowl matchup in a LONG time. The only thing that would make the Super Bowl worth watching would be to put the 2 Harbaugh (crybaby) coaches at midfield and have a last man standing match. My steelers got 6 Lombardis and it will be hard to cheer for the 49ers to tie us but yeah thats how much I hate you Baltimorons and your inherited franchise. On Monday, February 4th, you can rename that thing you call a city BAWLtimore.

  17. @ fitzy…well said.
    Congrats to the Ravens, they deserved every bit of the win and they dominated. It’s too bad some of their fans and players can’t handle winning better but it is what it is. I’m glad the Ravens fans who came to our board were very cool people.

  18. The patriots haven’t been a class orginization for a long time. This is a team that celebrates a unsportsmanlike act by using a snowplow to clear a path for the kicker during a Zero score game.

  19. Normally I would call Suggs a clown.But in this case, he’s right.

    Watch them complain about the refs despite manhandling the Colts that exact same way for years. Or blame their failures on Glass Gronkowski. Again.

    Dry those tears, Bill Simmons.

  20. Pats just never show any signs of arrogance. It’s not the Patriots way, and it amazes me how success gets misconstrued as arrogance sometimes.

  21. Comparing Brady to Marino?Brady is considered one of the three greatest of all time. Come on, Marino is what Phillip Rivers is for todays game, a selfish QB, who wants the spotlight all to himslef, thinking he can win it with just his arm. Marino will be long forgotten in the next 10-15 years. Jim Kelly was a much better team QB than Marino in that era.

    The Ravens are a complete team. The coaching matchup is going to come into play. John knows how to get under the skin of his hot headed little brother. Colin has not seen a D like the Ravens with all of their Vets. Ed Reed might end up SB MVP with at least two-three picks, he is going to confuse the heck out of him.

    It sucks that this game is being played indoors. This game should be outside, these two teams have great running attacks and hard hitting punishing D’s.

  22. For a team that is going to Superbowl it’s a shame to display such an unprofessional demeanor to the media. There is a way to express yourself and your thoughts with a little bit of cooth. But again this is Baltimore. #Classact

  23. I can’t stand the pats or bb but they wouldn’t throw bleach on their Girlfriend or be forced to give
    Up the mini arsenal of weapons they have for fear they will kill their family. Suggs needs to know when to win w class

  24. Pot, meet kettle. Biggest bunch of whiners in the league, your Baltimore Ravens. As much as I’d like to root against Jim Harbaugh, the Ravens just make it too easy to root against them. They would be insufferable if they actually won. Go Niners!

  25. If you think ray Lewis was playing to the cameras you have not been paying attention. The man is very religious and believes god has a plan for everything. Go on You Tube and see the video of his speech after they lost last year when he said God is never wrong and this was not their time. Today he was simply giving thanks to his lord. You may not like it, but he DOES NOT CARE. He knows some people will always hate him, but he feels that god’s will is all that matters.

    On the Suggs topic, I am not a fan of what he said but that is sizzle being sizzle. Pats are a winning organization and they are arrogant but like he said, they have the right to be. Kraft is all class. He came to the ravens locker room to congratulate them and that is very impressive. Probably not the last time Brady and Flacco go head to head in a big game.

  26. I’m a Saints fan but long before this foolishness with the Saints I honestly didn’t give much thought to what the Pats did taping those practices before the superbowls. But, I’ve got to be honest. I’m starting to wonder if there’s something to this. I mean it wasn’t like this was a great game tonight. The Ravens handled them with ease. And, they did when all three of those Superbowls by 3 points. I wonder if they could have gained those three points based on what they were able to get from those tapes. I have another question. Did Tom Brady throw a TD pass tonight. And, if he didn’t does that break his string of TD passes

  27. The Patriots are the Yankees really. Whole country roots against them and dances in the streets when they lose. But, even the Yankees pulled through after 2 World Series defeats and countless playoff failures. Pats may do the same…in 2013 or 2014. We’ll see.

  28. The Ravens and their fans are hilarious…any time they lose its because the refs cheated them, they had injuries (which apparently no other team incurs), or b/c the NFL is against them…but its the Pats that are arrogant…heres hoping that the Niners have 1 more victory in them…

  29. @tomtravis76

    I hear what you’re saying and I understand Brady has 3 rings, but zero after spygate!

