Bill Belichick: We’re disappointed, what else do you want me to say?


Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t talk to CBS immediately after Sunday’s loss to the Ravens, but he did talk to the media afterward, and he continued emphasizing the same things: He was disappointed in losing, and he didn’t think the loss could be pinned on any one problem.

Asked to explain how disappointed he was, Belichick grew exasperated.

We’re obviously disappointed that we didn’t win,” Belichick said. “I don’t know. I said that right off the bat. We’re disappointed in the results. What else do you want me to say?”

Belichick said “disappointed” or “disappointing” seven times in his comments to the media, and that was his theme from the start.

“Obviously a disappointing end to an overall pretty positive season,” Belichick said as he first stepped to the podium. “Tonight we just didn’t do enough things well enough to win. Give the Ravens credit; they’re a good football team. They just out-played us and out-coached us tonight. They just made more plays than we did. That’s pretty much the story.”

There’s not much more to say than that.

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  1. admit to cheating,
    have the nfl vacate the SB wins,
    throw away the rings
    tell Bruchi to shut the heck up already

    and the jinx maybe removed.

    I like when the Patsies lose.

  2. From a Browns fan…Congrat’s to Baltimore fans. I for one knew they were going to the Superbowl as soon as Lewis said he was going to retire. Just like Bettis did when in Pittspuke. Now we have Harbaugh’s against each other….Tell me the NFL is not fixed!

    Just Sayin’…Go Brownies!!

  3. ANOTHER disappointing end to a season for the recent 2 time super bowl LOSING hooded sideline troll… I mean coach.

  4. The man has no social graces. Of course any man that uses s*ck my d*ck as an exclamation probably isn’t going to explain the theory of relativity anyway.

    I get it, he’s a helluva coach, blah,blah, blah. When you lead an organization such as the Pats, aren’t you be expected to do a little bit more?

  5. Well Bill you could say I’m a arrogant jerk and my quarterback is a crybaby and we haven’t won anything since we got caught cheating.

  6. There’s not much more to say than that? How about they can’t win without cheating and that the rest of the league has figured that out and that the Pats will never win another Super Bowl til after Brady and Belicheat are long gone.

  7. It’s almost worth enduring a good season by the Pats just to see them go down in flames again.

    Worst. Dynasty. Ever.

  8. Belichick lost to a GREAT team and the Patsies AREN’t very good.

    And why no penalty on Brady when that dirt ball went into his quarterback slide and then blatantly tried to kick Ed Reed in the knee as he jumped over him?

  9. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving coach and team – OK, Rex Ryan and the Jets also deserve whatever ill fortune football-wise come their way but really, what coach and team deserve more to not win their final game of the season than Belicheat and the Patsies.

  10. NE hasn’t won a super bowl since spy gate. Cheating was a big factor in their wins. Arlen Specter was onto something. Seriously though, the Gronk injury really hurt them but every team has injuries. Welker needs to move on as he is painfully slow and his hands are not what they once were. A huge drop last year and that the 3rd down drop at 13-7 was a killer. Momentum seemed to shift after that. I’m not a Pats fan but an Eagles fan who was “cheated”.

  11. If it were the other way around and Harbaugh did not come out as the losing coach, these hypocrit Boston fans would be screaming about character and sportmanship.

    Face it. Belicheck is a loser as a person. The Pats are a bunch of arogant effs like Suggs said. Enjoy the Pro Bowl!!

  12. My first thought was: “Sore loser.”

    Then I thought: “Well, what do they expect him to say that he hasn’t said before? The questions only get dumber every time they’re repeated.”

    I hate to think about this because of my respect for the mind of Bill Belichick, but he’s been with that organization in that town for some time now and maybe the well’s running dry. This was the reason Bill Walsh walked away from what was probably his most loaded 49ers roster when he decided to hang it up.

    It wasn’t right for Belichick to be the sore loser he was, but the reality is we all want him to put on a show and disguise his feelings. And there’s nothing wrong with expecting that – there’s a lot to be said about at least maintaining a sense of dignity.

