2002 Raiders coaches will face inevitable questions about Tim Brown’s accusations

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More and more Raiders players are chiming in on receiver Tim Brown’s accusation regarding former coach Bill Callahan’s motivation for switching the offensive game plan two days before the start of Super Bowl XXXVII.

Eventually, members of the 2002 Raiders coaching staff will face questions about the situation.

Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan declined to address the situation at the Senior Bowl on Tuesday.  But that was before Hall of Famer Jerry Rice corroborated Brown’s views — and before Brown elaborated on them during an appearance on Tuesday’s Pro Football Talk.  (Here’s the full transcript.)  At some point, Callahan’s silence becomes almost as damning as an admission.

Other members of the 2002 Raiders staff likely can expect to face questions, sooner or later.  Senior offensive assistant Marc Trestman was hired last week to coach the Bears; per Paul Gutierrez of CSNBayArea.com, Trestman also declined comment on Tuesday.  Bears offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer served as assistant offensive line coach on Callahan’s staff, and Bears running backs coach Skip Peete was the running backs coach in Oakland.

Callahan’s staff also included an offensive assistant who was only one season removed from playing.  You may have heard of him.  His name is Jim Harbaugh.

And Jim Harbaugh will be spending a lot of time next week talking to the media, once the 49ers arrive in New Orleans.  Though he may not appreciate fielding questions about the game plan from a 10-year-old Super Bowl, it’s better than getting another question about the fact that he’s facing his brother.

72 responses to “2002 Raiders coaches will face inevitable questions about Tim Brown’s accusations

  1. Big Al will be proud Of Tim Brown. The 49ers made the Superbowl and who does Tim Brown have the whole world talking about during the weeks leading up to the Superbowl.???? The Mighty Raider Nation.

    Good work Tim Brown.

  2. It’s alright, Callahan might have had his gripes working for a meddling owner like Al Davis, but now that he works for Jerry Jones I am sure he won’t have the same kind of pressure. Good hire, perfect match with Romo.

  3. Why not get Gruden’s opinion while we’re at it… He can’t seem to get enough of himself on camera and I’m sure he’ll gladly admit that he only won because the Raiders coaches fixed the game.

    Maybe you guys can also ask Jerry Rice if this is “payback” for Callahan ending Rice’s consecutive-game reception streak in 2003 or ask Brown if this is “payback” for both Callahan and Trestman telling Brown that he needed to retire in 2003.

  4. First of all, Tim Brown’s allegation against Callahan is absurd…Second of all, none of the other coaches mentioned are accused of also being saboteurs, and should simply say ‘Tim Brown is an idiot, and I refuse to be drawn into his insanity.”

  5. These are questions that we as fans expect to get the answers to very quickly, There was alot of money that changed hands due to the magnatude of the big game, and these coaches should be put under oath immediately for their responses. Their reputations now depend on it.

  6. The sabotage stuff is just ridiculous. My theory is that Robbins went AWOL prior, and then they changed, and even THEN, IT DOESN”T MATTER. Also, I find it hard to believe that Callahan hated to be in Oakland so much given the fact that they sucked all the way to the Superbowl?!?!?! No matter what gameplan they had, the Bucs knew the play calls, that was a blowout no matter what. Guess what else, we likely would have beat about any other team pretty bad in that game. Top 5 against the run, number #1 against the pass. Statistically one of the greatest ever points allowed (12.25). The game plan didn’t matter, especially when it’s documented that we knew their offensive playcalls anyway with that defense. It’s hardly the first SuperBowl blowout. I don’t hear anyone calling sabotage in the other epic blowouts.

  7. Super Bowl Gate launched ……

    Like the Tuck Rule game the year before was not enough, now Raider fans can look forward to the two weeks of five INT replays that will be lived over and over again. While trying to deal with the decade of decadence that has followed that damn Super Bowl is not enough?

    Now we have to rip the scab off the wound that was just beginning to dry up and not get rubbed in our face constantly.