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable to say that after the Pats got caught cheating, Brady has put up the stats like Marino did during the regular season and once in the playoffs – choke like Marino did. They are both prima-donna cry babies as well.

    Every year since the Pats got caught cheating, Brady has either thrown a key interception (Champ Bailey, Bob Sanders) or just looked jittery once in the playoffs.

  30. Stay classy Baltimore. Meanwhile, pats were interviewed on camera saying they lost to a better team after a week of paying only respect, outplayed, out-coached, and definitely out- crowed. Awesome that they are going to their 6th, i mean second superbowl.

    Quiet starer Kyle Love was as big a loss as Talib.

    Go niners.

  31. tomtravis76 says:
    Jan 20, 2013 11:43 PM
    Marino is what Phillip Rivers is for todays game, a selfish QB, who wants the spotlight all to himslef, thinking he can win it with just his arm. Marino will be long forgotten in the next 10-15 years.

    You cant be serious, can you? Marino is WAY better than Phillip Rivers. I dont know how you could say with a straight face that Marino will be forgotten in 10-15 years. I’m no Marino fan- I couldnt stand him when he was playing and agree he’s a selfish, whiny, arrogant guy. But I also think he’s an incredible talent, and offered more than just his arm. Remember, Marino didnt have all that much talent around him in Miami. I would argue Rivers in SD’s peak years definitely had more talent around him. I just dont know how you could say with a straight face that Marino was garabage and will “be forgotten”- you’re crazy if you believe that to be true.

  32. Belichick is the most arrogant sore loser coach in the league and has been for a long, long time. He believes too much of his own media bias out of Bristol, Conn., annointing him as a genius.

    No surprise he didn’t show any class and face the music after the game. He would’ve had to possess an ounce of class for that to happen.

  33. Patriots are one of the most finest professional teams in the world. Ever since the salary cap era..no team has found success consistently in the NFL like the Patriots. Season after season they are one of the top teams in the NFL. but for some reason people still hate on them. And please spygate doesnt mean anything. Football is a game of execution..but people dont understand that because they have never played a down in organized football. and if this gets blocked then ill be pissed.

  34. Wow, I’m kind of embarrased to be a pats fan right now. Bill should be ashamed of acting like that. Its almost like they didn’t prepare for the game. I don’t think Brady will win another sb. It just doesn’t seem like he has that chip on his shoulder like he used to. Now he won 3.. not saying he’s a bad qb it just seem like the passion is gone.

  35. maybe it’s karma for cheating, not shaking tony dungy’s hand….oh, and running up the score on opponents who you have clearly beaten?

    the evil dynasty ended officially tonight – they will be like my yankees….playoffs every year, no more championships…..then, one day soon….tom and bill quit and the whole thing ends.

    buh-bye now

  36. Put that on the bulletin board thats bulliten board material pats for the next game!!! O wait you guys are done for the year !!!! Enjoy the off season

  37. Dear Tom Brady,

    4 and 4 and you couldn’t run for the first down when you were wide open? Kicking a player trying to avoid hitting you because you are sliding?

    I watched Joe Montana in almost every pro game he played, and son, you are no Joe Montana.

  38. Pre-Spygate Patriots–Zero SB wins

    Post-Spygate Patriots–Zero SB wins

    So pray tell, exactly what do Patriots fans and their ESPN cheering section have to brag about?

  39. I don’t have the desire to hate the Patriots since the champs own them, but I love Belichick’s postgame pressers when the Patriots lose, because he is flat out hilarious with his snippy comments.

  40. It’s amazing in this day and she that there are so many racists out there. For those who call Suggs classless what about Brady and his sliding nut shot on reed,

  41. Good game & both are good teams. John Harbaugh called the Bernard Pollard hit a turning point which it was… ironically that was a helmet to helmet hit, albeit unintentional, but still the call as it has been all year long but was missed. Just an observation but the Ravens deserve credit.

  42. All this talk doesn’t really matter. NFC champ would have owned either team in the Superbowl. NFC has been the far superior conference for the last 5 years, and it’s getting more lopsided. NFC elite (falcons, 9ers, Packers, Giants) have been beating up on the AFC for years.

    So Go argue and whine all you want, but it’s futile.

