Wes Welker’s wife apologizes for Ray Lewis rant


Soon-to-be free-agent receiver Wes Welker likely can remove the Ravens from his list of potential destinations.

Welker’s wife launched a Facebook tirade against Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis after Sunday’s AFC title game, in which Mrs. Welker criticizes Lewis for being “[a]cquitted for murder” and “[p]aid a family off,” via The Big Lead.

She has since apologized for her comments.  “I let the competitiveness of the game and the comments people were making about a team I dearly love get the best of me,” Welker’s wife told Larry Brown Sports.  “My actions were emotional and irrational and I sincerely apologize to Ray Lewis and anyone affected by my comment after yesterday’s game.”

It still likely won’t be enough to persuade Ray’s teammates to forgive and forget.  As Peter King pointed out last week, Ravens players were “hooting and hollering disrespect” at USA Today reporter Robert Klemko after the postseason win over the Broncos, because Klemko had dared to ask Ray Lewis about the still-unsolved double murder with evidence including the blood of one of the victims being found in his limo and Lewis telling the passengers in the limo to “keep their mouths shut” and the white suit Lewis was wearing that evening never being located and Lewis eventually pleading guilty to obstruction of justice for making misleading statements to police about the incident.

The case likely won’t be mentioned much in the days preceding the Super Bowl.  Frankly, it’s hard to say whether it should or shouldn’t be.  On one hand, it happened 13 years ago.  On the other hand, the unsolved double murder became completely forgotten in the 12 years since former Ravens tight end Shannon Sharpe offered a spirited defense of Lewis at media day prior to Super Bowl XXXV.

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  1. Well she’s in an apologizing mood maybe she should shoot one over to Gisele to apologize for Wes dropping a couple more big passes in another huge game.

  2. While the evidence pointing to Lewis about the double murder shouldn’t be forgotten, no need to mention it during the Super Bowl. It happened 13 years ago, the questions should be about this season and this game.

    However, it still shouldn’t be forgotten. You can’t ever really forget about someone potentially murdering two other people.

  3. It’s a shame she backed down. Yes, it was petty, but it was also true.

    The media treats guys like Barry Bonds, and Lance Armstrong like pariahs. In the scheme of things, all they did was cheat at sports.

    Ray Lewis, at best, likely helped somebody get away with murder, and at worst, he possibly had involvement in it.

    Yet, for some reason the media has decided Ray is some born again preacher who is beyond reproach.

  4. Ray Lewis as a great football player? Definitely. Ray Lewis as a great person? Not so much.

  5. Thank you Ms. Welker for saying what the Ravens are trying to squelch for obvious reasons!!!!!! You are right!!!!!!

  6. What’s with these Patriots’ wives? I agree with her, but some things are better left unsaid. I guess she’s never heard of the phrase, don’t sh!t where you eat”.

  7. I just do not know enough facts behind the case to comment. It is 13 years ago and if he did commit murder don’t you think with the amount of exposure the case had they would have been able to prove his guilt. I mean we have probably the best police force in the world, I figure with all of the facts with the case they could have proved his guilt. I am no one to say he is innocent but what I do know is he did not get commited with Murder and all I hear from people call him a killer.

    Leonard Little killed someone and so did Donte Stallworth. Those two players killed someone and played football the next season. Leonard Little is the lowest piece of trash in the book because even after he killed someone, he did the same mistake years later and got caught doing so but was lucky this time he did not kill someone doing so. Don’t you think someone would learn from a mistake

    Has Ray Lewis ever got into trouble since then? Of course it could never be the case he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We think he is O.J Simpson and he got away with killing two people. I think he is arrogant person on the field but he is damn good at what he does when he played. It has been thirteen years later why can we not let him celebrate his career and let it be about the game and about what he did on the field not what he allegedly did.

  8. If goodell punishes one player for just being accused – with no evidence (and therefore no charges/arrests, or anything) with a 6 game suspension, imagine what roger would have done to ray ray for being charged with murder!