    At this time in the NFL no other team is in more need of a trip to the off season, and possibly a victory then the Oakland Raiders and there fans. The original fan nation, The Raider Nation.

  8. I am from Nebraska so I am not fond of Callahan, but this is ridiculous. Winning the Super Bowl would have meant millions of dollars for Callahan, it also would have put him is a special club consisting of fewer than 40 men.

    Callahan is a good coordinator and a very good college recruiter, but he is a lousy head coach. He was in over his head at Oakland and Nebraska; and in the Super Bowl not changing the audible signals was an unforgivable error. But he didn’t throw the game, he lost it fair and square.

  9. So let me get this straight…

    A coach who is in the biggest game of his life…

    With the possibility of earning a big pay day elsewhere if he wins…

    Throws the game on purpose for some reason or the other…

    Guess the Center freaking out the night before, making Callahan feel like he needed to mix it up to protect the sub, and Jon Gruden knowing the Raiders inside out didn’t have nothing to do with that beat down huh?

    Guess the Tampa Bay D didn’t have a say huh Tim and Jerry?


    John Lynch is laughing right now

  10. Not be sure of anything else regarding that 2002 game, but I’m sure Jim Harbaugh wasn’t involved in throwing a Super Bowl. That guy is an insane competitor (emphasis on insane). Can’t stand him, but would never believe in a million years he’d ever give less than 200 percent.

  11. The score was 20-3 at the half. If I recall this game, the raiders got beat in every phase of the game. The players still played regardless of the coaches. The BUCS DEF was dominant all year long. They gave up no 100 yd rushing games all year so if the raiders were gonna run as stated by Brown then I don’t think it would have mattered much.

  12. Bottom line is that they didnt change their audibles. Gruden knew the audibles therefor the Bucs knew what plays they were running. Thats why the defense had those TDs. Callahan blew it by not changing the verbiage.

  13. countduku says: Jan 22, 2013 8:48 PM

    “These are questions that we as fans expect to get the answers to very quickly, There was alot of money that changed hands due to the magnatude of the big game, and these coaches should be put under oath immediately for their responses. Their reputations now depend on it.”

    Seriously? I think most of us as fans know that Brown is talking out his wazoo, and wish he would just shut up.

  14. This crazy talk about Callahan. Head coaches in the NFL are the most reputable, and have the highest ethical standards, of any major pro sports.

    Signed, Bill Belichick and Sean Payton

  15. I just re-watched the Bucs/Raiders SuperBowl so I could bring you all the truth about why the Raiders lost the game….so here goes….Tampa kicked Oakland’s ass!

  16. I would be surprised if the league ever acknowledges this faux controversy as anything other than utter nonsense.

  17. I love Tim Brown but he’s crazy. Callahan did a horrible job and was out-coached badly by Gruden but there’s no way he tried to “lose” the game. Probably the worst coach to ever coach in the Super Bowl. After the Raiders he ran Nebraska into the ground. The only reason the Raiders were as good as they were was because of Rich Gannon.

  18. No chance. Ask Brian Billick about the value of winning one game in your life that matters, it’s life changing. Seriously though, I am concerned about Brown’s mental state.

  19. You guys are something else. I’m no fan of Bill Callahan, so I have no skin in this game. But for you to come out and say his silence is the equivalent of an admission is beyond irresponsible.

    We now live in a world where someone makes a statement, & it’s almost immediately posted on a blog. It’s then dissected by said blog several times. This all happens in less than a day.

    You’ve got people that probably don’t spend their time reading blog sites, because they might be, you know, actually working.

    Not saying Callahan & the staff are innocent of the accusations, but their silence in this matter is far from an admission.

    BTW – I’ve tried posting this comment twice already, but it’s been filtered out for some reason.

  20. Tim Brown doesn’t exist, he was created by Manti T’eo, then forced on Al Davis. Gregg Williams offered the imaginary Brown 10k to take Callahan out, but Belichick’s cameras were taping.

    I miss football.

  21. If the original game plan really was to run the ball, then he should have changed it. Nobody ran on the Bucs that year.