  43. At least the owner was classy and gave credit to the Patriot organization an the Kraft family.

  44. Lmaoo at all these Butthurt Pats fans. Suggs is absolutely Correct. Suggs is a Beast and Warrior he can he say what he wants, he backs it Up. Him, Pollard, Ray etc Dominate the Pats O. Brady can’t hack it against Our Defense. Flacco Owns the Pats. hahahaa enjoy the Pro Bowl Pats fans. No SB Since spygate.

  45. I’m confused as to how people hate the Patriots for supposedly being poor sports or arrogant (still haven’t heard a good example as to what makes them arrogant vs. any other team) but love and praise the Ravens and Suggs.

    There are some players on the Ravens who I think are great guys, Reed, Torrey Smith. But overall the Ravens NEVER win or lose with any class. This is a prime example of that. Whether they win or lose he, and many of his teammates, never have anything gracious or classy to say about the opponent. You never get a “good game” from the Ravens without hearing other chatter. So I find it odd that the same people who will trash the Patriots will applaud the Ravens. It seems like people only care about certain things when it’s the Patriots just cause “it’s the Patriots.”

  46. Hey, Steelers fans, didn’t Woodley say that Flacco would never lead the Ravens to a SuperBowl? Would that be considered classless? Suggs said the Pats are arrogant, I sat down and watched a game with Suggs, he is a different kind of dude, and a lot of his stuff is said in jest. But, all y’all out there that hats on the Ravens, its your worst nightmare, unibrow giving interviews at the SuperBowl!!!!

  47. jdfrox says:
    Jan 20, 2013 11:58 PM
    If you think ray Lewis was playing to the cameras you have not been paying attention. The man is very religious and believes god has a plan for everything. Go on You Tube and see the video of his speech after they lost last year when he said God is never wrong and this was not their time. Today he was simply giving thanks to his lord. You may not like it, but he DOES NOT CARE. He knows some people will always hate him, but he feels that god’s will is all that matters.

    On the Suggs topic, I am not a fan of what he said but that is sizzle being sizzle. Pats are a winning organization and they are arrogant but like he said, they have the right to be. Kraft is all class. He came to the ravens locker room to congratulate them and that is very impressive. Probably not the last time Brady and Flacco go head to head in a big game.
    Does that make it ‘Raybowing?’

  48. I am a Steelers fan, but I have to admit, the Ravens played a hell of a game and manhandled the Pats. Even though I will be rooting for the 49ers, congrats Ravens fnas.
    Second, Suggs is obviously right about spygate . Brady now has Hernandez and Gronk as weapons, but he has not been able to win the super bowl after being caught cheating. Without that game tape, they are just another good team, but not a great team.
    The Pats are proving that there super bowl wins should be asterixed

  49. @tomtravis76 says:
    Jan 20, 2013 11:43 PM
    Comparing Brady to Marino?Brady is considered one of the three greatest of all time. Come on, Marino is what Phillip Rivers is for todays game, a selfish QB, who wants the spotlight all to himslef, thinking he can win it with just his arm. Marino will be long forgotten in the next 10-15 years. Jim Kelly was a much better team QB than Marino in that era…

    That is probably the most ignorant thing I’ve seen on here in a long time!! I am NO Marino fan, but I’m guessing you either were not alive, to young to have seen him play or are a fan of team that was his rival. If Marino would have had ANYTHING like what Elway, Kelly, or Montana had as teams around him… he would have plenty of SB’s or SB appearances. He’s one of those few 80’s QB’s that could play today and still be in the top 5 of the league.

  50. As a Pats fan, I want to thank the Ravens for saving the Patriots from being embarrassed in another Super Bowl. The Niners would have rag-dolled the Pats on both sides of the ball, and the Buffalo Bills comparisons would have begun.

  51. Can’t say I disagree with what he’s saying, but there is a place and time. In this case it wasn’t the time to say it if there ever was one. I also seem to recall T-Sizzle on Thanksgiving last year talking about how they are so disrespected because the 49ers D wasn’t close to their level but were getting all the hype. That’s some pretty big arrogance in itself. Not to mention all the other times he has run his mouth. He is really a great player but this was a total pot and kettle moment. Sometimes you just gotta take the high road, especially since Brady’s and Bellichick’s actions pretty much spoke for themselves.

