Ross says AEG bid doesn’t reflect intent to move Dolphins


With Dolphins owner Stephen Ross wanting to transform his team into the Lakers of the NFL, Dolphins fans now have reason to fret about Ross moving his team to the Lakers’ neighborhood.

According to Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Ross has made a bid on AEG, the company intent on building a new pro football stadium in Los Angeles.  The development is creating concern that, if Ross isn’t able to persuade the local authorities in South Florida to help finance improvements to Sun Life Stadium, Ross could move the Dolphins to L.A.

“I have no interest at all in moving the Dolphins,” Ross told Hyde in an email, explaining that the effort to buy AEG is “strictly advancing our real estate, sports, entertainment and technology business.”

Still, there’s something odd about an owner of one NFL team trying to buy a company that wants to build a stadium that relies on an NFL team moving to L.A. in order to play there.  But Ross, like Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, would be abandoning a stadium Ross currently owns.

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  1. Come to think of it, it is pretty odd that a guy who made his billions in real estate is interested in more real estate. Definitely something fishy going on here.

  2. You do realize Ross made his money in real estate, right? Whatever you think of him as an NFL owner, I can tell you as a former tenant, he knows how to work local and state politicians and boards masterfully to make a killing on his buildings. When crack was still a huge problem in NYC, he built luxury rentals where no else would and helped turned around entire neighborhoods using mostly NYC’s money to do it. If he’s buying AEG, it’s because he knows there’s real money to be made.

  3. Smart business move by Ross. Start sniffing around in L.A. and South Florida lawmakers will surely approve his proposed stadium renovations in Miami.

  4. Have a really hard time thinking that one of the nfl’s most stories franchises would move out of market. The dolphins are not only miamis team, but they are Floridas team and have fans outside of their own state. No way they abandon their brand following.

  5. I have been a dolphins fan my entire life and seeing them leave would ruin me to be honest. I have so many great memories from that team but very very few in the last ten or more years. Because of that I could see this happening. Ross is a business man who is all about making money. The amount of money that will be discussed here will be staggering and if the browns could up and leave so could the fins, don’t be shocked if it happens.

  6. They really new to upgrade that pos Sunlife Stadium. Garbage. Come on Florida taxpayers, give the billionaire some help!

  7. Ross is a brilliant real estate businessman.

    It’s very clear that he has none of that brilliance as a sports team owner/businessman

  8. Why would anybody want to move from beautiful south Florida to LA.?


    LA = 70 and sunny. Movie and celebrity mecca

    South Florida. 90 and humid. Former 80’s drug lord wasteland.

  9. Wouldn’t that violate NFL rules, though? Ross can’t own the Dolphins and then own AEG if AEG becomes the owner of another NFL team. So that suggests that Ross would be willing to sell the Dolphins if an AEG purchase comes to pass.

    The whole thing doesn’t make a lot of sense, though.

  10. Someone, anyone… put an NFL team in Los Angeles. It is just wrong that there is not a team for that rabid fan base.

  11. sixringsofsteel says:
    Jan 21, 2013 8:24 PM
    Yeah. And Grizzly Adams had a beard.

    Grizzly Adams did have a beard.

  12. Whenever there is any story or any report from or about anybody affiliated with the Dolphins stating they are not leaving, not moving, not retiring not “anything” the name Nick Saban comes to mind.

  13. Time to get this guy out of the NFL. He doesn’t know what he’s doing with the Dolphins and there is no way the city or the league would let him move that team.

  14. The Dolphins are still a marquee NFL franchise and are absolutely not going anywhere. More likely to see the Jets move to LA to be honest

  15. I believe he’s telling the truth. If anything maybe he knows it’s an easy sale once another team is moved. He could have inside information that it will happen sooner or later. I’d have to assume that conversation has happened in the owners meetings and within circles.

    He could be killing two birds with one stone by making some money and making the NFL to rid the deal of AEG and sell the property to whichever team moves.

  16. My hope is that if he gets the AEG deal he sells the Dolphins. Moving the Dolphins would be ridiculous but Ross has always been known (in the NFL) as a guy that is obsessed with celebrity. I do not doubt for a second that he wants the glitz and glamour he thinks LA would provide.

  17. Miami Dolphins have a big fan base around the country, if there was one team that could move and not feel abandoned it would be them actually.

    That said, terrible move. Leave them in Miami, it baffles me that perhaps the richest, most profitable, and valuable league in the world is still scrapping to try and make the next dollar.

    How about investing in making the game better, or Ross how about you focus on making your team better?

  18. As a life long Phin Fan, and a current Southern California resident, BOOOOO.

    Miami Dolphins are one of the early major franchises. They were not able to break through with Dan the Man and have as of lately been really bad.

    You’d think a fan of the team would love a chance to see 8 home games in my backyard.

    You’d think. But no.

    Ross is a moron. He just needs to sell the team. The Zinga was the best NFL owner, sold to the worst. At least Jerry Jones knows something about winning.

  19. The Chargers are the team that makes the most to move to L.A.

    They don’t have a fan base whatsoever.

  20. I’ve been a fan of the Miami Dolphins for over 40 years…and I live on the West coast. That said: I would never forgive Ross if he moved the Dolphins. That kind of cynical ownership has been a black thorn in the paw of athletics as long as I can remember.

    I don’t trust Ross, and I don’t blame the fans of South Florida for not trusting him either.

    Like Hyzinga (sic?), who used public funds for his stadium…then complained about paying his taxes when he sold it…I suspect Ross has the same welfare-is-evil-unless-it’s-for-me attitude so many millionaires have. If he can’t afford to fix the stadium with his own dime, he should sell the team to a Florida based entity that can.

