Stabbed Falcons fan in stable condition, stabber on loose

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The Falcons fan who was stabbed in a fight after last night’s NFC Championship Game has been hospitalized and is in stable condition, while police continue to look for his attacker.

According to Atlanta’s WSB-TV, the unnamed Falcons fan was stabbed in the neck during a fight with a 49ers fan on their way out of the Georgia Dome.

“Well, one of the Falcons fans just kept talking, telling him, “You ain’t going to come here and win and nothing,’ and he hit the man, and that’s what happened.  The man went into his pocket and cut him,” witness Tony Morgan said.

Police officials said they believe they recovered the knife used in the attack, but haven’t detained the attacker.

The victim, a 35-year-old man, is recovering at Grady Hospital.

44 responses to “Stabbed Falcons fan in stable condition, stabber on loose

  1. So if the guy who was stabbed started the altercation as I’m lead to believe by this witness then he should be charged with assault and the stabber shouldn’t be as he was acting in self defense.

  2. It’s only a game for crying out loud! I’d like to ask these “fans” how much their lives really change from such an experience. In my lifetime I’ve seen just about every team win it all and finish dead last! I’ve seen my favorite college and pro teams in all sports win it all and finish as the biggest jokes in the league. How much did my life really change? It didn’t. I still had to go to work the next day, pay the same bills, and put my pants on the same way, one leg at a time!

    Fans like that not only should face criminal prosecution, but when they get out of jail should be banned from attending such events for life!

  3. Ya don’t say. Another non Philly incident and another 49er fan incident. It’s becoming a real common occurrence these last few years.

  4. this is why they need to ban alcohol, at games. people are too passionate about football, when you get these guys who think their pride is being challenged, with a head full of booze. as a niner fan i am disgusted, we are starting to get a bad rap. my buddy told me last night he would pay my way to new orleans, and i declined. i just dont like going to football games ( i actually would rather watch it on t.v. , because i like to see every play , and replay, same with baseball ) the last game i went to was a niner , charger game at qualcomm a few yeArs back, and it was rough not only did the chargers smash us, the fans were throwing trash at me , yelling at me, getting in my face as i was leaving. it was a joke. and if i hadn’t gave up drinking a few years back, i can promise you that me and at least one charger fan wouldve been going to jAil that day, probably before the game even started.

  5. So the witness says the victim told him the 49ers were not going to win AFTER the game?
    Did either watch the game and are they not smart enough to know what a final score means?

  6. His team won, he stabbed a guy and he got away with it? Who has it better? Way to go brining bay area flavor to away games.

  7. That guy is not the victim. He is the attacker according to all the data I have seen. He instigated the fight and assaulted somebody and got stabbed as a result. The police should be looking for the other guy to give him his knife back and ask if he would like to press charges. Why are knives allowed through security? If not, what the hell are the security force doing?

  8. Let’s see how Jed York tries to blame this latest incident of 49er fan violence on Raider fans. Hey Jed, at some point you just gotta look in the mirror and accept reality.

  9. How can you justify stabbing someone? Are you people really serious? Someone gets an attitude so stabbing them is considered self defense? DISGUSTING. Get off her 9er fans. You are as trashy as these fans behaved.

  10. Sound like self defense, but you are not allowed to leave the scene of a crime – as that is a crime by itself.

    The man should have waited until police got there to sort this all out and explain his position. Leaving as he did changes the entire complexity of this incident.

  11. Just because it was self defense doesnt give a reason to stab someone. Still a crime, he could have just walked away. It’s not like he was pinned down in an alley where nobody else would stop someone from chasing him.

  12. Went to a Falcons game earlier this year and the way Falcons fans acted after that game I can only imagine that this guy got what he deserved.

  13. thats what the falcon fan gets lol..had some beer muscles and got shanked prision and you learn not to be a A-hole..and fortunately or unfortunately for this guy he learned the hard way

  14. A shame that some fans just can’t act civilized, too many are instant a**holes, just add alcohol. The Falcon’s fan shouldn’t taunt or hit fans from other teams and the 49’er fan should not have settled the issue with a knife.

