Cowboys’ Jay Ratliff arrested for drunk driving

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Last month, Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent was arrested for intoxication manslaughter in the death of his friend and teammate Jerry Brown. That was apparently not enough of a deterrent to keep another Cowboys defensive tackle from driving drunk.

Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated after crashing his pickup truck into an 18-wheeler in Grapevine, Texas, reports.

Ratliff was arrested on Tuesday and has paid his bond and been released. He was not injured and neither was the driver of the 18-wheeler. According to WFAA, Ratliff refused a breathalyzer test but appeared to be drunk, and officers brought him to a police station where blood was drawn.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who had a heated exchange with Ratliff in December, spoke favorably about Ratliff when asked about that incident by reporters at Senior Bowl practices today.

“As far as I’m concerned, he is outstanding, he has given everything he’s ever had to the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones said of Ratliff.

Jones apparently didn’t know that just hours earlier, Ratliff had been in jail, accused of driving drunk.

58 responses to “Cowboys’ Jay Ratliff arrested for drunk driving

  1. Maybe he won’t get suspended by the league, but needs to be suspended by the Cowboys. You can’t have something like this happen after you had a player die in a drunk driving accident caused by another one of your players.

  2. Cut him now. See ya, idiot.

    Ratliff’s days were numbered anyway. His best days are gone. He won’t hold up in 4-3 anyway.

  3. Wow. I’m an embarrassed Cowboys fan right now.

    You’ve gotta be kidding me. Well, Rat, what little chance you had of being with the Cowboys in 2013 is now destroyed. Congratulations. Hope you’re proud.

    You’d think after what happened to Josh and Jerry, you’d know better. Great attempt at being a leader there, big guy… what’s even worse is Brent was one of your BEST FRIENDS and you couldn’t even learn a lesson from him… nor be a mature adult. You’re at least 10 years older than him and you still couldn’t do the adult thing.

    I’ve been saying for years that the NFL needs to join together with the owners and make a great attempt at holding players accountable for their actions.

    For once, stop being greedy. Make up a portion of the CBA that allows any team to cut a player, immediately, without any sort of salary cap recoil if he is found to have committed any sorts of felonies and even some misdemeanors.

    Make it so they cannot play in the NFL for 1-2 years after they serve their time, if at all.

    The problem with the NFL today is that a player can do something stupid like rape, murder or dui/manslaughter and get cut… but as long as a team is desperate enough, and needs a player at that position, they’ll sign them regardless.

    That’s where we need to cut these guys off. Let them know it’s not okay.

  4. Actually Jerry probably did know it and as usual defends and even elevates players that make poor off the field decisions.

    Given the mess with Brent and the fact a teammate was killed, it’s disturbing that Ratliff could go out and almost get himself killed.

  5. For some reason, I just don’t feel like getting caught, apologizing, and a one game suspension is enough to make the problem go away. It’s time for action DeMaurice Smith!

  6. Good God, people …… one of your teammates KILLED another teammate, driving drunk.

    Does ANYTHING sink onto the heads of these imbiciles???????

    Throw the book at this turd.

  7. Wow…this is possibly the dumbest decision a player has made since Plaxico shot himself. Your teammate is going to prison…and you lost a practice squad member…andyou think this is smart?

  8. Those Bengals always in trouble. errr wait. guess I’m getting too used to the other trolls on this site thinking the Bengals are the only ones ever in trouble.

  9. Why does every one think they are better then anybody else ?I wish I could see all the stuff yaw have ever done out here on the Internet. Set back and bitch it’s the new American way

  10. Since Jerry said that a lot of people are gonna be inconfortable around Valley Ranch over the winter and it started with the firing of Ryan, Jerry should make more people unconfortable by cutting Ratliff. Ratliff’s arrest is irresponsible and inexcusable. This team was adversely affected mentally by the death of Brown and the manslaugther charge against Brent. Jerry needs to send a clear message once and for all. Crashing into an 18 wheeler is a recipe for death.

  11. Alcohol abuse is far and away the biggest problem the league just absolutely ignores.

    Treat these guys like you would if someone failed a drug test.

    You get a DUI it should be an instant suspension and loss of pay.

  12. Sad how NFL and MLB handle drunk driving and alcohol-related crimes. Basically nothing happens unless you off someone. But if a baseball minor leaguer gets caught using marijuana, he’s suspended 50 games.

  13. Im a cowboy fan and this guy cant stay healthy.. Im all for trying to trade him for a late pick and draft a DT in the first or second round

  14. As long as Jerry Jones is the “GM,” the Cowboys will be mediocre.

    Why is this guy so narcissistic? He has succeeded on many levels, yet he needs to be the “GM” of the Cowboys?

    Good hire with Kiffin on the defense. But….the defense is NOT the problem with the Cowboys…

  15. I’m sorry, but raising the penalty for drunk driving will do nothing.

    There are already harsh penalties for drunk driving: you can kill yourself, your passengers, an entire family in another vehicle, you could be paralyzed, or lose a limb, … you get the point. All of these horrific things far outweigh the cost of being banned from the NFL, yet knowing all of these things are possible, people continue to take the risk anyway.

    Prohibition is the only solution. I’ll start the petition. Who is with me?