  52. Ray Lewis and Super Bowl are not really a good combination. Funny how he thinks God is on his side while the stabbing victims’ families still wait for an answer.

  53. It’s not spygate – it’s defense!

    The Pats used to be a truly top defense. Remember they won all their superbowls by 3 points. It was all about mistake-free football driven by a tough, physical defense.

    Flacco on the other hand is not a god. He made some very clutch throws, but his O-Line was amazing, his running game very solid, and most importantly – his D stepped up.

    As a casual fan, the Superbowl match up is not the sizzle I wanted. If I could choose I would want to see Manning versus Rodgers, but it’s a big boys game. The Ravens remind me a lot of the Giants. A wildcard team with a chip on their shoulders, playing us versus the world.

  54. A good 12 years doesn’t make you football’s Yankees. 3 SB wins in 4 years is nice, but the steelers, packers, and the 49ers would be better examples. They do it all the time, altho the 49ers have been in a slump until last year. I give credit to Suggs for returning as quickly as he did, but he needs to keep his mouth shut. And maybe Colin hasn’t faced a vet D like the ravens, but they did face tough divisional Ds this year. The ravens played RGIII in the option and lost, and Colin has a better RB, receivers, and arm then RGIII so Suggs should worry more about his next game then the team they just beat.

  55. the Pats have always been about the technical design of the game to create mismatches…

    coincidentally, after they were no longer taping the other teams practices right before games….. they lost some of their edge and haven’t enjoyed the same success….

    for 8 years…..

    at first I didn’t think much of it…. but thats a helluva coincidence

    oh, and yeah… BB and Brady are definitely arrogant jerks

  56. “I love it. No team in sports generates more emotion and hatred than the New England Patriots. They’ve won so much over the past decade that the entire country loves to dance on their grave when they don’t win the Super Bowl.”

    Happily, the U.S. has been doing lots of dancing for the past 9 years.

  57. Brady spikes Reed, looks for flags after incompleting on 4th down, and Belichick refuses an interview.

    I don’t blame long-time Pats fans. As a Titan fan, I hate Bud Adams for his idiocy. But I’d find it hard to support the Brady/Belichick monster. Cheating, intentionally trying to injure a player (with no flag? What’s up with that?), and snubbing the media (who bows at your feet when you win). I’d rather have my mediocre team, in hopes of a successful future. Keep your Super Bowls and playoff appearances, Patriots. You’re a disgrace to the game.

  58. Spygate gave them no advantage. They taped from the wrong location. Taping was fine, location was not. Your team undoubtedly still tapes(from the proper location) and uses the tape to prep. So get over it, read what spygate actually was. A really overblown “scandal.” Coaches change signals because taping is perfectly fine and they know it.

    Suggs needs to learn some class. He won and can’t even have any class while walking away the winner.

    What more do you expect from a guy who should be in jail for domestic violence, threatening to pour bleach on his own child and had his weapons confiscated to avoid pulling a Belcher? He probably only married his now wife so she would drop charges against him.

    Suggs and Lewis should be sharing a cell. And Lewis should stop fake crying.

    Anyways, a double Harbaugh super bowl was pretty much my worst nightmare. Will not be watching(not giving em the ratings) but do hope that 49ers win. Didn’t like the way that they treated Smith and Kaep annoys me. But it would be good for Moss to get a ring.

  59. And Suggs may have been arrogant himself, but in this case, it’s totally warranted. It’s great to see somebody shut them up, at home no less.

  60. The patriots are held to a different standard than any team in the NFL. While their success is determined by if they win the Super Bowl, a lot of others are determined by how many times they made it to the playoffs or how deep they made it to the playoffs. I hear a lot of people talk about how many Super Bowls the patriots won post-spygate but facts are facts. They are still one of the more consistent sports teams in the NFL.

  61. To all you Patriot loving idiots- haha. I got sick of reading for the last week how Pats will send Ray Lewis home as a big loser. HaHa – It appears Belichunk and Brady are the big losers- Haha

  62. I’m not one to talk about another team because look at us.. But I agree with everything Suggs said and I absolutely hate the Patriots their head coach especially Brady I’m glad they lost and the comment about winning with class made me laugh because every team that wins trash talks the other team you see it all the time..

  63. Breatbeach, it’s because it’s the Patriots. They talk a lot less than most teams, but because people have this “thing” about Brady and Belichick, people don’t think clearly.

