AFC and NFC Championships draw 47.7 million, 42 million viewers

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The NFL’s dominance over the American television landscape continues.

The Super Bowl is always America’s most-watched television show of the year by a huge margin, but in recent years the AFC and NFC Championship Games have become the second- and third-most-watched shows on American TV. And the numbers from Sunday’s game say that will be the case this year as well.

According to the NFL, Ravens-Patriots drew 47.7 million viewers on CBS, while 49ers-Falcons drew 42.0 million viewers on FOX. That makes them the most-watched TV shows since the Super Bowl.

Still, while those are huge numbers, they’re actually down significantly from last year, when Giants-49ers drew 57.6 million viewers on FOX and Ravens-Patriots drew 48.7 million viewers on CBS. So Sunday’s numbers were huge. Just not huge by the recent standards set by the NFL.

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  1. It’s not surprising when you consider that they were up against killer competition of a “Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami” marathon.

  2. Face Facts…the Ravens are America’s team
    They crushed the Dolts and crushed Manning and Brady in their home parks.

  3. I would like to know what the NFL would attribute to the lower ratings from last year and if they have a plan next year to boost those numbers. There’s a lot of money on the line and it doesn’t seem like the NFL is fully capitalizing on the opportunity to draw more people in.

  4. Obvious reason for lower ratings…New York is a huge market and not having the rotten Jets or Giants in the mix makes a huge difference.

    Of course now that the Jets and Giants both suck the ratings will ALWAYS be a little lower.

  5. Maybe just because the Packers, Saints and Broncos were already out? Although that would be a stupid reason.

  6. You could argue the significantly lower ratings for the NFC Championship were because the Falcons generate less interest nationwide than the Giants. But why the somewhat lower ratings for the Pats/Ravens rematch? Viewing could have dropped off in the second half when the game ceased to be close. Or … maybe people can only stomach so much Jim Nantz and Phil Sims. When they’re calling a game, my thumb is always hovering over the mute button. I dread CBS having the Super Bowl.

  7. Atlanta isn’t a NFL town, they are a college football town. The ratings are directly related to the difference in viewership between NY and ATL as NFL fans.

  8. Not surprising the patriots ravens game drew less there isn’t ant interest in the ravens despite Roger constantly pushing them upon America

  9. Worst super bowl matchup. Nobody outside of Baltimore cares about ray lewis or the ravens. worst team down the stretch and backed into the playoffs because pittsburgh sucked. SF was lucky not to have played seattle instead of atlanta. seattle would have walked all over them.

  10. Falcons skewed the numbers. Even people in Atlanta don’t care about thar choking team. So u know the rest of the country says “Falcons, meh”.

  11. The Ravens – 49ers games drew almost the same both years. The difference is in the NFC Championship was that one year the Giants were there and one year the Falcons were there. Popularity of Eli over Matt Ryan due to commercials and family ties? There’s only about a 2% drop in the AFC game which had the same two teams, but the difference in the NFC game is a drop of about 18%.

    Of course I don’t know what time the shows aired last year which could be meaningful.

  12. Def a dropoff between Atlanta and NY. I mean for the love of god they couldn’t even get their fans to buy all the seats. It was close to sounding like a neutral setting crowd at the end. Same thing with the week before.

  13. Next year’s NFC ratings will be much higher with RGIII playing in the game.

    In fact, with Kaepernick and Wilson the NFC future is very bright. Plus, throw in the older guards of Rodgers, Eli, and Brees.

  14. cmich2006 says:
    Jan 21, 2013 4:15 PM
    Not surprising the patriots ravens game drew less there isn’t ant interest in the ravens despite Roger constantly pushing them upon America
    I’m sorry, in what world does The Rog push the Ravens on everybody? RG is cut from the same cloth as Tags. Remember when Tagliabue told Baltimore we were better off investing in a museum than a football team? Neither commish was/is/will be a fan. We’ve proven them wrong by racking up the best home record in the last 5 years in the NFL, which is a testament to this fanbase in Baltimore.

  15. @ Pitt: I keep seeing a small minority across several sites calling this the “worst match-up”. Are you kidding me? Of the four teams left, this was the best possible outcome for any fan of football without any vested interest in the teams involved. Any other match-up would have more than likely been a one sided blow out.

  16. Consider that there were only about 2 weeks of camp before last season and what Jim Harbaugh did with that team. Then this season the Kaepernick call was apparently just plain genius. 2 of his 9 starts were playoff comeback victories and his 10th start will be in a Super Bowl that he’s actually favored to win. I know many don’t care for Harbaugh but if you can’t see what he’s accomplished in so little time, you’re blind. Everything from drafting well, game planning, surrounding himself with quality coaches and the mentality he brings to the 49ers. They’ve pretty much beaten every elite QB they’ve played, some more than once (and if you’re one of the”Eli’s elite” crowd, don’t forget they did beat him last regular season).

    I wonder if Jerry Jones is watching how this is supposed to work?

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