Branden Albert wants to stay in K.C. and at tackle


Branden Albert is set to become a free agent in March and he said Tuesday that his representatives have spoken to new Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey about staying in Kansas City.

Albert told Danny Parkins of 610 Sports in Kansas City that he doesn’t know what the chances are that he’ll remain with the Chiefs, but made it clear that he wasn’t counting the days until he’s able to leave the team when asked if he wanted to remain with the team.

“Of course,” Albert said, via Arrowhead Pride. “I’ve been here five years, I was drafted by the Chiefs. My home is there, been living there, and Chiefs fans for the most part have been kind to me. I want to be a Chief.”

Albert was also asked if he would be willing to move to guard from left tackle, something that could conceivably come up if the Chiefs retain Albert and draft Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel with the first overall pick. It’s all hypothetical at this point, but it isn’t something Albert, who played guard in college, is willing to consider.

“I’ve worked hard to be a left tackle in this league. I’ve worked hard on my craft. from where I started to where I’m at now is a hell of a jump. I’m not a guard. Point blank,” Albert said.

Albert’s not the best tackle in the game, but he’s a good pass blocker and would surely get a sizable offer to play the position from someone if the Chiefs decide not to meet his asking price. They could franchise him to keep that from happening, but they’d be paying him left tackle money and dealing with possible discontent if they did that with the intention of kicking him inside.

8 responses to “Branden Albert wants to stay in K.C. and at tackle

  1. 1st Dwayne Bowe then Branden Albert.

    I think the players within Kansas City see that the roster has a lot of talent.

    With that said, if Andy Reid cant find the right QB to bring it all together it will just be the same story as last yr.

    Charles has good yr, defense holds tough till turnovers kill them, team loses.

    Have to fix the most glaring problem.

    Reid & Dorsey were both good moves in the right direction.

  2. Chiefs fans would love to have you back B.A.!! Good player, underrated and shouldn’t have to listen to all this chatter about being a guard. Pay the man and use Donald Stephenson as quality depth!

  3. First the Chiefs need to figure Bowes contract, hes been a great pro, besides a few drops and he cant keep his pants up at times. But the new qb will need a target like Bowe. As for Albert he is good, and I understand keeping him, but at the same time he will make twice the money of Joeckel in half the time so if we are not taking a qb at #1 which is how it seems Dorsey will go about it, which means we take Joeckel and Albert is gone. And six kickers were tagged last yr and if anyone deserves to stick around its Colquitt, he did a hell of a job last yr. So I know Reid will find a qb at 34 or in FA or he will get Cassel back to 2010 status, but Albert isnt the one we need to worry about, we will have Joeckel on the cheap. Go Chiefs…the new crew will get it right!

  4. The only knock you can find on Joeckel is hes not mean enough, everything else they say he is near flawless. Im guessing in his first nfl scrum hell get his junk grabbed or a finger broke and he will be mean.

  5. Yes big Albert is good. And should be paid. But this is a new era in KC now. The O-line needs fixing n he can help (and save yrs on his career) by moving to guard. A new Athletic beast @LT and Albert @ guard will make that Left side awesome. What’s wrong with playing guard? He’ll limit having to try to push that DE all the time, and limit his false start penalties by being closer the QB. A good pro can do what’s best for the team. And this team needs to start with some good(great ) stability. If not, the team will find that player who’s willing to sacrifice for the good of the team.

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