Flacco should be glad the Ravens chose not to talk contract during season

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The Baltimore Ravens stopped trying to work out a new contract with quarterback Joe Flacco before the 2012 season began.  In hindsight, Flacco should be very happy about that.

After a regular season that at times raised questions about whether the Ravens would be willing to even use the franchise or transition tag to hold Flacco in place for a sixth season, Flacco found a higher gear, with three straight games of triple digit passer ratings, a trio of wins, and road victories in duels against two of the best quarterbacks of all time:  Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

The final punctuation was an exclamation point, avoiding the necessity of late-game heroics by blowing New England off the field in the second half with a 21-0 performance in the final two quarters.

So far in the postseason, Flacco has completed 51 of 93 passes for 853 yards, with eight touchdowns and zero interceptions.  He has averaged 9.2 yards per attempt, and the cumulative passer rating is 114.7.

“I’m not going to go into the whole Joe Flacco thing,” running back Ray Rice said after the game, via J. Michael of CSNBaltimore.com.  “He’s going to deserve every penny that he’s going to ask for this offseason. It’s not the first time he’s done that at Gillette Stadium against Tom Brady.”

Win or lose in 13 days, the Ravens need to give him a deal that falls in line with the top quarterbacks in the game.  Because he has proven, despite the many doubters, that he is indeed one of them.  And he’s done it by consistently beating them.

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  1. Couldn’t be more proud of my quarterback. Glad to see Joe Flacco stepping it up among the best.

    Joe is capable of winning a shootout against the best, other QBs (Roethlisberger, Schaub) can’t. That’s what separates the best among the rest.

  2. Flacco yesterday was excellent…he really played well and took what the defense gave him (which was a lot actually). He’s been a little whiner in the past complaining about getting no respect, but he just did what he has been doing for the past five years…winning ballgames and playing solid football.

    Kudos to him and the good contract that will no doubt come with it. He’s earned it!

  3. For all the Skip Cluelesses out there saying that Flacco is not elite (which is a stupid conversation from the getgo), Flacco has shown his critics that he indeed is one of the best. Who cares what labels these blowhards put on him. The Ravens are in the Super Bowl and Flacco may be on his way to a HOF career (time will tell, of course). Then the “elite” labels bestowed upon players by the various sports pundits will look even sillier.

  4. With Ray Lewis retiring and Ed Reed not far behind him, there is a need for a new face of the organization. Flacco and hey diddle diddle are set up to be those guys.

  5. Beating Luck is one thing but flying to Denver and beating Manning then New England to beat Brady tells me that this kid has arrived. South Jersey has a QB in the bowl!

  6. With the number of teams that desperately need a QB and the paucity of first rate candidates, Flacco will get what he wants because there is no other alternative for the Ravens. If they let him go, who are they going to replace him with, Tyrod Taylor? If the Ravens win the Super Bowl, Lewis, Reed, and Birk will probably not be back. That will free up some cap room, although the list of other UFAs on the team is more than a little scary. This is not a Trent Dilfer situation.

  7. “Win or lose in 13 days, the Ravens need to give him a deal that falls in line with the top quarterbacks in the game. Because he has proven, despite the many doubters, that he is indeed one of them. And he’s done it by consistently beating them.”

    What a flippant remark. I like Joe Flacco a lot. I had plenty of time for him even when other people were questioning if he should even be starting. But he is not, I repeat NOT one of the top QBs in the game. He has had a good season, that’s all. Great even. Might even finish with a Superbowl. You may remember a guy called Cam Newton had a great season last year. As did another guy called Matthew Stafford. Neither of those are ‘one of the top quarterbacks in the game” either. Beating the top QBs does not make you a top QB. Playing at an elite level over a long period of time (more than half a season) makes you an elite QB.

    The last time the Ravens were in the Superbowl they had an average QB who did enough for the defence to win them the title. This year they have a better than average QB, but if they win the Superbowl it will be as much about guys named Rice, Suggs, Lewis, Smith, Boldin etc than it will be about Flacco. Flacco can’t win games on his own like the truly elite QBs can. He’s not Peyton Manning, even though him and his 44 other guys beat Peyton and his 44 other guys.