  9. If the evidence had actually pointed to Ray Lewis committing a murder, the charges would have held and he would have been tried. The evidence pointed to Lewis being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people–something the legal system dealt with 13 years ago. It had no bearing on the Championship game. It has no bearing on the Super Bowl. I’d suggest people get over it and leave the man alone … but that would be as futile as reminding people the actual evidence showed Roethlisberger didn’t rape anyone. People believe what they want to believe, regardless of the evidence.

  10. Man, I understand that the Patriots aren’t used to losing, but man, can they be bigger vaginas when they do lose?

    It’s even spreading to their wives.

  11. So by that rationale I guess OJ should be back making stupid movies and standing on the sidelines with his small gloves. He wasn’t found guilty either. Time makes people forget but not everybody. Obviously ray has appeared to change his life and be a “god fearing man”. but without coming forth about what happened that night. His truth will never be the real truth

  12. And that is a real apology, not the “I’m sorry if I offended anyone” BS most people shoot out. Granted the idea of some dude being all god this and jesus that when he has 4 or whatever baby mommas out there is repulsive enough, but it’s still the less said on a public forum the better. I love Anna Welker, and she’s obviously a lot smarter and better of a person than the wife of her husband’s QB. She’s feisty but she’s always seemed to be good people (kind of like her husband). I can’t imagine going on vacation with TB and that diva he’s married to after said diva complained about my husband’s job performance a week before (after SB 46). I would have told LaGiz’s butt off (at minimum).

  13. This is from the point of view of a non-Ravens fan—seems that Ray Lewis is, at the most, guilty of obstruction of justice from that issue in Atlanta. It appears this was during the period of Ray’s life before you cut off the knuckleheads you grow up with. There was never any evidence, as I recall, tying him to the murders themselves. You can hate him or love him, but, let’s try to get the facts on what was actually known and not what haters want to accuse him of.

    Oh yeah: wives, girlfriends, brothers, cousins, etc…need to keep their mouths shut.

  14. Someone please tell Mrs. Welker it’s widely known that her husband’s team is full of known cheaters that similarly had the evidence against them quickly swept under the rug.

    And last time I checked, the word acquitted still means you were NOT found guilty.

    If Ray Lewis is guilty of anything, it’s for hiding evidence and not rolling over on his boys.

  15. Hope they get that one solved soon, wait, i did already! Ray Lewis got involved with the wrong people, they inturn got involved with other wrong people, colors flew no doubt, and some poor kids that were aware of the wrongness they were doing got killed! Plain and simple! Not enough evidence to prove guilt by either party, or money was exchanged for that evidence, either way, hope justice prevailes and concionce comes clean. Families deserve closure, and so do we.

    There good nuff for me, no need to dwell on it til the games are done!!

    Go Niners

  16. And this is the kind of guy that will be in the hall of fame? What?!?! U have horrible character but because you played for 15 years u should be allowed in????

  17. The head coach doesn’t feel like bothering to talk to the media after the game. Nobody wants to talk about Spygate. But the players’ wives just can’t seem to stop talking, even when their ill-timed remarks causes problems for their guys. Interesting.

  18. How could anyone forget that he was involved somehow, directly or indirectly, in a murder. A good football player yes. An annoying showboat, too. And let’s not forget the several (six, isn’t it?) kids with several (four?) women. How gullible football fans, indeed, all sports fans, can be when their on-field heroes are horrible human beings. I for one am mighty disappointed that we did not get to see Tony Gonzales play his last game in the Super Bowl instead of this phoney.

  19. The bitch ain’t sorry. She’s sorry her tweet got blown into the national spotlight otherwise she wouldn’t have said anything at all.
    Instead of worrying about Lewis, she needs to teach her hubby how to catch a ball. Apparently he hasn’t learned anything from last year’s well deserved lost to the Giants……..again.

  20. Why apologize if it’s true lol. As a players hes great but as a person i dislike Lewis, his dance and his over emotional post game interviews thanking God etc. I think he’s got a mild case of Tourette syndrome also.

