Josh Sitton will replace Mike Iupati in Pro Bowl


Back when the Pro Bowl rosters were announced in December, Packers center Jeff Saturday said that he wished he could give his spot on the NFC team to teammate Josh Sitton.

Such things aren’t permitted, even in the case of picks like Saturday that were mistakes by voters in the first place, but Sitton has found his way to Hawaii anyway. With the 49ers advancing to the Super Bowl on Sunday, guard Mike Iupati has to forfeit his spot in the Pro Bowl and Sitton was the highest ranking alternate.

It’s the first trip to the Pro Bowl for Sitton, who will have pleny of familiar faces welcoming him to the Aloha State. Saturday’s going to be there, obviously, and the Packers coaching staff will be in charge of things for the NFC. Two other Packers — quarterback Aaron Rodgers and linebacker Clay Matthews — will be skipping the game to heal up from the long season.

5 responses to “Josh Sitton will replace Mike Iupati in Pro Bowl

  1. Can something be done about players who replace pro bowlers being named pro bowl players?

    I don’t care what you say, Eli Manning was not a pro bowler this year. Just cuz he plays in the game, doesn’t make it so.

  2. Saturday should have declined. Even he knows his selection was a farce. Name recognition, past performance and popularity seem to be the driving factors for selection but the players are viewed as the best at their positions. It’s bunk.

  3. Although his play was down compared to the high level he’s established over the past three years, it’s still a well deserved honor for Sitton.

  4. “……….even in the case of picks like Saturday that were mistakes by voters in the first place….”

    I dont thing Saturdays selection was a mistake. He has had a remarkable career. He was given the spot out of respect for his play over the years. I cant think of a way more undeserving selections than Saturday. I say good on Jeff and hope he has a happy and healthy retirement.

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