    But that isn’t who Belichick is and maybe he’s getting too worn out to even pretend to try anymore.

    No doubt, Kraft will want to keep him around for a while, but I think a lot of commenters are onto something when they suggest that the glory days are behind him.

  13. I ain’t no pat fan but ya’ll can hate on bill all u want the man got 3 rings n he can coach the pats been havin some scrubby teams last several years n he keeps them n hunt

  14. The guys an idiot. How about that midfield meeting with Coach Harbaugh. Pathetic. He couldn’t get away fast enough. Disrespectful. Great job Ravens.
    Har-Bowl here we come.

  15. .

    Lost in the clown shoe posts of cameras and things that happened five years ago, is Belichick’s comment about being outplayed and outcoached.

    The outdated nonsense only detracts from the current Ravens accomplishment.


  16. Proud to be a Patriots fan. Kraft, Belichick, and Brady were beat by a better team last night. Each one of them congratulated the Ravens players, coaches, and the Ravens’ organization. Belichick already knows his teams weaknesses and he will work to improve them. One area where they can learn from the Ravens is motivation and inspiration. The OJ Brigance story would be a good place to start.

  17. We want you to not be so arrogant like your fans leading up to this week. Ravens are going to the Super Bowl, soak it up haters

  18. I hate Belichick more than most, but to say he isn’t good without cheating is just silly. They’ve been back to the Super Bowl twice, once with a perfect season. They’re in the playoffs every year.

    I would kill for a head coach that got my franchise into the playoffs every year and the Super Bowl every three years.

  19. He is a great coach who doesn’t understand his full responsibilities (i.e. represent the franchise, engage the media, etc). That’s on Kraft for not doing anything about it.

  20. you know I wonder if they would have one it all would both he and brady call it a career. Now, let me address something. And, let me but this out there I’m a Saints fan. So, all of you have the right to suggest why my point of view is the way it is. I watched the Denver game last week. And, to be honest with you the game plan for the Bronchs and the Pats on offense looked pretty much the same. I chalked up what Denver did last week to the fact that Payton has lost something on his deep throws. But, the pats did the same thing. I wonder if Brady as lost the ability to push the ball down field. And, teams are now just realizing that. The Ravens came up and pressed the Pats receivers and for the most part, unless it was a blown coverage they covered them like a blanket. Something else worries me about the Pats. When Randy Moss was there the PR department of the Pats did a pretty good job of saleing the fact that Moss was washed up. Now, he not what he once was but he sure doesn’t look washed up to me. And, to be honest with you the Pats could have used him today. Something else you might want to consider. If I’m not mistaken, a lot of the players on those Superbowl teams weren’t drated by Bill Belichick they were drafted by Bill Parcells. Now, I know he drafted Tom Brady. And, he brought in Rodney Harrison. But, the majority of those teams, or at lest the core of them weren’t his players anyway. And, by the time he arrived those players were in thier prime. Perhaps Bill Belichick isn’t that great of a talent evaluator. And, as those teams got older he didn’t do the best job of drating replacements for them. Now, there’s no doubt the man can coach. But, if Brady has lost the ability to push the ball down the field and with the lack of talent on this team, you can pretty much stick a fork in this team. And, the media is right. The dynasty is over. That being said I don’t think he one three superbowls because he cheated. I think he one them because he had some great talent on those teams when he arrived. And, when they got old it exposed a weakness in his ability to draft great players.

  21. Bilichick is right, what more does people want him to say? He congratulated the other team, said he Was our coached (which I’d giving credit to the other coach) and his players got out played ( which is giving credit to the other team) and for all the Bilichick haters on here, you can believe one thing, if he was available, you’d be begging your owner to hire him.

  22. 76-20 since 2007. NFL record during that time span. Winningest team since 2001. Record in the salary cap era. 5 Superbowl appearances. 3 rings. 7 conference title games.