  21. We’ll see the case solve on Cold Case TV show
    One of the witness will demand more $$ and when Ray balks, the dude spills the beans..
    Ray is leading the team in tackles in the playoffs , I think he gets busted on PEDs before any murder charges
    Wes caught 112 passes , Giselle should STF
    Would Mr. Vick please put a harness on Shannon’s mouth. ?

  22. Why isnt anyone asking about Oakley and Sweating the 2 guys who boughts knives the night before or the comments they made to Ray about “doing what they have to do”??? What about Prosecutor Paul Howard and his horrible approach to the case?? I followed this case closely I dont think he did it but he knows who did. He settled with both families and moved on. Atlanta Police and Fulton County botched the case of Oakley and Sweating who got off….

  23. first Gisele now Welker’s woman? sheeshh talk about sore losers in Foxborough. Brady & Welker need to put a muzzle on those two.

  24. Well she really dropped the ball on that one. Brandon Jacobs said it best, “stay cute and shut up.”

  25. No need to talk about Ray’s past leading up to the Superbowl. Why should the media start caring about it now?

    Two people are dead and at minimum Ray knows what happened. Worst case, he played a role.

    Ray swept it under the rug and turned in a Hall of Fame career. Not wanting to ruin a great story, fans and the media painted him as a role model.

    Two people are dead but that’s no reason to ruin a great retirement story, or a football game.

  26. Everybody apologizes the day after saying what they really feel. It’s getting as old as the use of the word “iconic.” I hate that word, and I’m not going to apologize.

  27. It’s debatable what his level of involvement actually was. But he was obviously involved. Very shameful how this has been basically ignored by the fans and the media.

  28. I was laid up in the hospital and saw large parts of that trial. The prosecutors’ case and presentation were a complete joke. Like something a 10 year old would put together. If any of you saw what I did, there is no way you could have voted guilty, even if you thought he did it.

  29. Aren’t you being more than a bit cheeky describing the murder Lewis was involved with as “unsolved”? That implies that it’s still something of an investigation.

    He pled guilty to obstruction of justice, gave evidence against his two co-defendents, and they were (unanimously and quite quickly) found not guilty on the grounds of it being self defence.

  30. For every dropped pass welker had, he’s also taken so many 1 yard screen routes for 20+ yards gains with his quickness and ellusiveness. While he might be part of the reason for the loss, he’s also a HUGE reason they are even that good and hard to defend in the first place.

  31. Well, as they say, “the truth hurts” and the truth here is exactly what Wes Welker’s wife had written. Ray Lewis is a cold blooded killer and did in fact kill those two young kids at that bar after the ravens won their super bowl. And in fact ray lewis did pay off some people to intimidate the witnesses so they testify again lewis. Like them or not, but they are the facts, period, end of sentence!

  32. since when does a person have to apologize for saying something in this country? last time I checked the constitution says freedom of speech not, politically correct speech. besides what she said was pretty much true except the being married part. ravens fans may not like it but facts are facts. because of him not cooperating his homeboys got away with murder that night and he did pay the victims family. why pay somebody if you had nothing to do with it?

  33. Two young men cut down in the prime of their lives and Ray Lewis is thick in the middle of it. He pleads guilty to obstruction of justice but no one is ever found guilty of the crime. I’d say she has nothing to apologize for, the dude knows more about two murders than he’s ever told and is certainly happy for murders to go free so long as it suits his interest. The pride of Baltimore, indeed.

  34. Welker’s wife was just saying what alot of folks in the NFL think but won’t say. Too bad she apologized.

  35. Absolutely right, it’s hard to see why anyone should bring this up. Sure he was actively involved in an unsolved double murder that he could have helped solve, but it was like 12 years ago. So it’s like it never happened. It’s not like he was hoaxed by a fake girlfriend. That would call for constant news coverage.

  36. I’m more intrigued by the children with multiple women. I didn’t know about that one.

    Hopefully Ray has his finances in order.

  37. If he had actually, you know, paid his dues for this and put it behind him then I would get not bringing it up. But that’s not what happened. If not an actual participant in the stabbing itself, he at least knows who did it, obstructed justice, covered it up, and has protected 2 murderers ever since. If the media and his teammates are going to spend the next 2 weeks praising this guy–and his character–then absolutely it’s fair game.