  22. I can’t wait till some naive member of the media ask’s Harbaugh about this. Then cries foul when Harbaugh summarily dismisses it, and gives the media the look of 1 thousand daggers

  23. So the Raider’s former head coach, Chuckie, knew the playbook and the signals, because he was thier former coach?

    I’m going to say this one more time ……. any coach, who faces his former head coach in a Super Bowl and DOESN’T change his game plan and signals, is a MORON who deserves to lose.

    THAT is what should be investigated.

  24. There is much more we’re not hearing here..seems there was some kind of fix in..looking forward to hearing more about this from other players/coaches..

    BTW where is Robbins? He’s out of jail right? Why don’t you track him down Florio and see if he’ll offer up a take..

    Get your popcorn ready folks this one could get interesting..

  25. So instead of relying on Tyrone Wheatley and Charlie Garner, Callahan decides to instead build the game plan around his two HOF-grade wideouts and the reigning MVP. Tampa holds them to a combined six catches (none in the first half if I recall correctly) and it is Callahan’s fault the Raiders lost?

  26. At worst they made a tactical error. Considering Robbins blew up their line by going loco that weekend, the Raiders were pretty much just doomed.

    Add to that the fact they were playing a good team coached by someone who knew all their strengths–and weaknesses–they were cooked goose the moment their plane landed.

  27. Are people still really concerned about a game that was TEN years ago!!! Stupid doesn’t describe this. No matter who wins don’t ever forget it’s an entertainment industry. Enjoy the game then get on with REAL life.

  28. jeagan1999

    Cool, I saw the same Superbowl. And I also saw a gameplan that fit directly in the hands of the Buc’s defense.

    So yes, Tampa kicked their ass. My question is this though. Don’t you find it funny that Jon Gruden simulated Gannon at the quarterback position during his practices all week leading up to the Superbowl?

    If he didn’t know what the game plan already was why spend so much time if he didn’t know for sure what those audibles were? I think he knew exactly what was gonna happen or why spend so much time on it. Buc’s players claim they spent the entire week on it. Now you hear Callahan changing gameplans at the last minute. How do you know he didn’t change it according to the Bucs gameplan? Sounds like he did to me and its not really hard to fathom.

    So I don’t understand why this seems far fetched. Its really not, in fact its easier to believe they tanked giving the evidence and the fact you saw the game.

  29. This such a stupid story. No way a coach tries to lose the SB. That’s like saying Andy Reid wanted to lose b/c his pace and clock management sucked. Come on.

  30. The only one actually covering this story is Pro Football Talk so I’m not sure its as big a deal as people are saying. “Silence almost as damning as an admission.” Oh yea right. So if someone accused you of murder and you didn’t respond because the accusation is so outlandish, that means you are admitting it?

  31. Does Callahan like to gamble? What’s the biggest bet you’ve ever won?

    With just 2 days to play & a new gameplan was Callahan just too busy to consider changing Gruden’s verbiage out of the play book?

    Is Callahan currently disgruntled and does he own semi-auto firearms?

    How would Bill Callahan compare coaching experiences with Al Davis &Jerry Jones?

    Did it never occur to Bill Callahan that Barrett Robbins might not take the news so well?

  32. Tim Brown, Jerry Rice, Charlie Garner and Jon Ritchie were there, you people were NOT…might as well stop the condescending attitude.

    Something was very, very wrong with how Callahan approached that game.

  33. Timmy must have been very upset by the “Thrown” game that Callahan and Gruden hatched…. Cause he came to “play” for the Bucs a couple of years later when he was mostly a punt return “specialist” losing 10+ yards on evry fielded punt… When he wasnt cowering in fear of the big hit…. I think Timmy and Tom Brady are in this scheme together to minimize Wes’s wifes remarks… ABSURD !!!!

  34. Jerry shulda helped timmy with the duct taping and binding of callahan. They wulda won! Jerry and tim are very close im sure so maybe he can take a hit to his persona by helping tim browns cover story, ima niner fan and when they let rice go, it was like why, for T.O.?
    they had two of the best ever WR!! Brown showed his age at the time thats why i was flabbergasted!! Rice still played well. Pay da man!!