    Winning that consistently brings hate. It’s why their articles are flooded with trolls after losses. I love it.

    Ravens played a better game. Look forward to the offseason.

  23. Not a Pats fan by any stretch but I do laugh at all the “Spygate” comments, slams, and nicknames. How sad are your lives that you’re so consumed with them? Bottom line is this. While we’re commenting on these boards, every guy playing for the Patriots or coaching for the Patriots is doing something we’d all trade our jobs to do. Grow up and move on. Or at least use all that energy on your own team and supporting them. Hating on someone else’s just makes you look sad, lonely, and bitter.

  24. They lost because once they got in the red zone, they couldn’t get in the endzone. No more complicated than that. What was it, five or six trips inside the 20, and one TD? That last before the two minute warning, and Brady’s throw-away fourth down pass, that may be the first time I’ve ever seen him act intimidated on the field. He could have run for the first down, but actually seemed to panic.

    Give the Ravens credit. Most people thought they were the better team last year. This year they proved it. While the Pats were more consistent in the regular season, the Ravens put it together late, and played their best football when it mattered most.

  25. “We’re disappointed in the results. What else do you want me to say?”


    How about, you are retiring ! The game will do just fine without your arrogance and cheating ways.

    I remeber Belicheat running off the field after a loss and literally knockind down a cameraman and stepping right over him….the epitome of CLASSLESS !

    Good riddance !

  26. Honestly, they have overachieved the last two years given that their defense has been pretty much rebuilt completely. They won the SB 8 years ago and only have 2 players on that team active now.

    One thing about QBs, it’s amazing how human Brady looks without a great D. The old Pats were a tough, physical defense first, who also had a great running game.

    Now they have a quick, finesse defense and an overwhelmingly pass-focused offense. It can work – Saints, Packers. But more often than not, it does not.

  27. Stop being jealous of the Pats decade of dominance. Even if they didnt win they still win make the playoffs consistently, year after year. Your Spygate knocks are old…

  28. Bill Belichick is a great coach and can come coach the Lions anytime he is ready.

    Have your team spend 50 years on the losing end of the stick and then see how you view this coach.

  29. As a Pats fan, I can honestly say the comments on these message boards bashing the Patriots only makes me enjoy how great New England is even more.

    When the Patriots lose, it seems everyone loves to rip them which I firmly believe is because they are jealous of what a great franchise they are. Even the players from teams like the Ravens are ridiculously jealous. (How else can you explain comments from Terrell Suggs and Bernard Pollard?)

    When the Pats won the 2011 AFC Champ. did they come out and start ripping the Ravens? Absolutely not! I despise teams like that. Learn how to win and lose like men! It’s incredible. Glad my Pats at least take the high road in losses (unlike that idiot Terrell Suggs) and credit the winning team.

    How often do you see the Pats come out in a win and bash the opposing team? You don’t because they have class.

  30. Belichick is the best coach that’s ever coached this game. That being said, he’s a poor loser. I don’t think he tries to be, I just think the guy likes coaching more than talking to the media, and I respect that to a point. Unfortunately, it’s part of the job description, though. As a Vikings fan, I saw a lot of similarities with Brad Childress and Belichick in the way they disrespect their players and the media. However, the difference is Belichick wins so people call it “eccentric” and let it go instead of a “jerk” like Chilly. I’m glad we have Frazier, now. He’s a much easier guy to root for. It sucks rooting for jerks.

  31. And one last thing. The Ravens definitely deserved to win that game and they should enjoy it. But I’ll tell you one firm truth which we all know, the Patriots will be right back in SB contention next year likely with some new additions to a young, slowly getting better defence. A new deep threat to add to the multiple weapons they already had and not to mention Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at the helm. If fans league-wide haven’t taken notice at how dynamic this team is, not to mention young, then I suggest you do some research. The Pats are building something great again and I can’t wait to see people’s reaction when they start winning championship after championship again.

