Chargers fire strength and conditioning staff

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The list of changes to the San Diego Chargers coaching staff continues.

According to Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Chargers will not retain strength and conditioning coach Jeff Hurd and assistant strength coach Vernon Stephens.

Head coach Mike McCoy confirmed Monday that the Chargers will look to hire a new strength and conditioning staff.

Hurd and Stephens joined Norv Turner’s staff with the Chargers in 2007. McCoy told Gehlken the moves weren’t related to any previous injury issues the team has endured. San Diego had 17 players on injured reserve at the end of this season.

“I’ve had a plan in place for who I would hire for a staff for a long time,” McCoy said.

10 responses to “Chargers fire strength and conditioning staff

  1. Its about damm time, i have been saying this for last few year, these guys needs some more training guidance, how many pulled hamstrings can a team have in a season, and cramps, come in these are pro athletes they should know how to prepare and take care of their bodies

  2. Does anyone know if the S & C coach is correlated [correlation does not equal causation] to the amount of injuries on the team (how do you know how good/bad the coach is…unless the team has a lot of injuries)?

    But if the coach matters, the steelers BADLY need a new one. The amount of injuries on the Oline the last few years has been ridiculous.

  3. Do work McCoy. It’s clear you are a coach ready to make changes. And in order to get where we want to go. I support you 100%. I love the fact you’ve had a plan of what you wanted to do the day you got your shot. DO WORK SIR. Go Bolts

  4. They were hurt every week, but at least the players didn’t need to be bailed out. Whoever is in charge of keeping those players in line and teaching them something about life should stay. Class guys year in and year out. Very few cases of dumb arrests.

  5. standard operating procedure- the new coach almost always (deservedly so) wants to bring in his own guys at just about every spot that affects the on-the-field product

  6. I think they should hire Mr. Buzzcut from Beavis & Butthead. Wait.. maybe they just fired him?

  7. The Chargers under Norv were a finesse team. It shouldn’t be any great surprise that there were so many injuries. Strength and conditioning were probably an issue, but Norv was just as responsible for that as the strength and conditioning staff was.

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