Chip Kelly contract worth $32.5 million

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Chip Kelly had turned down the NFL before, he had even turned down the Philadelphia Eagles once as well, but the contract extended to the former Oregon head coach last week was a big factor in getting Kelly to do an about face and accept the Eagles offer.

According to Adam Schefter of, Kelly’s contract will pay him $32.5 million over five years. Per Schefter, the contract was a key factor in Kelly’s decision after initially electing to remain with Oregon.

Kelly was hired by the Eagles last Wednesday over new Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley.

34 responses to “Chip Kelly contract worth $32.5 million

  1. $6.5 million a year, and all guaranteed? Why didn’t I major in being an NFL coach again?

  2. Great, the NFC East, home of the gimmick least until the competition committee comes to it’s senses and passes a rule stating that if the Qb acts like he still has the ball, then he can be hit as if he has the ball. Line up and play pro style football.

  3. You all are a bit late with this since it’s been reported the last several days. You also omitted the fact it has a buyout clause to discourage him from going back to college before his contract is completed or he’s fired.

  4. Over $6 million per year to a “pig in a poke” coach is a lot of money. BUT…if you are desparate…that’s your only choice.

    Only problem is that Philadelphia has no quarterback…and that’s a BIG problem.
    Maybe McNabb will come back to the Iggles…I think he ONLY weighs about 260 now after eating all that Campbell chunky soup.

  5. Hoping the Chip hiring is going to work. He sounds like he has some innovative ideas, and they work out great. I originally wanted the Eagles to hire Gus Bradley, and was disappointed they didn’t, and if you look at his appointment interview with the Jaguars, it looked like he was a little disappointed as well when the question was brought forward. I’ll of course be rooting for the Eagles with Chip Kelly at the helm, but I’ll also be keeping an eye out for the Jaguars for them to be doing well also. Two young coaches that show plenty of promise.

  6. He’s making more in the NFL than Nick Saban is at Alabama. If anyone is wondering, this is why rumors circulate about college coaches wanting to come to the NFL.

    Would you rather make 6 million or 3 (a lot of very very good college coaches make less than 3)?

    Basically Chip Kelly could have won numerous national championships and not been paid like that.

  7. Wow that kinda change would make me leave whatever I was doing to. Good for him. Hope president Obama doesn’t start campaigning for him and every other sports figure making huge money to give it all back to the government so he can pay for all the social justice programs he has started.

  8. Big money plus NCAA sanctions equals new Eagles coach. Eagles better surround him with a good staff. I think they overpaid for a coach in a somewhat weak pool of applicants.

  9. Much better than the $8 million/year it was rumored to be. Win or lose, at least it’s interesting this offseason. For the first time in 14 years, Eagles fans (and opposing defenses) don’t know what to expect.

  10. “The lucrative deal, which is worth $6.5 million annually, was a crucial factor in Kelly’s decision to join the Eagles after originally deciding to remain at Oregon, according to the source.”
    i love source! source told me that he was pulling ***t out of his rear end.

  11. That contract will be even better when he’s sitting at home for two years collecting it after he has been fired. Chip and his agent are laughing all the way to the bank.

  12. Wow. 32.5 Million for a guy who has never coached i the NFL on any level. Looks like Steve Spurrier #2. The Eagles should will relive what the Redskins went through with Spurrier. A Hot Shot coach who won;t be able to handle the NFL level. Kelly will be back in college coaching in 3 years.

  13. Gotta love all the crystal ball users here. “He’ll be back at college in 2 years!!”.
    Tell me the lottery numbers while you’re at it.

  14. For those of you who think that this was all about $ – Chip Kelly only had 2 pieces of furniture in his mansion in Oregon – A bed, a couch in the living room, and 1 television. Sound like a guy who is home a lot? Also, he’s never been married. He eats, sleeps, and breaths football. That’s one thing you have to like about your coach – he’s married to the game.

    I hate to agree with Tony Dungy, but I think he nailed it – this decision came about when Kelly saw Kaepernick having success these past few weeks.

  15. What is for sure is that he has all the money he needs to buy chips…….oh, and furniture……Actually being married might be better for him. Everybody needs a squeeze.

  16. This ranks him at the bottom of the top 10 highest paid coaches in the NFL, so if it doesn’t pan out, it’s not a total loss.

    If it’s looking like the Eagles struck gold, then this will give Kelly the advantage to redo the deal.

    So far during Lurie’s tenure as owner, he’s done pretty well. Rhodes (1st coach selected by Lurie) got him back in the playoffs. Reid (2nd coach) got him to the Super Bowl.

    Lurie’s been on point for bringing successful assistants/coordinators and trying them out as head coaches. I’m banking on that he didn’t miss out on Gus Bradley.

  17. It takes time to turn a franchise around. It took 3 years for Pete Carroll. Jeff Fisher went 7-8 and he gets paid 8 million. Thank goodness Chip is in a situation where the fans are understanding.

  18. See kids, if you cheat like Chip Kelly did at Oregon, you too can be a multimillionaire!! Eagles still gonna have the same number of super bowls that they’ve always had!

  19. The old saying is that defense wins championships. The second part of that saying that never gets quoted is that offense wins big freaking contracts.

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