    As for the Ravens…retiring Ray Lewis…free agent Ed Reed…free agent Joe Flacco…aging defence….

    Just sayin’

  32. As much as I can’t stand Belichick, I’ve never understood the necessity to get a reaction from a coach within minutes of seeing 12 months of work go down the drain.

    Give coaches and players some time to collect themselves and cool down a bit. The comments will be more thoughtful that way.

  33. No Pats fan here either, but as someone pointed out, the Pats are in the hunt yearly & Belichick is a big cause for that. they’ve had some average to slightly above average teams go prettt deep. As for his slight of the media? I have no issue. He doesn’t owe them any more than he aleady said.

  34. Holy cow, people! Spygate seems like it was forever ago. Let it go. If any of you truly believe the Patriots were the only team that videotaped anything, you need to get a clue. Look around the net, and you can find info and statements that others have done it before and since. Check out Jimmy Johnson’s interview on the subject.

  35. @bostoncali: Back to the east coast you chowd. Transplants such as yourself are jamming up my beautiful California (unless you’re in the service in which case thank you). The patsies are cheats and their head coach is a donkey. The chowds got what they deserved.

    From Brady trying to kick Reed, the clock “technician” getting them that extra play before the two minute warning, the “fans” leaving early and William stiffing CBS on the interview- the patriots and their fans were exposed for what they are- arrogant, bitter and petulant.

  36. On the one hand, these interviews never produce anything substantive because all coaches know how to talk without saying anything. So, you say, why make a big deal?

    Because, among other things, the NFL is what it is today due to TV broadast rights (=$) which produces the very nice lifestyle for players AND coaches. If the networks require, as one of the conditions for their very generous payments, that coaches make themselves available for a brief moment followuing the game (just like the silly sideline “interviews” at the half that never produce anything noteworthy), you comply. It’s part of the deal of being a HC.

    This reminds a lot of people what Belichick did after the Ravens-Pats game during the regular season, when he accosted the ref for the FG call running off the field (for which he was heavily fined), then instead of admitting his mistake acted like he was just trying to ask a question. This man is a very good coach, no question, but clearly he lacks common social courtesies.

  37. I don’t buy the spygate argument. But cmon Pats fans, you have to admit that Belichick has a ”special” personality that rubs a ton of people the wrong way. And we can deny that PR isn’t a coaches job until the cows come home, but it’s not true. Brady was gracious after the defeat. Bill came off as an teenager throwing a tantrum with his trite answers.

  38. Just because Bill B is smarter than you doesn’t make him a jerk. You stand and answer the never ending inane questions from reporters on things he has already answered and you would be frustrated also. He is not warm and fuzzy, but he is a damn good coach……steeler fan here.

  39. I’m a jag fan .. We are a terrible team who needs a ton of work.

    We were in the game against the pats until the 4th quarter … It’s chad Henne as our QB, and the 31st ranked D in the NFL.

    What does that tell you about Pats?

  40. “We’re disappointed in the results. What else do you want me to say?”

    Here’s an idea:

    “We played hard, we have a great group of players. To a man they worked hard all season. I’m fortunate to be the coach of this team. Thank you to the Kraft family for their support. And the fans, we have the best fans in all football. We let you down today but we’ll be back next season with a vengeance. We’ll let the sting of this subside then get right to work on next year.”

    Anyone who says that not his style he seems to forget this game is not played for him its played for the fans…who pay the bills.

  41. Belichek is one of best ever. Haters are going to cherry pick. I’m a Coughlin/giants guy that respects how good Patriots are every year. Also proud to have beaten Pats twice in SB.

  42. Look at the bitter, jealous babies here.
    I am not a Patriots fan at all but you obviously have some inferiority complex to work out. You defend your own pathetic teams and since you can’t be happy by living through them because they do not win you take comfort in someone else’s failures.
    To top it off I see the “conspiracy” theory gang is here in force too.
    If you are this paranoid about the world at your age then how screwed up are you going to be when you are 65 years old?

