Woody Johnson told GM applicant he didn’t want Tebow


The notion that Jets owner Woddy Johnson was driving the Tim Tebow train has become widely accepted, partly through the words that have fallen out of Johnson’s own mouth

But that’s not what Johnson told at least one of his general manager candidates, saying the unused backup quarterback was “forced” on him.

According to Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork, candidate Ted Sundquist said that during his interview with Johnson and team president Neil Glat, Johnson said acquiring Tebow wasn’t his idea.

Since it’s clear coach Rex Ryan didn’t want him, based on playing time, that leaves fired GM Mike Tannenbaum to blame. But Sundquist said Johnson told him he eventually “jumped on board,” with the idea.

“They realized it was divisive and hard on the locker room, and they wanted an exit strategy,” Sundquist said.

Well, they started the process by creating the job opening Sundquist applied for, bringing in Seattle’s John Izdik to be the next guy Johnson will blame for something that he seemed willing to take credit for before it was revealed to be foolish.

7 responses to “Woody Johnson told GM applicant he didn’t want Tebow

  1. Compare how the Jets handled the contract situation of their suspect QB with the way the Ravens did theirs. The Jets prematurely went all-in on JaMark Sanchez while the Ravens waited to see how Flacco would play.

    End result? The Jets are stuck with a bum while the pressure of performing in a contract year turned Flacco into a diamond. Woody should just sell the team to someone with a clue…

  2. Maybe it wasn’t Woody after all.

    Maybe the actual owner of the Jets, Roger Goodell, pressured them.

    It wouldn’t be the first time. Just ask Brett Favre.

  3. A trust fund baby who believes it’s an insult to his “royal” status that anyone dare suggest he pay a dime in taxes has issues taking responsibility for his actions? Never saw that coming.

  4. Jets media circus is so slow we’re now “quoting” guys that didn’t get the job on what was said in the interview yeah that’s almost believable.
    Can we focus on the crime,hookers and drugs in New Orleans for one week now instead of the Jets ??

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