    Geez whatever happened to good old fist fighting? That’s the way we solved disagreements in the good old days when I was young. Now there are nothing but a bunch of cowards who carry knives and guns in public, a bunch of total wimps and sissies too afraid to bruise their little soft knuckles.

    Do we really need more security for sporting events where people should be going to have a good time? Can’t fans just act civilized and have friendly rivalries with some good natured ribbing? This latest incident speaks poorly of who we Americans are as a people and the whole world is watching.

  15. Lets make one thing clear you wanna be lawyers who think you can use the self defense option as a excuse. If someone hits you with their fist and you pull out a knife that is not self defense. You have now turned a “assault” into a aggravated assault” by pulling a knife out. If you get hit in the face with a fist then walk away or hit back with a fist. Both these guys are idiots for fighting over a game in the first place.

  16. Even if he was acting in self defense (which I believe he was if the witness is to be believed) he took knife into the stadium. That is also a crime. Overall, dude should turn himself in and face the much more minor charge.

  17. It’s official, the 49ers fans are making the Raiders fans look like choir boys these days…

    Isnt a good punch in the mouth good enough for anybody anymore?? Is a game REALLY worth all of this??

  18. Surprise, surprise – hearing of either a Raiders or Niners fan with a weapon in a stadium. Leave it to these types of morons to put a negative spin on a very good NFC Championship game.

    I wouldn’t doubt it one bit if either the Falcon or Niner fan (or both) was a gang banger. Sounds par for the course, and “You ain’t going to come here and win and nothing”? Sounds like a pretty educated individual there. Either way, STUPIDITY absolutely rules in this incident.

    If you open your uneducated mouth, and then follow it up by punching somebody, you better expect to have some consequences. Security needs to be out in larger #’s, and ultimately do a better job. Fans need to let the teams play it out on the field. Both fans are at fault here, one just got more than he bargained for. The only winner here is the hospital with the exorbitant bill they will be sending out.

  19. GA is a stand your ground state when it comes to using lethal force to defend oneself. Thus less restrictive then what has been stated here, I believe. However thus is based on one quoted witness so who know what will result from the investigation. Also, we don’t know the size of the knife nor it source (not sure if GA dome allows tailgatting) but the knife could have been a butter knife for all we know.

  20. um but they did come there and win? was this fight before the game?? LOL! They should arrest the stabbed dude for starting the fight too! If the sf fan didn’t have a knife and do something stupid and just hit him back he wouldn’t go to jail. atlanta dude started it self defense but not with a knife dude or some might say don’t even punch him back. ehhhh. that would be hard to do

  21. It’s not about ray it’s about fans and players and how they are trash and sore losers in Atlanta. The players always make comments about other players on other teams and the fans are always ignorant. They egged a team bus a few weeks back. Why you think they won’t ever get a Super Bowl. The guy provoked the fight he got what he deserved. It was self defense he punched the 49er fan first.

  22. If you open your uneducated mouth, and then follow it up by punching somebody, you better expect to have some consequences. Security needs to be out in larger #’s, and ultimately do a better job. Fans need to let the teams play it out on the field. Both fans are at fault here, one just got more than he bargained for. The only winner here is the hospital with the exorbitant bill they will be sending out.

    I agree with everything you have pointed out except the hospital bill that will probably never get paid.Due to the fact that people of this intellect are probably to stupid to have health insurance.

  23. yes I feel like you do but only the face the dude should of hit him back with his fist not a knife. that is what I think he did wrong. a knife and a fist are two different things. one doesn’t usually cause death unless they are a boxer and they have to have a megatron fist to hit someone once and hurt them like a knife to the throat I think that is where they said he got him. I believe in self defense and the atlanta dude started it I just think the weapon he used was wrong

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