Andrew Luck takes Tom Brady’s place in the Pro Bowl


Russell Wilson isn’t the only rookie quarterback going to the Pro Bowl.

The Colts have announced that rookie quarterback Andrew Luck has been selected to play in Sunday’s Pro Bowl in place of Tom Brady, who is out with an injury. There’s no word on the nature of Brady’s injury, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that if the Patriots had beaten the Ravens on Sunday, this injury would not have kept Brady out of the Super Bowl.

Luck’s Pro Bowl honor comes after a season in which he set the rookie records for passing yards (4,374), pass attempts (627) and 300-yard passing games (six).

Wilson was named to the Pro Bowl today in place of the injured Matt Ryan. Redskins rookie Robert Griffin III was also named to the Pro Bowl but will not play. Some day, Luck, Wilson and Griffin will be grizzled veterans like Brady who have been to so many Pro Bowls that they no longer care. For now, watching Wilson and Luck — two young players who will be genuinely happy to be there — will be the best reason to watch the Pro Bowl. Maybe the only reason to watch the Pro Bowl.

86 responses to “Andrew Luck takes Tom Brady’s place in the Pro Bowl

  1. Pro Bowl selections are getting like the old saw about weather just about anywhere – If you don’t like what there is now, wait ten minutes and it will change.

  2. Brady and Rodgers should just say they dont want to play. Don’t blame a phantom, unspecific, undocumented injury. At least they’d be honest.

  3. Bruised ego probably qualifies as suitable on any Belichick injury list.

    If forced to guess what “real” injury TB sustained, I think he over-extended his quad on that Rockettes-kick to Ed Reed’s knee.

  4. Shocker. Im no fan of the Pro Bowl, but doesnt he always find away to avoid going? They should just stop voting for the guy. He never shows up anyways.

  5. The only thing injured on Brady is his pride. “You can’t beat me, I’m Tom Brady. That is against the rules.”

  6. “kaep86 says:
    Jan 21, 2013 8:00 PM
    Brady is suffering from a broken heart.”


    I was going to go with bruised ego.

  7. Not a surprise. Ms. Brady still needs more time to pout.

    This is more a statement about the pro bowl and how useless it has become. Maybe moving the pro bowl away from Hawaii also takes away some incentive to go.

  8. HEY, you know who has a QB rating one point behind Andrew Luck through 16 games? Mr. out-of-the-league Tim Tebow. Luck has double the passing attempts…which is sorta damning, because he had twice the chance to prove…he’s just as good as a guy who can’t get employed. Meanwhile, Tavaris Jackson is getting another chance. Ok.

  9. Does anyone know if your rePlaced on pro bowl roster does it still count you as 1 so example is RG3 still be able to say he is a pro bowler
    On his career. Or do you actually have to attend

  10. Wow I am shocked at all the haters. But whatever. You’re probably all jealous that Brady has a hotter wife than you, more money than you, 3 Suberbowl rings… the list goes on and on.

  11. I’m sorry, but Andy Dalton deserved it more than Luck.

    Dalton: 10-6, 62.3% complentions, 27 TD’s, 16 INT’s, 4 fumbles.

    Luck: 11-5, 54.1% completions, 23 TD’s, 18 INT’s, 10 fumbles.

  12. Can we please scrap the Pro Bowl? These guys dont have guaranteed contracts and no one would be crazy enough to risk an injury in this thing anyway

  13. The QB with the second worst completion percentage in the league among qualified passers, going to the Pro Bowl.

    If you somehow needed more proof that the Pro Bowl is a joke, there you go.

  14. Awww…Marsha, oops I mean Tommy Brady couldn’t go to the Pro Bowl because his feelings are hurt. Didn’t know that a bruised ego qualified as an acceptable NFL injury. Maybe he’s anticipating those ‘time of the month’ cramps this coming Sunday!!! Lady Brady got b%#!ch slapped by the Ravens AGAIN and isn’t going to New Orleans….so he don’t wanna go the the Pro Bowl! What a baby!!!

  15. Wouldn’t it be cool to have all pro vs all rookie and those about to retire where rookie trumps pro in selection!!
    Now that would be a game worth watching.