  35. Bill Walsh and Don Shula conspired to keep Marino from ever winning a superbowl… While Jerry was on the team… Oh wait no thats right the better team won… History constantly seems to repeat itself… strange how that happens…

  36. This doesnt surprise me, just look at the playoffs this year. Funny, how this is Matt Birk’s final year and the ravens make the Super Bowl. The NFL is clearly rigged. Glad to see players speaking out……….

  37. Raider O-lineman Lincoln Kennedy brought up some very good points earlier today on a radio interview:
    Wouldn’t the time to sabotage a team be before they got to the playoffs? If he wanted the Raiders to suck, why didn’t he tank the season?
    It was the last year with only one week between conference championship games and the Superbowl. After media day and travel and such, they only had two days to prepare.
    Second-string center.
    Gruden knew their playbook.
    They had no running game all season.
    Tim Brown is a bitter man.

  38. Really?

    Before this came up when was the last time anyone thought about this game. Who cares. Tim Brown – were you under contractual obligations to not discuss this for 10 years.

    Brown was always over-rated as a player IMO. Now he is over-rated as a source.

    Enough of this poor excuse for journalism.

  39. If there is ANY truth to this, I would imagine that Al Davis asked Bill to see his game plan on Thursday night, then proceeded to flip out on the coach, and demanded that it be changed. THAT seems more likely than a man, a coach who has put in thousands of hours that season, choosing to purposefully lose a Super Bowl.

  40. Some of these comments are unreal!

    1. Ask any coach in the NFL if he would change the game plan 2 days before a game … After they answer NO.

    2. Ask any coach what would happen if a coach was dumb enough to changed a game plan 2 days before … what are the odd of winning compared to losing.

    If Callahan did change the game plan 2 days before the game …. You have your answer … So please no more stupid comments.

  41. This is an absolutely ridiculous story. Of course the Raiders didn’t throw the Super Bowl in 2003. But these incessant coverage seems to be continually glossing over the fact that the 2003 Tampa Bay team was REALLY, REALLY good. They had been on the prescience of making the Super Bowl for several years and they simply were too good to be denied that year.

    Let’s move onto something more interesting, like Ray Lewis!

  42. Right, like that coaching staff is going to admit anything. If you think about it, this wouldn’t have been such a huge topic if the media wasn’t a bunch of instigators and now this subject has gone way out hand no thanks to them.

  43. Brown has a history of making outrageous and controversial statements, so this isn’t out of character for him. And both Brown and Rice had an axe to grind with Callahan. Barrett Robbins went awol for reasons other than Brown will admit, and there has been discussion on that among Raider fans way previous to this. The biggest problem was with his replacement, Adam Treu, not being able to handle Sapp inside, which forced the Raiders to have to double-team him and leave the edge rushers one on one with the OT’s, who got beat. Combine that with Gruden knowing the calls and Gannon’s tells, and it was game over.

  44. Tampa Bay defense is getting WAY to much credit for the Super Bowl victory. Tampa its self is getting WAY to much credit. The fact is that Callahan was a clown who didn’t change any of the plays or signals or audibles. The fact is JOHN GRUDEN is the only reason Tampa bay won that Super Bowl, THE ONLY REASON!!!!

  45. I have personally spoken to the Raiders special teams coach from that SB{Bob Casullo} at a coaches clinic.I asked him what went wrong that game, and he placed the blame squarely on Head Coach Bill Callahan changeing the gameplan.

  46. I dont know it makes sense for them to throw since they had Gannon looking good with rice and brown and they did lead the league in passing but at the same time when a gameplan is suddenly changed a day or two before the big game is also very weird.
    But you can always point fingers but at the end of the day the Raiders will never get that superbowl they lost ten years ago.

  47. Can anyone vote for these guys for the hall of fame. 10 years later they are making a big deal
    out of this. Come on we are getting ready for a super bowl
    I loved Tim at one time. He just lost me.

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