  16. The NFL and its players should be ashamed. Countless players get arrested every year and nothing is done. Start making examples out of these people. Ray Lewis, for example, should have been banned from the league. And I say DUI’s constitute an automatic 4-game suspension. Repeat offenders miss a season. No more excuses, lives are on the line with these idiots.

  17. Great job Jerry, great job.

    Usually I can’t wait for football…

    But for the first time in my 42 years as a Cowboys fan I can say I am not looking forward to next season.

    They are gonna be a disaster.

    The weird firings, the hirings, the players out of control….

    I feel bad for Witten And Ware

  18. There is no excuse for a player making the money he does to ever drive after drinking, especially since free transportation is always offered for athletes who want to hit the town.

    I guess he has forgotten about Josh Brent and Jerry Brown, two guys he would have spent a lot of time with given they are all DTs.

  19. Why don’t people let the facts come out instead of jumping to conclusions. Just like with Adrian Peterson! How did that end up?

  20. The Cowboys are absolute joke and this is just another way of proving it. Simply amazing a Cowboy’s player would Drank and Drive after what happend this year.

    The problem with the Cowboys is Jerry Jones. He is someone who surrounds himself with “yes men.” He thinks that he was more responsible then Jerry Johnson for the SuperBowl wins.

    Jerry Jones needs to fire himself as a GM and then surgically remove Skip Bayless from his ass.

  21. How many beer commercials will there be on the Big Game telecast? Owners, how many beer commercials did you sell?

  22. Jerrah should cut him now….and not wait for Goodell to punish him….but Jerrah won’t. saints* fans think it should be up to their fans, Drew Brees, Vitt and Vilma’s lawyer, NFLPA, and judge judy whether Ratcliff and others should be punished by Goodell for any stupid thing they do. By all means, don’t let the employer (NFL) be involved becuz Ratcliff might not have been drinking alcohol, maybe it was cough syrup that his doctor ordered for him to help him get off his adderel addiction that was responsible for his offering money to his teammates to injure other players. The players should never be held accountable for their actions on or off the field.

  23. Not too make light of this, especially after the Josh Brent incident, but, the Detroit Lion’s fan base is happy to cede the idiot spotlight to the Dallas Cowboys…if only for one day.

  24. And players will probably invite him to be on the sidelines for the Superbowl in order to show him their support and help him through this tough time!

  25. Don’t understand why players aren’t being suspended.. These players spend big money at the clubs or bars, but are too cheap to pay for a cab. Goodell spends his time worrying about players safety on the field. What about off the field? Even after your teammate killed someone not too long ago..

  26. Is anyone really surprised? It starts at the top. Jerry wont disipline any of his players. He’ll just assign a bodyguard…that usually fixes everything.

  27. This is a big deal. How could you do something like that after a teammate was killed? Maybe because were still coddling Josh Brent like he hasn’t done anything wrong.

    Jay Ratliff should not be acting a fool right now especially after a supposedly injured riddled season. His attitude towards our team has taken a serious turn and now he pulls a stunt like this. He should be cut regardless of how he would fit in our 4-3. Some things in life are just more important than football.

  28. Has anyone ever met this man? I have…. He is a classy person who made a serious bad judgement. Hey x1xbbx7x…. While I agree with having boundaries, I’d like to know if you ever made an error in judgement and were fried the way you are attacking him…. Seriously, I bet he comes out humble, embarrassed and apologetic. With taht said, I am so disappointed in this team the last 5 years. If no one ever gave anyone a second chance in this world, where would YOU or everyone else be?

    I’m not condoning this behavior. But to judge him aggressively without knowing the man and his entire makeup?…… Cast the first stone for all of you have never had a drink and drove once…dare ya to be honest before casting your stones… No excuses, punishment is expected. Bet he comes out humble and apologetic knowing him the way I do.

  29. In other news, a bottle of cheap whisky was reported stolen from Jerry Jones ‘ s liquor cabinet.

    and found in jay’s car.

    The NFl should have a rule that every player has to have a breath tester in their car.

  30. You people are way to quick to jump to conclusions.We don’t have the slightist ldea, of his mental state at the time

  31. The Cowboys have a 24 hour car service to avoid this type of situation and you could have maimed or killed someone.

    Enough said. Time to start setting examples with these men.

  32. If people keep getting slapped on the wrist for drunk driving nobody will learn. Clearly there needs to be a harsher consequence for drunk drivers! Heck the other Cowboy was at a football game the weekend after killing someone!

  33. This is yet another example of union garbage being part of problem. Players feel they are so protected and can get away with so much due to union protection. UNION! There needs to be no union when players have this comfort and money (Please don’t tell me it is because of the union that they have it). Terrible behavior again from the highest paid people in the world.

    Just like the GM union guys who were drunk on the job and still got their job back. Just like the teachers union in California that ran off a teacher who worked too hard and made them look bad. On and on.

    Shut em down for awhile before someone else gets killed.

  34. This guy was one of my favorites but he has quickly become a overpaid slouch. This just makes it easier for me to forget this clown. I’m not one to judge about drunk drivers because more people than not have done it but damn son your team just had a tragedy because of drunk driving. You are a complete numbskull I hope they cut you

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