  16. if they don’t want to play why should we watch or even spend money on the people advertising on this t.v. show

  17. the injury in question I think is a severely bruised ego. he should go and hide after that performance Sunday night. the man played like a scared little kid instead of a franchise QB.

  18. The pro-bowl doesn’t do the NFL any favors. Why not turn the event into a skills competition? MLB home run competition is the best part of the allstar game, same for the slam dunk in the NBA, or the hardest shot in the NHL. Imagine the longest field goal, most accurate throw or fatest runner.

  19. I heard the game conflicted with a facial he and his wife and planned at the local spa. God, I wish I was him.

  20. People are bashing Brady for not going to the Pro Bowl? Wow, you guys are REALLY reaching for stuff to whine about now. He hasn’t gone in the longest and lots of players decline.

  21. Wow these bruised ego and hurt pride jokes are really lame is that really the best you can come up with?

    Brady had a bad game but you know what? He’s still a three time Super Bowl winner and one of the best of all time. Not to mention he has the most playoff wins ever. I know the trolls love to come out of hiding every time the Patriots lose a playoff game but my god it gets to the point where I believe everybody bashing him is likely to be greeting me at Wal-Mart and hating is their only escape from that.

    The Pro Bowl is worthless. Rodgers isn’t going, Brady isn’t going and why should he? Will any of you who actually hate the man watch the game since he is playing? I think not.

  22. I am a football addict: watch every game possible, watch NFLN daily, coach my sons team, play fantasy, and visit PFT every few hours, yet I have absolutely no interest in the Pro Bowl.

  23. In 7 afc championship games, “Mr Clutch” has thrown 7 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions. That doesn’t seem very “clutch” to me.

  24. jcbadger34 says:
    Jan 21, 2013 8:34 PM
    The QB with the second worst completion percentage in the league among qualified passers, going to the Pro Bowl.


    57%, 59%, 63%

    Those are the career completion %’s of Elway, Marino, and Montana.

    All these 70+ completion %’s are a product of the short dink and dunk offensive systems. Luck played in a system that threw the ball downfield. Completion %’s are going to be much lower.

    He will have a new OC next year that runs a West Coast offense. Watch his completion % magically jump to over 65%.

  25. Brady was going to be back up to Peyton Manning.
    Kind of like Tebow is to Sanchez.
    The world is right again.

  26. Good for him the pro bowl is the least watchable sporting event on tv. If he says he does not want to play he will probably be fined so, good for him.

  27. Why do they even have this game?? It’s ridiculous!! No one watches it, no one wants to play in it, so why friggen bother? Just name them to All-Pro/Pro Bowl give them their accolades, a fancy trophy and their bonus checks.


  28. Who cares. I’m not watching it anyway. This years Pro Bowl is sponsored by McDonalds, that’s how far it has fallen.

  29. I’m not going to watch this useless tripe and if enough fans do the same they will get rid of this fiasco.

  30. If I was Brady I would not want to play in the Pro Bowl either. When the long NFL season was over I would spend a month in the bedroom with Gisele, only leaving to rehydrate!

  31. Hey, NFL. Do you see it? Everyone else does. No Vets want to play in that thing. Half of the guys selected as number one or number 2 guys have said they wont play in it. Keep having it and you’ll be seeing teams back-up players getting the eventual nod. Of couyrse, you’ll have to expand the voting to include practice squad guys.

  32. They should really change the way the pro bowl is formatted if they really want people to watch. Basically its a bunch of rich guys playing backyard 2 hand touch and not worth anyones time to watch. What makes matters worse is the voting is almost rediculous with who makes it and who doesn’t (same goes for NFL MVP honestly).

    Instead of making it an “all-star” game where the stars never show up, make it interesting. Have every free agent (restricted, unrestricted and undrafted from the year prior) play in the game to try to impress teams prior to the start of free agency. The senior bowl has become a must watch for draft fans now for similar reasons and the pro bowl would have a purpose then.

  33. Classless, 3 sore losers QBs dropping out of the probowls with an undisclosed injury. Peyton manning suffered a big lost, don’t see him stopping out, he took his frustration out shooting ducks and moose.

  34. This may be the last pro bowl played, players seem to not care anymore about going. At this rate, it’s gonna be more replacements playing than the actual probowlers

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