  38. Someone actually posted a comment telling everyone the issue of surrounding the unsolved double murder should not be forgotten, but shouldn’t be brought up in the next two weeks because it my take away from the game.


    Two people lost their lifes, but dont diminish the hype of the game and Lewis’s farewell tour by questioning him about his invovlvement.

  39. The Pats are definitely Super ARROGANT, an as for ray-ray. far to many women, far to many kids, far to “openly-religious” oh, and by the way, where is that nasty old whit suit anyway ?

  40. I don’t believe the apology, I don’t believe anyone has to pretend the Ray Ray incident didn’t happen, because it did, I think it is fair game, if Ray did nothing he should answer questions, but we know the reporter will be kicked out before he even finishes the question.

  41. The crying on camera? Seriously? A punk who is now an adult thanking “God” with alligator tears for all the wrong reasons. Good bye.

  42. What evidence are you referring to? That he lied to the police? How many people have lied to the police at one time or another? What happened to INNOCENT until proven guilty? Look at what the guy has done for his team, his family and his community since then. You got anyone up there in NE that can compare?

  43. Tough to give second chance to one who won’t come clean on his first mistake. It’s hard to remove that picture from his great football career. But we try.

  44. Did she apologize for saying he was married to four women after she found out he has never been married? Otherwise, everything she said was true.
    A real role model.

  45. A Hooters girl who married a football player. Yes, please tell us more about how to be a good role model.

  46. She said what needed to be said. No one should forget this “icon”, as everyone calls him, was involved in a murder. He paid his friends to lie and then flipped on them in court. He’s no better than any other murderer and shouldn’t be idolized like he is. This whole “found god” crap is a way for him to regain all the respect he lost when he was involved in that. Yeah he’s a great football player. But his “legacy” is permanantly tarnished after that incident.

  47. I am trying to figure out why she felt the need to apologize. she didn’t say anything that wasn’t the truth.

  48. It’s too late to apologize because your true colors are shining through! U idiot keep ur mouth shut! Nobody’s perfect in this corrupt country.

  49. There are far less fanancially stable people that escape prosecution. It may take years for the truth to come out if ever. Since then he has become a better person. I doubt that any one of you would commit a crime that would send you to jail for the rest of your life and proceed to turn yourselves in so stop with the hypocrisy. Lets just sit back and enjoy good inspired football from both teams. Just remember that your sons should look up to you and not an athlete that really has no immediate impact on their lives.

  50. Are we to be suddenly led to believe that NBC, PFT or USA Today are genuinely interested in justice for those two men 13 years later? Or is this merely about a juicy headline that’ll get anyone who doesn’t like this guy or his team to tune in and boost hits on your sites and ratings for your channels these next two weeks?

  51. is it because their is a convicted murderer (stallworth) on her husband’s team? or because she realized tom brady has more than one baby momma also?

  52. Unlike OJ, Lewis was NOT acquitted for his role in the double murders. Lewis pleaded to and was convicted of obstruction of justice charges in a double murder case. Obstruction of justice is not an insignificant conviction. Obstruction of justice can bring down a president.

    At the very minimum he admitted to preventing police from conducting the most effective investigation in the murder of two people. Imagine how PO’d you’d be if one of of your loved ones was killed and during the investigation someone being questioned about the crime destroyed evidence and persuaded others to keep quiet or change their stories about events.

    Football is a great way for fans to spend their leisure time. But some perspective during the adulation- Lewis is a piece of garbage.

  53. I don’ mind not mentioning a failed investigation, but I don’t mind mentioning the demons of a guy put up on a pedestal and questioning if he deserves to be because of them.

  54. @nepatriots128154

    “no need to mention it during the Super Bowl”

    While I will admit the Super Bowl is the world’s greatest sporting event, it does not and will never overshadow the potential death of 2 people.

