David Akers: I was three inches from a perfect day

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San Francisco kicker David Akers led the league in missed field goals in the regular season and missed his only field goal attempt in the NFC Championship Game. But Akers says his confidence remains high heading into the Super Bowl.

Three inches to the right and I would have had a perfect game today,” Akers said after the 49ers beat the Falcons, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “All touchbacks, real deep balls so they couldn’t get returns. I felt really good going out and kicking the ball. I thought it would come in a little bit more. Again, it’s just one of those things I just keep scratching my head.”

In a sense, Akers is right: His missed 38-yard field goal bounced off the left upright, and other than that, he was perfect: You can’t do better than five touchbacks on five kickoffs, and he made his four extra points. But, really, so what? You don’t get points for being close.

And Akers has missed so many field goals that he faced questions after the game about whether he would even be the 49ers’ kicker in the Super Bowl.

“I’m here until they tell me otherwise,” Akers answered.

After a brief flirtation with Billy Cundiff, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh has said he’s sticking with Akers. But he probably won’t feel confident if the Super Bowl comes down to one last-second field goal.

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  1. Man, as an Eagles fan, I love Akers, but what the heck is going on? He started the season so well, including nailing a record-tying 63 yarder.

    The bottom line is, as many media outlets have stated, if the Super Bowl does come down to a game winning/tying field goal and Akers is the man the team has to count on, NO ONE is going to feel confident (except maybe the opposing team).

    If I were an SF fan, I’d just hope the offense can build a big enough lead so that it doesn’t come down to Akers’ leg.

  2. I feel confident he will be fine. Truth be told, i dont see either team going for a field goal. The niners will smash the line and gash the secondary for first downs. Teams dont prepare well for the things niners can do. Heres to four down playcalling!!

  3. Well, we’re stuck with him for the SB. He needs to do whatever he needs to do with those bad double-hernia surgeries he had. Hellen Keller could kick better than him at this point.

  4. Has Seattle released Ryan Longwell yet? If so, San Francisco should sign him, or someone more dependable than Akers.

    Right now, Akers is the weaklest link on this team. If the 49ers keep him, I wish him well, but I think they are taking a huge risk. He is no longer reliable, and I’d hate for the Super Bowl to come down to a 40 yard San Francisco FG attempt.

  5. I think the amount of reliance on Akers in the last few years has wore him down, he’s aso coming off an injury last year and it shows. The 63 yarder fresh off a rehab is nothing, it’s about endurance and Akers just seems to be losing it.

    But even with that he doesn’t have to answer to anybody this point in his career, all he has to do is show them his resume and walk off. I grew up watching Akers, has been nothing but a potential HOF if kickers got that respect.

  6. As an Eagles fan I can tell you Akers is a tremendous kicker 90% of the time. MOST sesns the man is automatic. However, he also has a downside in that if things aren’t just right, it could throw him off for the whole season. Once the Eagles got rid of the place holder – Koy Detmer – Akers game suffered for it. They had difficulty finding a holder that Akers felt comfortable with, and although he eventually worked through it, he was really never as ‘automatic’ as he was with Detmer as his holder.

    I still think he can be a top kicker in the league – these guys can play forever – but things sorta need to be just right for him to sustain that level of success again.

  7. Really too bad that it has come down to this. Akers very well could end up blowing the Super Bowl for San Fran. The guy looks defeated before he even hits the field. His body language tells it all. I’d bring someone else in for a two week tryout, any one but Cundiff that is.

  8. I commented earlier bout the 4 down play calling, seems with the age of the falcons it would be a wise gameplan, theyd tire out before halftime! I think thats what you want as an opposing team, its an advantage to be young!! Spoken from an old broken workhoarse like me!

    Trust in team Harbaugh!!

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