  21. Or maybe he moves them to Sweden or Australia. AEG has stadiums there too. I don’t ever see the NFL approving a relocation involving a historical franchise like Miami. They will stay put whether he buys this company or not.

  22. I grew up in LA while the Rams were there. I still can’t believe there’s still no team representing LA.

  23. I am not smart enough to suggest Ross has any motive in moving the Fins but the mere fact it was brought up is something called leverage. It is not as if the Dolphins deserve the team. And i am saying this as a Dolfan. It is a horrible place to have a professional team. The economy sucks. It is nothing more than a tourist destination with fan bases sparsed out nationally.

  24. Miami and LA are nothing but ghettos where losers on welfare live. Food stamp central, section 8 central. Pure trash.

  25. Ross has said he will pay for $200 million of the $400 million, so he should redo his budget and make as many changes and upgrades as he can with $200 million, no need for public funds.

  26. Ihateyoujeff, you ever been to South Florida?
    I may be wrong but I doubt it. You should stop reading the Nat’l Enquirer and basing your opinions off of that.

    LA 70 degrees and sunny? You’re lucky to see the sun for the smog. Who gives a $hit about the Hollywood scene and celebrities!!?? Anyways, if you’ve actually been to South Florida you’d know that there’s probably as many so called “celebrities” in South Florida as L.A. No state income tax on your pay. Major reason why athletes and celebrities own homes there.

  27. Maybe he’s moving the team because he’s tired of seeing empty seats in the stadium every Sunday! Can’t even give those tickets away apparently.

  28. Like the NFL would let the Miami Dolphins, the franchise of 17-0, Don Shula, Bob Griese, Larry Czonka and Dan Marino move to LA.

    It’ll be Jacksonville or San Diego, maybe even St. Louis in LA, but not the Dolphins.

  29. Hey just a memo that was along time ago and Jacksonville supports the Jaguars much better then Miami supports the Dolphins and is in a much smaller market.

  30. I don’t believe a word Ross says and I think Goodell is dumb enough to let him do it. I miss Joe Robbie and I miss his name being on the stadium.

  31. If L.A wants a football team so bad then they need to add another franchise to the league not relocate, not just that, but add a team in each division to where everyone has five.

  32. “The Dolphins are still a marquee NFL franchise and are absolutely not going anywhere. More likely to see the Jets move to LA to be honest”

    Hah. Not after they just spent what? $750 million on MetLife for a 99-year lease. Highly doubtful they move.

    I’m a Bills fan saying this. Miami makes sense with this deal frankly. True they have been a storied franchise, but so were many other teams that have moved in the past. Not saying it’s going to happen but wouldn’t be too surprising if it did.

  33. he could leave the name/history/rights/whatever of the dolphins in Miami and just rename the Los Angeles team…

    Then the Jaguars would be free to move to Miami down the road and become the new Dolphins…

  34. LA is the second largest market in the USA. Any franchise would be worth millions more in LA than in Miami. Ross is a Money man. The Dolphins are an asset only and why wouldn’t he try to make his asset grow in value. You Dolphin fans really think he would stay in Miami for the weather. Gimme a break.

  35. Miami, don’t hate us up here in Jax because we outsold you in attendance in a smaller city with a crappy 2-14 record. Jax is not the one at issue here, check that tag. When will yall ever learn, with the owner Shad Khan’s overwhelming commitments to the city of Jacksonville, the Jags aren’t going anywhere.

  36. “Like the NFL would let the Miami Dolphins, the franchise of 17-0, Don Shula, Bob Griese, Larry Czonka and Dan Marino move to LA. ”

    Tha was the thinking in Baltimore, Cleveland, Houston, St. Louis, Oakland, LA…

    The NFL doesn’t care about the fans, its about what is best for its owners to maximize their earnings. South Florida won’t pay for his stadium upgrades, well Ross can say he has tried everything to keep the team in Miami Gardens, but LA is just a business move.

  37. Miami has become like a 3rd world country. The economy in Florida is in shambles. A recent article in the Tampa Bay Times stated that while the unemployment rate in the state hovers around 8%, that the real number is estimated to be 16% because of job seekers that have completely dropped out of the job market or have given up.

    The Dolphins haven’t been a good team since Marino retired and in that time, the Bucs have won a Super Bowl and Jacksonville had many playoff trips. Florida is NOT “owned” by the Dolphins anymore.

    I was born and raised in Florida and now live in Texas. I don’t believe Florida will ever be what it once was again. That said, Ross can make a whole lot more money in California than he does in Miami, and that includes additional taxes in California vs. Florida.

    Don’t think a “historical” team can’t move. The Colts, Raiders, Browns, Rams, and Oilers all moved and some of those teams are MORE historical than the Dolphins!

  38. Has anyone seen attendance at Dolphin home games lately? You see a lot of orange and it’s not fans in orange jerseys either. Miami has always had an issue with supporting any of their pro franchises except maybe the Heat and it wasn’t too ago when they issues too. My point is the NFL will go where the money is and empty seats does not equate to that so to think they wouldn’t move is very naive.

  39. Oh come on.. LA and Miami are being played by the NFL and it’s greedy owners. LA is a pawn and Miami is being played for a new stadium.

    Why can’t LA wait in line for a new franchise like all the rest of us have had to do?
    St. Louis waited until they were hosed by the NFL (Jacksonville and Charlotte got the new franchises) so St. Louis then went and got the Rams..

  40. Ross also has a ton of property/investments in Abu Dhabi. I heard he is going to move the team abroad. The Abu Dhabi Dolphins will be the #2 mis-named team of all time, right behind the Utah Jazz.

  41. Move the Dolphins to London Ross that way i dont have to spend £1500 to fly over and watch them in Miami for the last few years. LOL. Miami is the coolest place in the world there is no way the uproot they are Gods team he wont be pleased.

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