Moss gets his second shot at a Super Bowl ring

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Last year, when Randy Moss was retired and opted to take to the Internet to declare out of the blue (moon) his desire to return to football, the notion that Moss would be competing once again for his first Super Bowl ring would have been unfathomable.

But Moss picked the 49ers, where the future Hall of Famer has become a secondary player on the brand-new NFC champion.  In 16 regular-season games (with two starts), he had only 28 catches for 434 yards and three touchdowns.  And in a pair of playoff games, Moss has five total catches for 71 yards and no scores.

Moss didn’t do much on Sunday, but the end result — a win over the top-seeded Falcons on their home field — had to go a long way toward exorcising the demons that doomed his historic rookie season, when the Falcons knocked off the top-seeded Vikings on their home field.

Now, his memories will shift to 2007, and the game that capped another historic season.  The last time Moss played in the Super Bowl (with the Patriots, who scored only 14 points against the Giants), he had put together one of the greatest seasons of all time for a receiver, with a league-record 23 touchdown receptions.  This time around, with 20 fewer touchdowns, he has perhaps his last chance to emerge with a ring.

Over the next 13 days, Raven linebacker Ray Lewis will be absorbing plenty of attention for his effort to strut into the sunset with a Super Bowl trophy, like John Elway, Jerome Bettis, and Michael Strahan.  But let’s not forget that the guy who could actually be capping his career by rubbing his butt against the Lombardi is Randy Moss.

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  1. “…rubbing his butt against the Lombardi….’

    Didn’t…need…to …have…that….image…

  2. I’m happy for Randy. Even though he used to be more of an ostentatious, diva WRs of the early 2000s (which seemed to be very popular at the time), he has matured a great deal. He doesn’t get a whole lot of looks, but he doesn’t complain (a la Jermichael Finley). He knows he’s but a cog on a team. A TEAM. And he goes with it. There’s a reason he’s still playing in the league and Terrell Owens isn’t. And it ain’t because of athleticism (TO is still a beast and could easily be the #2 on many teams) – it’s because of a team-oriented mentality and MATURITY.

  3. i was rootin for the ravens until yesterday.. ray lewis makes it so hard to root for him with his crocadile tears, and his warrior speeches and his nonsense he spews everytime a camera hits him…tom cruise is jealous of his actin…ray needs to take it down about 1000

  4. As a Vikings fan, I am looking forward to Randy finally getting his ring. Since the Vikes haven’t been able to win the big one, Its the next best thing.

  5. This is the guy that i hope gets MVP of the game!!! There a great players on the niners, but mr. Moss gave his heart to san francisco and played the way a team player does. Go get em, 2 tds for randy moss!! Recieving lol and two more rushing!! He just runs so well

  6. I think he made big catches in both of their playoff games when the 49ers needed chunk yardage to get back in the game. His four catches were pretty big. This is actually one of his most productive playoff runs. In 2007 he only had one catch in the playoffs leading up to the Superbowl if I remember correctly. His contribution in the playoffs is more in the form of matchups and downfield blocking.

  7. One thing i will say Randy Moss seems to conduct himself really well unlike a couple of other diva receivers i could mention. As a Miami fan glad to see the Ravens through although i do feel the Patriots overall are the best team in football as long as Brady is around. As for the Niners i think you guys could be on the verge of something special over the next few years and i am so impressed with Keapernick were did he come from a real find, really likeable young man. I hope you guys win but i have gut feeling the big drama queen and his Ravens will prevail this time around.

  8. Us Vikings fans can take small consolation in that a former Viking will get a ring in this game. Either Moss or Birk will get it, and I’ll be happy for either. (McKinnie, not so much.)

    And their name will be added to the long list of former Vikings and Vikings coaches that have gotten a ring before the Vikings did. (Dungy, Tomlin, Billick, etc.)

    Brad Childress is reaching for the tums right now.

  9. I’m really happy that Randy Moss is getting another chance at a championship. He’s one of the greatest wide receivers ever. He seems to have matured dramatically in the last couple of years.

    There’s been a lot of talk about Moss’ transition into a role player and how his stats haven’t as robust in the past. But if it’s actually true that his behind-the-scenes work helped other offensive players get better, then that seems to be a pretty significant accomplishment.

  10. I Like Randy. Great career and he is one of the few who learned from his football life. The Ravens are probably going to win that game. Too bad for Moss. He will have gone two times and walked away with zero rings. What is worse? Never going to the big one, or going 2 times and not winning?

    SF is going to have a hard time scoring and moving the ball against the Ravens. The Ravens Defense isnt afraid to hit the other team, and that will be the difference in this SB. Not to mention, the Ravens have turned into a potent Offensive unit.

  11. I hope he wins one. Like him or not, he’s one of the greats. All he needs to do is run wind sprints up the sideline and draw that safety over to him (like he always does) and he’s worth his weight in Niner gold.

  12. I was leery of the Moss signing initially, but you cannot deny the impact he has had on this receiving corp. Crabtree has blossomed and is a go-to WR and you can sense their admiration for Moss. Great signing…. In Harbaalke we trust!

  13. When Gore was interviewed after the game , he was asked what the halftime speech was. He said Randy got up and said a few words. That says it all. The guy has done a 180. Plus he’s good for a couple of catches a game and he blocks. Another nice piece of their offense. Hope the Niners get #6 and Randy gets #1.

  14. I’m sorry, Randy proved he was a quitter. Especially when things didn’t go his way and especially when he was on the Raiders. Win or lose, there is no excuse for a highly paid professional to quit on his routs and on his team. No quitter ever deserves to be a champion. Seriously people, how can you praise this guy? He’s a chump.

  15. dirtyjersey9er says:Jan 21, 2013 1:55 PM

    “The Ravens Defense isn’t afraid to hit the other team and that will be the difference.”

    You act like the 9ers D doesn’t have the same mentality.

    I wasnt comparing Defenses of these teams. My point is that Baltimores Defensive scheme matches up well against what the Niners are doing with Kaepernick in there. I think the Niners win if Smith were starting at QB. Kaepernick will get pounded by Suggs and Pollard. Kaepernick hasnt had success against teams with stout Ds like that. His only loss came against hard hitters. Just an observation.

    On the other side of your argument. Baltimore’s Offense has shown some finesse as of late. Isnt a fluke either. They are legit on offense, and have been for more than several weeks.

    That formula spells disaster for the Niners. Jim Harbaugh is probably scratching his head about now wondering how he can beat his brother with a weaker team.

  16. I hope Randy gets his ring. He’s a good guy and such a fantastic player.

    I wish he could have gotten one with the Pats in 2007. But now that my Pats are out, I’ll root for Moss to finally get a ring

    Wish we had signed him 😦

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