Ravens keeping Caldwell as coordinator beyond this year


You can’t argue with the results the Ravens have posted since elevating Jim Caldwell to offensive coordinator.

So they’ve decided to make it permanent.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said the team has agreed to a deal to keep Caldwell in the post beyond this season, and that they had also hired former Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

Caldwell replaced Cam Cameron on Dec. 10, but they’ve caught another gear since the start of the playoffs.

Harbaugh also announced Castillo will join the team immediately as a consultant, then stay on as a run-game coordinator.

Caldwell has given quarterback Joe Flacco a little more liberty since taking over, but Castillo’s presence may well remind them that Ray Rice is still on the roster, something they seemed to forget at times under Cameron.

19 responses to “Ravens keeping Caldwell as coordinator beyond this year

  1. Anyone remember a time when firing Cam and moving Caldwell into OC was putting the Ravens into panic mode? Anyone?

    Me neither.

  2. that’s good news. seeing it happen in realtime, I feared the worse in that I thought it could be a broken clavicle or a hairline fracture.

    but the AC joint makes sense too (AC joint connects the clavicle to the acromion/scapula).

  3. Jesus, Baltimore, don’t cash in now. Hockey ain’t first on anyone’s mind but it does have a tradition.
    “Don’t touch the latest tournament trophy. Touch the last.”

  4. As an Eagles fan, love seeing Castillo reunited with Harbaugh. Harbaugh is the best. Hope they hire Castillo now and give him a ring when they beat the Niners.

  5. Awesome! He’s done a great job. Flacco looks amazing. Cant wait for the superbowl, should be a great game!

  6. he done a good job so far…with a whole off season to prepare maybe he can come up with some formations to help get our recievers open and hopefully give defenses somethings more to think about.

  7. “Harbaugh also announced Castillo will join the team immediately as a consultant, then stay on as a run-game coordinator.”


    Wonders is Juan turned down any offers from Andy Reid in KC? Heck, he could have been promoted to CEO by years end there.

  8. When will people give joe credit. Saying his receivers make joe look good us just inaccurate. Job knows his receivers and he puts the ball where it needs to he in order to be caught .. ie the 3 and 13 pass to pita in Denver. Also 8 td’s 0 int

  9. themage78 says:

    Better hope the WR keep making those circus catches. Flacco isn’t very accurate.
    IIRC, it’s not how pretty the throws and catches are, it’s whether the catch is made.

  10. Win or lose the Super Bowl I really like that they brought in Castillo to help. I don’t believe it has anything to do with reminding Caldwell that Rice is on the roster. I think it has more to do with Pierce being on the roster too. Rice/Pierce can be a lethal combination if they start 1-2 punching them instead of just giving Pierce every third series or so to spell Ray. Rice seems to be better in space while Pierce is the classic downhill runner. Different style backs but this could be like when the Ravens had Jamal Lewis and Priest Holmes. I like the Ravens forward thinking on this one.

  11. Flacco gets a bad rap on his accuracy.

    The fact is that he takes far more chances downfield than just about any other QB and those types of passes naturally have a lower completion percentage.

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