    The Patriots just lost a football game.
    If you want to see the real losers take a look in the mirror.

  43. “Give the Ravens credit; they’re a good football team. They just out-played us and out-coached us tonight.”

    Sounds to me like he gave the Ravens credit. Those sideline interviews usually give no meaningful information and are cliche laden anyways. Why do people get their panties in a bunch? Haters gonna hate.

  44. Bill, it’s not what else we wanted you to *say*…it’s what more we wanted you to do: at least TRY to act like a gracious loser by sitting for interviews like every other NFL coach does after losing. Are you so freaking savant-special that you’re exempt? Sorry…no. You’re not.

  45. Cue all the Ravens and their fans saying he is “classless and arrogant”. Nothing like that in any of those comments. Gave credit to the other team and said he was disappointed. The guy is a great coach. That team has been competitive for 12 years straight because of him. I would give my left nut to have my team do what they’ve done.

  46. Wow, welcome back to the trolls lol. It def sucks losing but it’s always hilarious to see the people who have nothing to say come out and tip on teams, players, and coaches when they lose. I guess that most of you just like to kick people when they are down.

    Love the spygate losers too! Sure thy havent won a SB since then but they have the hugest winning % in the NFL since then and only missed the playoffs once when Brady shredded his knee. The fact is it is tough to win a SB as one of the Harbaugh brothers will find out in two weeks. It would just be nice for once to come on here and not find all these pathetic comments from bitter fans who want to smear a great organization. I’m proud to be a Pats fan and be part of a dynasty. You guys can keep hating all you want but they are in the hunt every year and hopefully thy will bring one more home to stifle you trolls who say they suck.

    Even the greats have lost some games guys…. Elway lost 3 SBs and Montana lost 3 NFC title games. Would any of you say that they suck? Maybe Belichick is a prick but that doesn’t mean as fans everyone else should follow in suit.

  47. “I let my team down, not only in this game but in several games that we lost this year where my poor decision making and lack of preparedness to make tough decisions held us back. I didn’t earn $7.5MM this year and the appropriate pay for my performance is at best 1/3 of that amount. I therefore will be contributing $5MM to a local charity as reparations to the community that had to suffer from my own miscalculations and weak performance.”

    That’s what I want you to say, the right thing, in the interests of fairness and general appropriateness towards having accountability for one’s self.

  48. Spygate was in 2007 people. Enough already. And since when is it arrogant to NOT kiss the press’s ass? So Belichek doesn’t light up a room, who cares. You morons can rip he and Brady all day but it amazes me that that’s all you seem to be able to do post after post. It’s football, get a life.

  49. I cant even respect this guy anymore. Thank your fans, coaches, players, organization….CBS and the League who defends you and gives special treatment during cheating episodes. Something.

    Bill, you come across as a real poor sport.

  50. When you really think about it, like him or hate him, Belichick is absolutely right. What else do we or the media want him to say?

    The media has this obsession of wanting for someone to say something that they don’t want to say just to create drama and more attention to their brand. It’s so sickening.

    Think about it for a second… are the coach of a team….any team. It can be your boy’s little league team. You lose a playoff game. Would you be happy?

    He said they lost, he was disappointed in the outcome and the other team played and coached better. What else should he say? That’s the flat out truth, like it or not.

  51. I don’t see why everyone is calling him classless he gave the ravens credit. and others saying he’s dry or needs to be fired, that’s stupid as well he only get his team to the playoffs every year and some times a superbowl. That defense needs work they were getting shreaded so bad.

  52. There is nothing else to say, but as an NFL coach your supposed to give the interview, say the normal things a losing coach says and move on. No he’s not above it, but thinks he is. That’s where his arrogance comes in and why people just cannot stand him. While I’m at it Belicheck, start dressing like a coach of an NFL team and not a homeless man living under a bridge.

