Baltimore billboards declare Lewis retirement party delayed

That goofy Ray Lewis retirement party countdown billboard apparently had an impact on Lewis and the Ravens.  There are new billboards in Baltimore that likely won’t impact the looming 2013 rematch between the two teams.

According to the Ravens’ official website, the message is that Ray’s retirement party has been moved to February 3.

The billboard also points out that the Patriots aren’t invited.

“I was hurt when I saw a sign that actually said my retirement would [start] tonight,” Lewis told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio after Sunday’s win.  “Man can’t dictate that.  God dictates that.”

Speaking of God, I have some lingering confusion regarding God’s involvement in the outcome of sporting events, especially when the obsession with a silver trophy borders on the worship of a golden calf.  Here is a slice of Monday’s PFT Live on that topic.

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35 responses to “Baltimore billboards declare Lewis retirement party delayed

  1. God doesn’t care two bits about sports team, player, etc.

    I’m a ravens fan but the religious stuff is way off line. Like every baseball player who makes a cross over their heart before going to bat.

    There’s much larger issues then these sporting events.

  2. Love it! Poetic justice is truly awesome. The billboard by the Patriots was classless, now it just look stupid and foolish. Im sure Ray appreciated the extra motivation though! Superbowl! Cheers!

  3. I’m still waiting for the Super Bowl where after thanking god for helping them win a Super Bowl, they thank god for torpedoing the other team

  4. Ray Lewis is sooo annoying. Great player indeed but cmon man no other player does the antics and talks all the nonsense he does. He just loves to hear himself talk.

  5. When the Ravens went up to play the Broncos, they were underdogs and Ray Lewis thought it would be his last game. So, he poured it on with the showboating, the proseltising and the antics (pre-game all-about-Ray show), thinking it was his swan song.

    Then, they won and went on to play the Pats. As underdogs, he then thought THAT would be his swan song. So, the cameras were on him even thru the anthem and it was Ray Lewis, live and in color.

    After they won he was prostrate at mid field in a circle of cameras and going on and on, not about the performance of his team mates and coaches but about himself as speaker of god.

    In the weeks leading up to the Superbowl we’ll have The Ray Lewis Traveling Salvation Show but I don’t know how he can out do himself for that, and I don’t know how much the media will cover it–he’s already been over the top.

  6. Ah yes only in Baltimore can a murderer be hailed the hero…says a lot about the values in that town and its shows on the posts and what you hear chanted in the stands….oh we’ll get it over with Ray, but please don’t do a Brett on us ..once is bad enough…

  7. This Steelers fan congratulates the Ravens. I can’t speak for all Steelers fans, but I hate you two or three weeks of the year, and respect you all the time. Besides, any team that knocks the Patriots, pouty Tammy Brady, and classless Belichick out of the playoffs deserves special praise.

    I’ll be rooting for the Niners in the big game, but if the Ravens win, I’ll recognize them for what they will be–a deserving champion and a great rival.

  8. He may or may not care about the outcome of the game, but He does care about whether or not people exalt themselves.

    This applies to teams and individuals.

    I’ve seen the humble get exalted and those who exalt themselves get humbled. This happens over and over and over again in sports.

  9. For those Ravens fans who think the Patriots have no class, look no than your own ( Suggs, and Pollard)
    That being said Ravens deserved to win. Their offensive line played outstanding…they also played more physical than the Patriots did which I didn’t think would happen.
    Good luck in the SB.

  10. southpaw2k says:
    Jan 21, 2013 4:37 PM
    What a perfect way for Ravens fans to thumb their noses a little at Patriots fans. I love it.

    Except Pats fans had nothing to do with it, it was done by a radio station.

  11. Ray Lewis is neither a murderer nor a saint. He is just a darn good football player who might be one of the fortunate few who get to go out at the top.

    This Steelers fan wishes him and the rest of the Ravens good luck in New Orleans. Bring home a 4th Lombardi for the AFC North (or 8th Lombardi, if you count the ones from before there was an AFC North).

  12. I’m a Ravens fan and I get tired of his constant references to God and his influence on the outcome of these games. Why put in the time and effort if it has no effect on the outcome. How about this Ray, give your best effort in two weeks and hope it positively affects the outcome of the game. As an avid Ravens fan I have loved watching you play for sixteen seasons, so please shut up and go out in style and with some humility.

  13. And I agree with nockinon7sdoor. I love the rivalry between my Ravens and the Steelers, it’s what football is all about. The Steelers are a fabulous organization and I appreciate that their fans are as fanatic as ours. I live for those two games that we meet and play, you always see football at its best. And as much as I hate losing to the Steelers, if the Ravens don’t win it all I’d rather it be the Steelers, adds more to the rivalry. GO RAVENS!

  14. Should have had retirement forced on him in 2000, when he lied to the cops about the murders he witnessed.
    Great player, but what if it was one of your relatives that was killed? You would want Ray to help with the investigation, and if he lied about it you would want him to pay the price.

  15. As a Steeler fan, I don’t like the Ravens 365! I respect them. But I don’t like em. I did enjoy seeing the Ratbirds beat up on the New England asterisks and played the game how its supposed to be played. Good, hard hitting football. And New England has yet to win a Super Bowl without Spygate.

  16. That billboard in Mass. was done in jest, and Ray Lewis needs to stop talking about God and get a sense of humor.

    And I wouldn’t be so quick to throw religion around, if I was involved in a double murder.

    By the way, the billboard in Baltimore is just as funny as the one in Boston was.


  17. If a regular day at my job involved 300 lb guys running around at full speed crashing into me, I’d form a pretty close relationship with God too, Florio.

  18. “New England not invited” is hilarious.

    Also not invited…the families of the two people he and his pals killed 13 years ago.

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