Jim Harbaugh calls facing brother is a blessing and a curse

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The fact that the Ravens and 49ers are coached by the Harbaugh brothers promises to be one of the most discussed angles to Super Bowl XLVII and 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh had his first chance to address the topic on Monday.

Harbaugh said that he hopes to answer as few questions as possible on the topic of his brother, emphasizing that the 49ers are going to prepare to face the Ravens exactly the same way that they prepare to face teams not coached by members of the Harbaugh family. He then explained why he thought it was a blessing and a curse to be in this game with his brother on the other sideline.

“(It’s) a blessing because that is my brother’s team. And also personally I played for the Ravens, have great respect for their organization, worked with (general manager) Ozzie Newsome and (former owner) Art Modell, his love and passion for the National Football League. Know many of the Baltimore Ravens players and have great respect for them and their team and I’m happy for them. Happy for us that we’ve made it to this point,” Harbaugh said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “The curse part would be the talk of two brothers playing in the Super Bowl, and what that takes away from the players that are in the game. Every moment that you’re talking about myself or John, that’s less time that the players are going to be talked about.”

The Harbaughs have some experience on this front after playing on Thanksgiving in 2011. It was a smaller stage that time, but the questions are going to be pretty much the same and both guys are sure to settle into a boilerplate answer that we’ll hear plenty of between now and the game. Boring for them and for us, perhaps, but it’s unlikely to wind up having any bearing on the game.

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  1. Notice how Jim never says the word I? He’s right though. It’s more about the players playing in the game than the Jimmy John Bowl.

  2. The brother story is a curse for all of us. We’re going to be bombarded with two weeks of lame ESPN specials about the Harbaugh brothers’ first tree house or about the field where they played their first Pop Warner game.

  3. I’m not sure how many people know about boxing heavyweights Klitschko brothers(Wladimir and Vitali). Both of them are world champions but don’t fight each other. How can you though ? You will win the belt by beating your own brother.

  4. I will watch every special i can, im limited in that regard because i only have a droid2 but, hey im a fan of smart people, that family has the genius gene, which is why i wont vote for them in office, genius bring with it certain qwerks emotionally, its fun to watch really smart people and Jim Harbaugh has got that wrapped up!

    Its almost biblical with this war of brothers thing! Its almost like they are wielding the same weapon, but Jim is younger he is definately more wise than John, he has his plan and i cant wait for game day! Whoop whoop

  5. He’s already whining about making the SB!

    John-classless – Waahhrbaugh!!!

    Line is 4.5 but it should be 14.5.

    Mavens will get crushed and the Felon, the Wife-Beater and the crybaby can have a sob-fest together

    Cant wait

  6. This is what I don’t understand about this storyline. The Harbaughs don’t want to talk about it, the media isn’t that thrilled about covering it, and fans don’t want to hear about it.

    Why bring it up at all?

  7. I’m incredibly excited about the big game, and okay with a little brother rivalry, any brother tandem should agree… But if I have to endure another 30 seconds on plumbers but from Ray as he thanks god for choosing him as the Golden Child…

    Can I ask one question? If god was into sports why isn’t the Jerusalem Nation Soccer team not 1,251-0? I don’t remember them beating Spain or France in the last few World Cups… But Ray has the touch? Heck, I enjoyed the opportunity to visit the sistine chapel, and if I remember correctly it was God and Jesus touching fingers, I truly did not see #52 on the ceiling… Just a quick observation.

  8. Oh hey everybody it’s mjkelly! Thought you’d comment on some winning teams for a change huh? Feels good don’t it?! Your constant whining and negativity are hilarious to us fans of real teams. I hope you’re enjoying your typical long offseason. Enjoy your annual top 5 draft pick in April, Clown. Lolz.

  9. I think somone’s head will explode on Feb 3 watching their little 13″ black and white and trying to process watching his obsession; two Hairbows vs. each other. Kaboom!!!

    This is one for the ages folks.

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