    So Ray is playing in the Super Bowl, big deal to those who have lost their loved ones…the parents who lost a child…

    IF he did it…then he should pay for his crimes; regardless of what time of year it is or what game is he playing in next. Think about this…Michael Vick went to prison for dog fighting…we are talking about human beings…it needs to be worked out and the league should step in as the always do with everyone else.

  55. She should be way more concerned with the tramps in Oklahoma City, he keeps sticcking with his 5 inch, record breaker – weve all seen ya at the trip clubs Wesley. You can and should do much better….shorty

  56. Lance lying. Players cheating. Fines for a high sliding leg maybe too. But NONE OF THAT is even close to comparing to an unsolved double murder. And that (yes great) football player just keeps crying and looking up to his heaven praising his invisible god…all the while the murder he was involved in (yes he was convicted of obstruction) won’t be brought up at the biggest media day of the year? If it isn’t a topic I will be shocked.

  57. gonavybeatarmy says:
    Jan 22, 2013 8:05 AM
    Unlike OJ, Lewis was NOT acquitted for his role in the double murders. Lewis pleaded to and was convicted of obstruction of justice charges in a double murder case. Obstruction of justice is not an insignificant conviction. Obstruction of justice can bring down a president.

    At the very minimum he admitted to preventing police from conducting the most effective investigation in the murder of two people. Imagine how PO’d you’d be if one of of your loved ones was killed and during the investigation someone being questioned about the crime destroyed evidence and persuaded others to keep quiet or change their stories about events.

    Football is a great way for fans to spend their leisure time. But some perspective during the adulation- Lewis is a piece of garbage.

    5 0 Very well stated, but don’t expect many Baltimorons to agree with you. Football to them is more important than two dead people…sad very sad.. Now if it were two dead Ravens then……

  58. I hope everyone here who claims Ray Lewis was a murderer and thus shouldn’t be held on a high pedestal in the pantheon of great NFL linebackers of all time hold the same view of Lawrence Taylor.

  59. It’s amazing to me that this seems to have fallen by the way side. I know it’s been more than a decade but to me all of the evidence including the hefty sum of money Lewis paid out in civil court at the very least seems to point to the fact that he had some level of responsibility in the murders of these two people. Whether he was the actual murderer or not he definitely played his part and nothing happened to him?! No, let me correct myself: he was painted as if he was victimized and everyone celebrated the next year, threw awards his way because he overcame this tragedy. Are you kidding me?!? He became the face of an organization and that organization was more than happy to have him as their leader. He is being called a 1st ballot hall of famer when the only place his face should be is in a prison. It’s just sad that our society places such value in celebrity that so many are willing to look the other way because of what this guy can do playing a game. Don’t get me wrong, I love football and have my entire life but not enough to throw out my integrity and morality. As much as I disagree with Roger Goodell’s changes to the rules of the game, I don’t feel this would have been handled so lightly under his watch.

  60. I never seen so much hateful stuff in the world. Never understand why people like seeing others demise so bad. People act like they were there in Atlanta with him, like they were in that court room heard every piece of evidence, All yall have is hear say just like I. Media tells you one thing that could be so far from the truth and people take it and run with it. So let me get this straight if you do something once that determines your whole future. If you accidently see teen porn does that make you a pedophile, you hit a dog accidently does that make you a dog abuser. Learn to live in the now. The way people speak on his transgressions is equivalent to us African Americans complaining about slavery. We have and had other issues take place since then so why dwell on that. Dude did his time let him live his life. Funny thing is yall think yall gettin to him but if you apologizing that means you felt you were in the wrong so let the man live

  61. I’d be counting the days till this guys retirement if not for the absolute certainty that one of the networks will hire him and I’ll have to listen to him even more.
    I cannot imagine how infuriating it would be to know and love the two people killed that night. His suit never was recovered. How many people here have ever ‘lost’ a suit? If he was a journeymen player he’d be in prison, where he should be.

  62. I love how you mention Ray Lewis saying “Keep your mouths shut” but not the fact that witnesses identified Ray as the one trying to keep the peace. I didn’t know if two guys start a fight with your friends and your friends kill those guys that you’re the only one responsible and it should define you for the rest of your life. I’m sorry, I thought this was America.