    It’s quite sad really. The people posting on these sites aren’t annoying teenagers, they’re men in their 40’s with kids. How embarrassing.

  64. I hate the Pats, but at least they have won and earned some of that arrogance.

    That Ravens are the most arrogant team in the league and haven’t won squat.

  65. Don’t care for any of the teams, but everybody is getting on Suggs, talking about stay classy, I guess putting on your hood and not doing the post game press conference is Classy.

  66. So just to clarify the level of intelligence here…

    The Pats havent won a title since “spygate,” but yet, have still made it to the playoffs how many times since, to the Super Bowl how many times since, and Brady still has put up what stats since?

    I find it funny how people are so quick to demolish the Patriots because they lose an AFC title game (lol). How many teams have made it so far so many times in so many years since “spygate?” Pretty sure the Patriots are on top.

    Lets face it, the Patriots defense is NOTHING compared to the D that they had when they won those titles. Thats the clear reason why they cannot finish teams off and win the Super Bowl.

    I will let Suggs say whatever he wants, because not for nothing, what else would you expect him to say? Its not like he isnt a trash talker, a dirty player (suspensions, attitude, past history shows it) and a sore loser when he loses anyway (proof is out there, simply google it.)

    I love how people are bashing Belichick for not speaking the media. I agree its a bit weak to not speak, but he has nothing to prove to speaking to the media. If he speaks highly and shows respect to the Ravens, the media will butcher it and somehow make words come out completely differently. If he speaks his mind (which I am sure we can all assume,) he gets the same treatment, with him somehow still “cheating.”

    Great season Pats, let the haters still hate. Jealousy is a sickness, to those suffering, get well soon.

  67. It’s funny how all these people including Suggs call the Patriots arrogant. Do any of you even know the definition because if you did you wouldn’t say that about them. Bob Kraft is the definition of class and has been since he bought them for anyone to say anything like that is dumb. He makes sure that his team is run with nothing but first class. Tell me when’s the last time a Patriot has come out and said or done something “arrogant” because there hasn’t been. Especially nothing compared to what that hypocrite Suggs said the Ravens constantly talk trash when they win and cry when they lose. Same with Ray Lewis soaking up all this press for one last time before he’s gone I’m not going to lie I lost a bit of respect for him after what he’s done lately. He wouldn’t be doing any if it if there was no cameras around him. All the Ravens do is talk trash and you all praise them because its the Patriots any other team you would be criticizing him. All of you hate the Patriots and don’t even know why you make up reasons like this dating there this or that when they are very strict about showing off Kraft doesn’t let them talk trash, show off, or any of that crap you all say they do. Start looking for actual reasons to hate on them. If you hate them because if Spygate that was a long time ago get over it they got punished its over with. Bit to hate them because they’re always winning and beating your teams is just pure jealousy and a dumb reason to hate them, and to praise Suggs for this just shows that your being hypocritical. I used to respect this team not anymore. The Ravens should take a page out of Kraft’s book and tell players when they say things like this they will be punished. Baltimore is a city that I do like so I’m not biased toward this team I respect the Orioles and when I’ve been to Baltimore I had a great time. This city has been great to my family over the years when they had to live there during tough times and Suggs has really made himself look bad and made his city of Baltimore look bad because he represents them and it really leaves a bad taste in your mouth. I no longer respect this guy or this organization still love the city not him or his classless organization that keys him keep running his mouth along with the rest of his teammates.

  68. Another thing notice how the Ravens have been the only team talking Suggs and that linebacker who’s name I can’t even spell have talked all week and talked all night. The Pats have not said one thing back to that idiot they’re not stopping to his level he’s making himself look bad. When he loses he cries about it but when he wins he does nothing but bash other teams. Classless and a hypocrite.

  69. Well Andre’s Johnson….

    Suggs is an ugly man going to the Superbowl. Meanwhile your namesake will be watching it at home.

  70. Suggs and Tears in the same headline scared the !#@% out of me. Must say I agree with his critique though. The Pats have gotten so used to be handed these games that when someone beats them despite the favoritism the league shows them, they have difficulty accepting there fate. Like god made a mistake and they’re just waiting for him to correct it. Arrogant F%#&!#$ is right.

