Jim Herrmann won’t be Eagles defensive coordinator

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Over the weekend, reports indicated that Giants linebackers coach Jim Herrmann would interview with the Eagles for their defensive coordinator job.

Herrmann did interview for the job, but he won’t be getting the position. Tom Rock of Newsday reports that Herrmann has pulled his name from consideration for the job and will return to Tom Coughlin’s staff for the 2013 season. We’ll wait to find out if the Eagles spin things as Herrmann being too big of a gamble for them to give him the job.

Herrmann has been on the Giants’ staff since 2009. He spent a few years coaching linebackers with the Jets and was an assistant coach at the University of Michigan for 20 years before moving up to the NFL. He spent the last nine of those years as the Wolverines’ defensive coordinator.

A couple of current collegiate coordinators — Todd Grantham of Georgia and Kirby Smart of Alabama — have also been mentioned as candidates for the job in Philadelphia.

11 responses to “Jim Herrmann won’t be Eagles defensive coordinator

  1. The problem is the terrible coaching staff Kelly is putting together. Shurmur as OC? That guy couldn’t coach himself down a one way street. A couple guys from his staff at Oregon with no nfl experience. It’s not heading in the right direction at all. No good nfl coach will touch that job now. Kelly will quit after 2 years, wait and watch.

  2. The same Pat Shurmer who was an Eagles coach for over seven years, overseeing the best years of Donovan McNabb’s career as QB coach, and also the best year of Sam Bradfords. No…he can’t coach himself down a one way street at all. I guess that’ why he also was deemed good enough to be a head coach.

    You can lay blame for Kelly’s staff when you have no clue how good of a coach any of them are. I never played in the NFL or for Oregon, so unless you have, it’s an unfair statement to say someone CANT coach. Only time will tell once the new season starts.

  3. baller2 the Eagles had pretty good Q.B. play under Shurmur. and he did improve the Browns they were headed in the right direction.

  4. Kelly has taken a cue from his owners: interview lots of people while advocating for a diligent, deliberate search to find “the right guy.”

    Herrmann must’ve heard something (in the interview or from the Giants) that made him decide to stay. Maybe Kelly’s approach didn’t mesh with his. Or maybe the Giants told him he has a shot to replace Fewell.

    Either way, since he wasn’t busting down the door to become the new Eagles DC, and Kelly wasn’t rolling out the welcome mat, but continuing to interivew others, Herrmann wasn’t “the right guy,” anyway.

  5. Shurmur gets a bad rap as HC and rightfully so but as other posters have alluded to he takes average QBs and makes them decent. You also have to consider the overall talent on offense on teams he has coached-not much!

  6. R u kidding? Shumur was a terrible play caller… So predictable. I’d rather have the browns staff at this point. Kelly will crash and burn. We can see the writing on the wall.

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