  63. Maybe she needs to learn to read. Ray Lewis’ CONVICTION was for obstruction of justice in a murder case. He never went to trial for MURDER, and therefore couldn’t have been acquitted for it. Also, do she not realize that her husband’s QB has an illegitimate child that he doesn’t want anything to do with? One whose mother he left while pregnant? It’s a real shame that the Pats are such sore losers. Sportsmanship is part of the game and she couldn’t be more salty or pathetic. Remember that time the Patriots WR Donte Stallworth drove drunk and killed a man and was subsequently convicted of doing so in a court of law? Weird how she fails to mention that in her rant

    But now Ill take a pitcher of Bud and 20 hot wings. Thanks!

  64. She’ll not be pleased to learn that her comments are legally actionable. She made a reckless accusation with malicious intent. Doubt he’ll pursue it.

  65. Its an awful commentary on society that most talking heads consider Ray a “model” citizen on and off the field (Chris Berman quote after his injury) and that questioning Ray’s previous involvement with an unsolved double murder where he plead guilty to obstruction charges is considered off limits because it happened 13 years ago. The USA Today piece was spot on and any reporter worth their salt should avoid the Ray victory lap bs and focus on why he still seems to be obstructing the truth and wanting the world to believe the crime never happened. How do you think the mother’s of those boys fells ever time he is lauded for what a great person he is and how he is the poster child for the “look at me” generation of athletes. And Ray isn’t the only one out there that gets away with things he shouldn’t, he is just the only one I know of where murder is involved.

  66. Not quite sure how Raven’s fans embrace this guy the way they do…. the national media as well.
    Only 3 people alive really know what happened and they all had something to lose if they did not CYA.

  67. to all the people who want to continually criticize ray lewis. you certainly have the right to your opinion. however how many of you have honestly taken the time to look at the facts of the case. the atlanta pd and da were so sure that ray did this they let him plead to a much lesser charge. and after whatever did happen that day has ray ever been in any trouble at all. or has he turned his life around and become the unofficial godfather of the nfl. i admit his histronics can be a bit much but i also believe that he truly believes what he is saying. but look at the staggering list of players that have gotten in trouble..and then gotten in trouble again and again. ray’s name isnt on that list. he paid his restitution and paid the families. they have moved on..so should the rest of us. go ravens

  68. Wow. Those patriots really are a bunch of pansies. Brady’s old lady gets lippy after the Superbowl, Welker’s now. Looks like we know who wears the pants there. Maybe they could win something meaningful if they found real men to play ball.

  69. I know he wasn’t found guilty of murder, but he did obstruct the investigation. I found it ironic watching Mr. Discipline Roger Goodell embracing him before the game—Jonathan Vilma gets an eight-game suspension for an unproved bounty while Ray Lewis gets a bromantic hug from the Commish. And next year people will be stuck listening to Ray’s rants on NFL Countdown….glad there’s the NFL Network!

  70. Only a handful of people know what happened that night 13 yrs ago, and apparently they are good at being quiet. Did Ray get away with murder? I cannot say that. He could be completely innocent of everything except being there. However, at the least, he got away with being involved in a deadly situation, and I think most people would agree that his being a ‘Star’ helped get him out of much more serious charges being filed. Special treatment because of social status was as wrong then as it is now, but it happens every day. Sad commentary on our justice system…..

  71. How dumb are some of you idiots? Ray Lewis pleaded guitly. Was given 12 months of probation and if clean after 12 months the guilty charge was expunged from his record. So he has NOTHING on his record. The DA approached the defense to drop the charges. The defense agreed to the obstruction charge so long as it could be expunged and the DA agreed.

    So your right, unlike OJ he was not aqquitted of murder, the charges were DROPPED. You people have convicted him in your minds. I guess rights mean nothing. How about Atlanta police admitting they had no evidence.