  8. Duels against the best QBs of all time? Really? Did Flacco play on defense or am I missing something? Did Flacco recover fumbles or make interceptions? Because I thought I watched the whole game and was pretty sure I say him on the side lines when the D was on the field, same for Brady.The Ravens DEFENSE won the duel. Flaccos throw it up and hope his receivers play some how beat the Pats. Probably alot of you missed the hope and pray throws that almost got picked off that went into double coverage. Flacco gets WAY to much time not being pressured to force those kind of throws. If he was indeed “elite”, whatever that cliched term means, then he would have been able to complete those in the wind passes right? I mean Brady didn’t have an issue with the wind. As with Trent Dilfer the last time the Ravens went to the SB, the Ravens D carried them there NOT the QB. Just like Jim McMahon, Rex Grossman and most recently Eli Manning the D carried them. Don’t be delusional about how they got to where they are.

  9. I have been frustrated by him all year, but he has really showed up in the playoffs. Sitting in the stands during the first Denver game, I could never have imagined this.

    So glad we have him and and not the choke artist Matt Ryan.

  10. Flacco seems to suffer in the “Elite QB” debate for the same reason Eli Manning does. They both project a certain low key-ness, something in their personalities that just doesn’t translate in the media.

    But the numbers don’t lie. The Ravens got hot coming down the stretch. Flacco’s real stumbling block may be a “clutch thing. He’s not as flashy as Kaepernik, but I think the Ravens/49ers Superbowl is a good match up.

  11. If he wins the Super Bowl. Ravens gonna hate not getting his contract done last summer.

    The elite qb convo is so stupid When patriots won superbowls Tom wasn’t as good as he is tday when manning won his team carried him cuz he was just average in Super Bowl. Same for Bree’s his def won it the year saints actually had a def.

    Steelers qb is horrible in the superbowls Honestly it’s a team game u just need a qb to make enough plays not to lose u the game That’s flacco

    I bet more then half the league would take flacco

  12. The organization came into the year more than willing to pay Flacco what he’d be comfortable with, but only after seeing some consistency. This issue plagued him well into the season until Bisciotti forced Harbs’ hand in getting rid of Cameron. OCs are paid a pittance compared to franchise QBs so you could afford the risk of experimenting to see whether Joe or Cam was the problem before pouring millons out. Turns out Joe wasn’t the problem. So now paying him no longer is a gamble but a sure bet.

  13. The difference between Flacco and Sanchez is that Sanchez got lucky for a minute early on in his career. Flacco has gone to the playoffs repeatedly, in spite of terrible playcalling by Cam Cameron (and I think a lot of credit should be given to Caldwell for calling some great games in these playoffs). Flacco has won more road playoff games than any QB ever. Other than beating Brady and Manning once, Sanchez doesn’t compare at all to Flacco.

    Yes, the QB plays against the defense, not the other QB, but both defenses looked pretty good yesterday, and Flacco still outplayed Brady. I’m just saying, that’s pretty impressive, because Brady is one of the best. Perhaps even more impressive is how Belichick got completely outcoached after the halftime adjustments. I expected them to win, but not by more than 3 points. Very impressed with how prepared the Ravens were for a Pats team that looked dominant the week before.

  14. I always thought Flacco was a prettt middle of the pack, right outside the top 10 of QB’s, however, he seems to get it done when it counts & for that he will be compensated heavily. I read that his agent says, “he’s top 5, maybe higher” and while that’s not true…he is going to the SB & has played very well in these playoffs.

  15. Flacco is good and deserves the money, but not elite. The Ravens are what they always have been, defense-first. He doesn’t have to be great to win games.

    Anyway–Congratulations from this Steelers fan to Flacco, the Ravens, their coaches, their organization, and their understandably jubilant fans. Any team that ousts the Invincible Patriots (and thereby arouses the wrath of Roger Goodell and ESPN) is aces in my book. I won’t be rooting for the Ravens in the Super Bowl, but if they win, I won’t be upset.

  16. to compare flacco to sanchez is insane. flacco has 5 years of playoffs under his belt with 3 afc title games and now a super bowl. and to say that the ravens are being carried by defense is equally as insane. 28 pts against new england and 38 against the broncos. 8 tds and 0 picks in the playoffs. ravens are a very balanced football team right now. o and d are peaking. comparing flacco to dilfer in 2000 makes me think you dont know too much about football. flacco is a very good qb who is getting better and will be paid very well as he should. go ravens!!