  71. The Patriots are arrogant and Tom Brady is the king of arrogance and so is Belliecheck, who never smiles. Brady made fun of Eli Manning last year before the Super Bowl and who was the real elite QB last year, Eli, not Tom. Brady has an attitude problem and he needs to learn humility.

    As for Ray Lewis, he is a Christian and what is wrong with that?

  72. Suggs said what a lot of people think. Maybe not politically correct but it’s true. Headline for Mondays paper ” You Mad Tom?

  73. Hey, T Sizzle, go F*ck yourself. The Patriots went 17-0 AFTER Spygate, the Patriots have been 2 to Superbowls and 3 AFC Championships AFTER Spygate. The Patriots have won at least 11 games a year AFTER Spygate. Spygate had nothing to do with anything, a blown out of proportion media hype that morons like yourself like bring out as sound bytes to hear yourself talk.

    EVERY team cheats. Roger Goodell sent that memo about videotaping to EVERY team in the NFL. Why did he send the memo to EVERY team in the NFL? Because EVERY team was cheating, EVERY team was videotaping. Why do coaches cover their mouths reading the plays on TV. Because EVERY team is out there trying to steal signs.

    Hope you get blown out in the Superbowl by the just as unlikable, punk 49ers, the 2 most loathesome teams in the history of the Super Bowl. I’ll be doing something more entertaining, like watching Gandhi.

  74. It ain’t bragging if you can back it up…and The Ravens sure did back it up against the recent 2 x Super Bowl LOSERS and NFC Championship game LOSERS with so called greatest coach and qb of all time.

    Belichick looks like a disconnected hideous zombie troll on the sidelines and Brady looks like an uncoordinated HS freshman girl basketball player on the field…

    Thier so called “run” is over.

  75. Arrogant. Nothing is more arrogant than pretending a teammate is not complicit in and an accessory to a murder…a murder from which he spirited the assailants from the scene in his limo, threw his own bloody clothes away, and stopped to allow them to purchase the knives used in the assault earlier in the day, “in case they have trouble later that night.” Any praise or acknowledgment Ray Lewis receives should get booed…..the team too.

  76. @ jameslongstaffe there was no helmet to helmet call that was missed. The player was a runner which is not afforded the same protections as a qb or defenseless receiver. The missed helmet to helmet hit was the one on Dennis pitta, and the bad call was the one on ray Lewis, because Hernandez initiated contact. I understand how you could her confused.. There is little to no consistency in the NFL by the refs, whether it’s questionable hits or what ths hell constitutes a catch (i.e. The falcons’ “catch” that Jim harbaugh was so mad about)

  77. He did this in the tunnel, no camera’s around just a bunch of reporters who couldn’t wait to tweet this out. Big deal. And he’s right, so what? NE fans act more and more like their coach everyday……sore losers.

  78. Classy winner. Nice. Great game for the ravens, but someone needs a slice of humble pie. Way to be a role model for kids in winning graciously.

  79. Haven’t won anything since spy gate? 49ers are going to the superbowl for the first time in 19 years, Baltimore hasn’t been in 12 years. Patriots go to Super Bowls as often as I go to the supermarket. Spy gate argument is ridiculous. It’s like saying Baltimore hasn’t won a Super Bowl since Ray killed a guy. After they “stopped cheating” they won 16 games in a row. Record before spy gate: 70-26. Record after spy gate: 76-20. Pretty convincing data.

  80. Maybe Suggs should win something before he tees off on the Patriots. That team has won more than he will ever win, so try and be classy, but that’s probably hard.

  81. What Suggs did is not a surprise after all this is a guy who bleaches his kids and punches his girlfriend then marries her. Good ball player yes…IQ over 60—– not so fast.

  82. Damn shame they left Cleveland. Ozzie is a Brown. Every time I watch Ravens I think of the mid 80’s Browns. A hard hitting attacking D. A nice mix of running and vertival passing on Offense. What could have been. And I loved last week when they stuck it to the Broncos and horse smile himself.

  83. T-Sizzle calling someone else arrogant? Whats next Mantai Teo calling someone else gullible?

    That just goes to show how disconnected from reality he is. When T-Suggs look sin the mirror he sees a HOF player & person. Everyone else sees an above AVG inconsitent jerk. Who can’t keep his mouth shut.