  72. waitin’ for the in depth hit piece by SFO Chronicle on Tues of Superbowl week. So many topics, Ray Ray ratting out his accomplices or an interview with the victims family will put things in perspective. I believe in redemption, but this is the SB! Cain and Abel coaching and the media retard Ravens will make this an interesting media week – better than the game, actually.

  73. No one’s debating the facts about what she said, the issue is that she said it out of poor sportsmanship. The Ravens won and the Pats lost, end of story. If she wanted to go off and say something like that when he’s eligible for the HoF, then by all means, go right ahead and rant.

  74. It’s one thing for the media to ignore his involvement in a double murder. Its another to praise this phony profusely and to act like he is saintly and a role model.

  75. I was in Atlanta that week for work and it was a huge deal. I followed the case for months. It’s obvious that a conspiracy is in effect here. Along with the obstruction there are possible grounds for witness intimidation, tampering, etc. The investigation has languished for over a decade without justice being served. It’s blatantly clear that Lewis is involved up to his ears. Will he ever be charged and prosecuted? Doubtful. We’re talking about a HOF first ballot player. What makes me so sick to my stomach is his constant references to god and his prayers and chest pounding followed by finger pointing to the sky. He is a hypocrite of the highest degree. Behavior like this indicates he’s a sociopath. If he’s allowed to walk away unscathed from this, it will go down as one of the most hideous injustice cases and conspiracy ever perpetuated by a sports personality. Ranks right up there withM OJ’s acquittal. Madness.

  76. Killer Ray is just OJ with better PR and a media that swoons over his phony preacher man act.

  77. Please help me out here. Ray turned states evidence and testified against those who allegedly committed the murder. Ray was only charged with obstruction Of justice meaning he tried to protect those which whom he testified against. If he was actually involved in the murder he would have faced charges but he was not involved albeit knew what occurred and he got a conscience and testified. If wrong please let me know

  78. Pretty obvious something happened around Ray that he never owned up to. That’s his big failing that most people want to just ignore.

  79. ravenator says:
    Jan 22, 2013 8:39 AM
    Maybe she needs to learn to read. Ray Lewis’ CONVICTION was for obstruction of justice in a murder case. He never went to trial for MURDER, and therefore couldn’t have been acquitted for it. Also, do she not realize that her husband’s QB has an illegitimate child that he doesn’t want anything to do with? One whose mother he left while pregnant? It’s a real shame that the Pats are such sore losers. Sportsmanship is part of the game and she couldn’t be more salty or pathetic. Remember that time the Patriots WR Donte Stallworth drove drunk and killed a man and was subsequently convicted of doing so in a court of law? Weird how she fails to mention that in her rant

    But now Ill take a pitcher of Bud and 20 hot wings. Thanks!

    4 6 Didn’t know you could drink at 16 in MD…ssshh sportsmanship is not in your DNA …she did forget to mention bleach boy tho…I ll give her a call..

  80. Some losers here just want to hate. batfreight and realitycheck21 you are both lying idiots. There was no conspiracy. At the time Ray Lewis was not a firstballot HOF. He was a good player. The conspiracy was Atlanta’s DA charging Lewis trying to make a name for himself which is what the polcie believed. The polcie believed Lewis knew more then he let on but NEVER thought he did the murder. So learn some facts of the case and stop hating just to hate.

    You clearly know nothing of the case. Other then he was charged. There was no evidence to ever convict Ray Lewis and the DA approached his team about dropping charges.

  81. As far as I am concerned, she doesn’t need to apologize. She didn’t say anything most of us weren’t thinking anyways. Everything she said was the truth. Her husband should have no problem getting a job, and I wouldn’t want to see him go to the Ravens, so no harm, no foul. I for one will never cheer for the Ravens as long as Ray Lewis is a member of that team. And I am so tired of this being the Ray Lewis Farewell tour every where they go…….and his incessant crying is absurd!