  53. The Pats are done as THE force in the NFL. 3 losses in 3 of the biggest games in the last 7 years, they just can’t get it done anymore with Brady and Bel. Their time was a decade ago, and they are fading, albeit slowly, into the sunset. Brady has 2 years left at most and then it’s curtains.

  54. Hate him or love him Bill can win some games and get his team to the post season. Personally i hate his guts and think hes overrated having coached with Parcells and then inheriting a great roster which he took to 3 superbowls. Then about not winning since spygate. Ya its true he hasnt won since spygate , but im a philly fan Andy hasnt won a playoff game sincr Mcnabb left either. Doesnt make it true that he couldnt win without him as we saw the following year. Same goes for bill. Spy gate may have given him his 3 superbowls but theres no denying his other 2 superbowl appearances.
    As for the Brady kick whatever have you, i hope that bum gets fined a lot of money. This guy and his owner made a bew rule because he got hurt on a legal hit, calls for penalties and demands calls. He gets them is whats worse. He was carried to 3 superbowls by his amazing defense and cant seem to win without a great D. So much for the Brady manning comparison. Atleast mannings teammates know they let him down not the other way around in big games. Hes been exposed over and over. Time for them to start thinkin about drafting a new younger guy to take over within the next 2 years.
    As for the ravens and their fans. I wish the best of luck to u and will be rooting for them to win so Ray Lewis the best defender ive ever seen in a very long time wins it as his final time.

  55. This guy reminds me of a two year old that doesnt get what he wants so he throws a tantrum n refuses to talk to anybody …grow up bill..everybody loses, called good sportsmanship

  56. amishrifle says:Jan 21, 2013 7:05 AM

    Belichick losing always makes me happy……Can’t think of a more arrogant and unlikeable coach in the NFL….

    Uhhhh, I can think of two. And they’ll be facing each other in the Super Bowl. Somebody’s head is going to explode.

  57. dowhatifeellike says: Jan 21, 2013 11:19 AM

    BB knew he was going to lose because he went to Harbaugh before the game and suggested skipping the post-game handshake! He’s even a sore loser before he loses.

    Yup, did the same to McDaniels when the Patriots lost to Denver a couple of years ago when McDaniels started out hot ha.

  58. Funny listening to alot of fans who secretly wish their teams could have half the success the Pats have had over the last decade or so.

    Love him or hate, Brady and Belichick are both first ballot HOFers who are one of the best coach/QB combos to ever play the game.

    So I suppose if it makes you feel better to whine and all, more power to ya… It’s all very amusing.

  59. Why shouldn’t he be disappointed? He said he was out-coached and the team was outplayed. What else to people want him to say? Make excuses?

    I get that people don’t like him and he’s never going to be a media darling or anything near that, but come on. And Spygate? Its been years since that. Saying someone is cheating after they’ve been punished for it and no longer do it any more is ridiculous. So is saying they haven’t won anything when they’re basically the only team that is consistently in the hunt every season. It’s hard to win the SB, ask anyone. Nobody is going to give it away. Especially when you’re taking everyone’s best shot all the time. You’re not going to win all those games.

  60. cheesewizz says: Jan 21, 2013 1:56 PM

    Funny listening to alot of fans who secretly wish their teams could have half the success the Pats have had over the last decade or so.

    Love him or hate, Brady and Belichick are both first ballot HOFers who are one of the best coach/QB combos to ever play the game.

    So I suppose if it makes you feel better to whine and all, more power to ya… It’s all very amusing.

    My team has TWICE the success that the Patriots have; without cheating. And furthermore, the Giants own the Patriots. I still hate them. What’s your comeback on this, son?

  61. It might kill him to say it, but how about a congratulations to your opponent for winning the AFC championship.

    Then maybe elaborate on how your 35 point a game offense was completely shut down to only 13 points for the game. Got to be a reason for that.

    Did Ravens surprise you with their defense or did you guys just stink up the joint?

    Oh and don’t forget to mention how the Ravens came out and played much more physical than your team.

    That should pretty much cover it.

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