  17. Much as we despise the Ravens here in ‘The Burgh’…Joe Flacco has arrived. The Ravens hung tough, perceivered, and did what they had to do, when they had to do it. Hats off to them.

  18. He is not elite, but he does not have to be. Elite means that a defense forces you to pass and you beat them. Elite means you can take any receiver or tight end and make them great. Elite means you often change plays at the line to account for what you see the defense doing.

    The ravens have the best O-line I have seen this season. Their running game is great. Their defense is playing like the best D in the NFL. Their coaching has been truly top notch.

    He is a patient QB who has played mistake free football. He is a great QB which is all the Ravens need him to be. He is not elite.

    It’s a team sport. Stop giving too much credit to him. Put him on a terrible team and he doesn’t make them into a contender. He has played his cards well.

  19. This term elite gets thrown around so much its ridiculous. To me there are three elite quarterbacks in the league, in any particular order they are Peyton, Brady, and Rodgers.

    Just because your TEAM beat them, does not all of a sudden mean you are one of them. Those three take the talent around them and elevate them to a new level.

    Flacco has played great, but lets not get delusional about him. Plenty of these Ravens fans bashed him, now they love him. Same thing with the Giants and Eli.

  20. “And he’s done it by consistently beating them.”

    Florio – Flacco did not beat Brady… the Ravens beat the Patriots. I didn’t even see Brady play defense once last night.

    A QBs level of play can only be judged over an aggregate of games played, not a couple of games that you cherry pick because those will be outliers.

  21. Ive seen Steve Bisciotti’s Pleasure Yacht down in Annapolis. Flacco’s financial future is quite secure but just in case Flacco took offense to Baltimore’s lack of committment he can always jump on I-95 an 1 hour north and come home and QB for the Philadelphia Eagles.

  22. This is the same QB that posted the two WORST games in the nfl season, and has trouble completing over 50% of his passes.

    I may be a Flacco hater, but I see him miss WAY WAY WAY to many easy throws to be considered elite.

    and as for the HOF?!?!?! It looks like Baltimore’s crack epidemic has spread out to the city’s suburbs.

    And in no particular order

    Rodgers, Brady, Manning, Manning, Brees, Roethlisberger, Stafford, Ryan, Newton, Rivers,Kaepernick, Romo, RG3, Luck, Wilson.

    Would you really take Flaccid over any of the above mentioned QBs? Perhaps Romo, but I clearly see at least 10 QBs that are superior to Flacco.


  23. Brees got 5 year $100 milllion, 40 guaranteed
    Flacco deserves 5 year $80 million 30 guaranteed or whatever Matt Ryan gets
    If Ravens win the Superbowl Flacco will have more playoff wins than Peyton Manning.
    Flacco already has the most road playoff wins in NFL history… More than Brady, Manning and Brees combined.

  24. Steeler fan here. I hope Flacco gets a huge contract. He’s a good qb but it took him awhile to get where he is. The Ravens will find out that when you pay your qb big numbers it hurts the other facets of your game. I will be cheering for the Ravens in the SB. Do I like the Ravens, noooooooooooooo. If next year the Steelers are not contending I want the Bengals to win the SB. Do I like the Bengals? nooooooo. I am surprised that the Flacco haters have not mentioned the play of the receivers. They made some incredible catches. Now if Flacco had played behind the OL that Big Ben has had his success would be greatly hampered.

  25. I’m hoping that Balt gives him 5yr/ $100M, that would be a boat anchor for the Ravens on the cap. Rice and Pollard will cry….where is mine.

    Is Ozz that crazy?…

    The SB game alone is probably worth $15-20M for Joey F on a 5yr deal. ….you win and get the extra.

    If you look at his stats for 5 yrs thru Nov. 1st of this year he is very avg,..some pieces below. e.g 50% completion %.

    He really sits in the 10-15 slot for qb’s. …he’s hot now though. Can’t believe that Jim C. makes that much difference,…why didn’t a HC have him call plays before?

    ….the two week timebomb is ticking.

  26. Why the hell are people quoting ‘road playoff wins’ as a meaningful stat. A theoretically perfect team would have zero road playoff wins. Winning on the road in the playoff means, to some extent, you didn’t get it done in the regular season.

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