  82. Dont you find it weird that your entire day revolves around responding to a post. I know you eat, sleep and breathe ravenator posts but seriously get a life

  83. Small little point Dontae Stallworth is not the face of the Pats and never was; however Don’t Stab Me Ray is face of your team…just trying to make an honest man out of a little boy’s mind …no harm in that

  84. I have tried to like Ray Lewis tough upbringing undersized all that stuff and is one of the best players ever to have graced the the league but i just don’t like the guy and i think its down to the fact he seems so false bit of a drama queen. But then again wish he played for my team.

  85. It is written in the good book, “A wise woman builds her house, but a fool plucks it down with her hands”! Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Welker need to schedule an appointment to sit down and learn from a wise woman, that is Mrs. Peyton Manning! When her husband was defeated by the Ravens, her husband brought his family into the locker room to congratulate Ray Lewis, and to wish him well on his retirement. THAT’S CLASS! Behind every good man (Peyton Manning), their is a good woman (Mrs. Peyton Manning). The Mannings are people of awesome character, class, and awesome gifts at quarterback.

  86. There is a whole lot of stupid in these comments. One would think, in the age of the internet you’d check your facts before you go on typing.

    I guess not.

  87. Can’t wait to watch “New England Wives” on reality TV. Should be fun. They call the Jets a circus, huh?

  88. i find it absolutely hilarious that most people on here determine whether or not a football player is innocent or guilty or a good or bad person based on if we like the team they play for. for instance i may be a steeler fan therefore ray lewis is a murderer. or i am a ravens fan so ben is a rapist. facts are this…charges against ray were dropped. he pled guilty to obstruction of justice served his time paid his penalties and has been a model citizen since. facts are this…ben was accused of rape and never had a charge filed and like ray never went to trial. are they good or bad people. idont know i never met them. i am a ravens fan and i can speak firsthand of all the great things that ray lewis has done for baltimore. and i am sure ben has done a lot to help the city of pittsburgh. to keep rehashing these things when we dont know the facts of these incidents makes no sense. thats the job of the legal system and both of these men have clean records. go ravens!!

  89. he takes care of his kids ,so I don’t care if he has 20 . and take your complaints to the courts. sorry tony got kicked out and sorry you didn’t get to see tom and Peyton haha sorrynotsorry

  90. ravenator cracks me up!!! Making fun of people for “living on a message board to make responses” yet that is the exact thing he is doing. Also Stallworth was not a Patriot when he killed that jogger, I believe he was a Raven!

  91. Lets be real, the money and power Ray possessed at that time had nothing to do with that case. At the most Ray saw who did it but to say he got away with murder is crazy. The legal system and society alone would have had no problem locking him up.

  92. “I wish you all could know this guy personally and look at him in a different light than the media has exploited him to be,” Sharpe said. “He admitted he made a mistake. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I said this before and I’ll say it 1,000 times. If he had not been Ray Lewis, if he had not been an All-Pro player, Ray Lewis would have never, ever been implicated.” -Shannon Sharpe
    Funny. Same can be applied to how belichick has be treated by the media after he admitted and paid the fine and a draft pick but yet, he is treated worse than someone arrested in a double murder homicide.

  93. The only thing Welkers wife should apologize for is not typing in all caps. Why the media and the NFL is licking this scumbags ass is beyond me. Hope the 49ers whip the ravens to the point of embarrassing them and as an added bonus putting Lewis out of the game. Really sick of this @#%&%#@ guy.

  94. Ray Lewis has played a hall of fame career.

    Ray Lewis is an engaging man.

    Ray Lewis is an inspiring figure.

    Ray Lewis has been a model citizen since the incident in Atlanta.

    The redemption of Ray Lewis is incomplete.

    At least until he comes clean.

    He pointedly skirts the issue during wide ranging television interviews designed to rehabilitate his image and assure his legacy.

    I think on that night he tried to be the peacemaker, who then tampered with evidence and witnesses after the fact. I think this compromised the investigation and ultimate prosecution, letting 2 killers off the hook. Lewis’ testimony on the stand left out a lot of what he saw and knows first hand.

    He saved his career and has enjoyed a story book life, with Super Bowls and Oprah wearing his jersey and appearing in Madden 2013 ads with Paul Rudd, and that is why he is so thankful to God.

    He should finally tell the truth.

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