Pair of Broncos replaces pair of Patriots in Pro Bowl


After last night’s AFC title game, Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs told the Patriots to have fun at the Pro Bowl.

Two them won’t.

Guard Logan Mankins and receiver Wes Welker won’t be going to the Pro Bowl, because they are injured.  They’ll be replaced by Broncos guard Zane Beadles and Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas.

It’s the first Pro Bowl for each player.  Beadles is the third Broncos guard in team history to make it to the Pro Bowl, and Thomas is the ninth Denver receiver.

24 responses to “Pair of Broncos replaces pair of Patriots in Pro Bowl

  1. DT had one of the best years of all wide outs, and he didn’t get there anyway.

    94 receptions, 1,434 yards and 10 touchdowns.

    Decker was not far behind with:
    85 receptions, 1,064 yards and 13 touchdowns.

    And they say that Julio Jones and Roddy White are far and away better than any other receiver duo.

    Decker and Thomas had more TD’s (23 to 18), More catches (171 to 179). Jones and White had more yards (2,549 to 2,498). Don’t see where they are so much better…..

  2. At this point wouldn’t it just be easier to just name the 6 or so players not named to the pro bowl?

  3. They hurt their feelings. Belichick leads by example. Nice to see two that were beat by Ravens this week are replaced by two beaten by them last week. Takes a week for feelings to get better.

  4. Thomas is a product of one Peyton Manning. Where the hell was he before Manning? Where were the Broncos before Manning(God bless Tebow). What were DT numbers previously? Quit with the entitlement, you are starting to sound like Patriots fans.

    There are players, notably receivers who play with garbage QB’s who are head and shoulders better than this manufactured player. Stevie Johnson of the Bills for one and I’m not a Bills fan.
    The QB makes the player.Brady makes Welker, who didn’t and doesn’t deserve to be on any Pro anything team.I do love Welkers heart though.

  5. Where was DT before Manning? Oh I dont know, taking one to the house and sending the steelers home in the playoffs!! Lol DT has been solid for a couple years now other than a few injury problems.

  6. On a side note, cant believe Jeff Saturday will be playing in pro bowl when he wasnt even a starter! You would think of maybe stepping down since you dont deserve it. Cant think he needs the money.

  7. Yes manning has helped dt n decker but people remember they had tebow before that who barely threw n orton wasn’t doing anything before him.

    If u say think off top of ur head who’s better u would say falcons wr but then when u look at stats u say den wr had just as good if not better season

  8. But remember Tebow gave us a winning record and a playoff win. Peyton Manning did the first but not the second. Orton did nothing. He was a complete waste.

  9. Yes, Peyton was key in DT and Decker getting the numbers they did this year, but these guys made QBs like Tebow look mildly adequate through their own effort. Decker’s good, but Demaryius has always had exceptional physical abilities and this last year grew into a very disciplined player which you need working with Peyton. He’s always been a bit of an injury risk, but if he and Peyton stay healthy, this won’t be the last Probowl these two will be invited to. As a Broncos fan, however, I hope it’s the last one they’ll be able to attend due to Superbowl conflicts.

  10. edithpiaf51, you do realize Peyton and Eli’s playing time have no effect on each other, right? Eli plays in the NFC, whereas Peyton plays in the AFC. The AFC. As in the team that will be facing the NFC. Do you watch the nfl?

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