    One SB appearance won”t change this fact…the Steelrs have 6 wins, 2- in this era. Sorry T-Sizzle you are as arrogant as the Pats just not as smart or accomplished

  84. Was your snuggie warm last night? Did you have enough tissues? Did mommy tuck you in when it was all over?

  85. The Patsies are this generations 49ers. When I was a teen and into my 20s, the 49ers won all the time, and were in big games more than any other team. They gained a legion of fickle bandwagon fans due to winning five Super Bowls over that period. When they did lose, the rest of us cheered with joy. They were a great team that everyone loved to hate.

    Now the Patriots get that honor with this generation of fans. Over the past decade fickle bandwagon fans have popped up everywhere(Some were once those 49er fans I mention above.), and everybody, including myself, loves to hate them.

  86. The reason more people aren’t shocked at Suggs ranting at the Pats is that is common behavior in Baltimore accepted expected and celebrated. Proves you can’t polish a turd…

  87. Suggs is 100% correct, of course, but he can clearly teach a lesson in classlessness in his own right.

  88. I do not recall the Pats making comments like this last year.

    When you win it shows your true self…rather that is class or being acting like a 3 year old as Mr. Suggs so often does.

  89. T-Sizzler is a living example of one of the great Will Rogers sayings:

    After eating an entire bull, a mountain lion felt so good he started roaring.
    He kept it up until a hunter came along and shot him.
    The moral: When you’re full of bull, keep your mouth shut.

    (For the dimbulbs out there, ravenator comes to mind, the 49ers are the hunter)

  90. Stay classy Baltimore, good thing they didn’t lose, Lewis woulda committed murder again, and Suggs woulda punched his wife again. Classless organization right there.

  91. I think the problem was the Patriots weren’t arrogant enough. The ’01-’03-’04 teams played with an intimidating swagger. Afraid of no one. There was a team that could correctly be called arrogant, and they had a right to be. People act like these Patriots are the same way, but they’re really not.

    In any case, as a Pats fan the last few playoff exits have made me appreciate what those team accomplished. It’s really, really hard to win one Super Bowl. Much less three out of four.

  92. majority of commenters here are probably not old enough to get a drivers licence. very childish and immature. not surprised though. i think you idiots are on vacation right now. so you kids are deep right now.

  93. Someone asked: Who was the tall guy in suit and tie that looked to chaperoning Ray Lewis?

    ANSWER — That is Chad Steele, Ravens’ director of media relations. Escorting Ray Lewis around must be his current assignment.

  94. Put the Patriots in the AFC North, and they finish ahead of the Ravens 13 years in a row. So don’t try to make the argument that the Pats are in an easy division, put them in any division and they will certainty make it look like a “cupcake division”.

  95. The Patriots lost and showed class after the game by saying the better team won. Also Belichick doesn’t talk after a win let alone a loss, do you think Lombardi would answer some reporter’s inane questions after a big loss? Oh, and Mr. Suggs at least Brady will go home and get comforted by Giselle, what have you got waiting for you? Mwwwwwaaaaaa.

  96. @ noah81398:

    Ummm, no. Bills, Jets, & Dolphins are terrible. Jets had one decent season when they outplayed the Pats the last 10 years, but that’s about it. Hands down, AFC East has been consistently one of the weakest, if not weakest, division in football since Belichick coached the Pats.

    @ ihatestupidpeople:

    That’s great they won all those games, but how many superbowls have they won after spygate? Same Tour de France wins as Lance Armstrong without taking PEDs. The 1990s Bills went to 4 straight superbowls, but I don’t remember their fans being arrogant.

  97. Can someone explain to me why refusing to blow CBS for a post game interview is unsportsmanlike? Did he do individual interviews for any other outlets? No. Anyone see Belichick on the field after the game congratulating Harbaugh? Looked like he was saying some pretty nice stuff considering the number of “thank yous” Harbaugh was saying. Anybody see the post game press conference? First of all, he did one. A sore loser would refuse to do the presser not an interview with Steve effing Tasker. Second, the first words out of his mouth were praise for Baltimore’s win (“We were out played and out caoched. The best team won today”). That’s being a sore loser? Really? Imma have to re-assess some things.

    After the game, Brady says, “They’re not gonna give it you. We didn’t earn it: they earned it.”

    Haters gonna hate, I guess.

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