Jerry Jones: Garrett’s no longer calling offensive plays


Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is talking to a group of reporters at the Senior Bowl as we speak, and he said he’s taking a bit of authority from head coach Jason Garrett.

According to Calvin Watkins of, Jones said that Garrett would no longer call offensive plays, and that offensive coordinator/line coach Bill Callahan would.

Garrett’s position seemed far from secure already, especially with his brother John leaving his staff to take a lateral move in Tampa Bay.

Coupled with the firing of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, and interviewing guys such as former Arkansas coach Houston Nutt for unspecified positions, it would be hard for anyone to feel safe for the long-term in Dallas at the moment.

122 responses to “Jerry Jones: Garrett’s no longer calling offensive plays

  1. So it seems to me that he should have just fired Garrett. The players in the locker room aren’t going to respect him now. What’s the point in stringing him out? If he can’t call plays, he shouldn’t be worth much to you as he doesn’t seem to be a great head coach who is in charge of clock management, etc. He doesn’t control personnel, his coaching staff, so why have him stick around? The players won’t respect that, might as well not burn another year getting the coaching situation right…

  2. So why keep Garrett? he doesn’t call the plays, can’t pick players,a powerless coach. This will really make the players respect him is turning into Wade Phillips slowly.

  3. Every time I get sad thinking about the uncertainty of RGIII’s knee, Jerry Jones is there to make me smile.

  4. That’s smart, because then you leave Garrett in charge of nothing but clock management and on field decisions. We all know those are his strong suits.

  5. A coach is essentially a manager of coaches. I used to wonder why a coach is hired because his offense/defense was outstanding and then when he got a HC job he let’s someone else be offensive/defensive coordinator. Being a HC is a daunting task, though, and it takes a really rare person to coordinate one side of the ball while managing the rest of everything without having one fall off and crash – essentially like juggling 30 balls and not having one hit the floor. Garrett was good at times, and not so good at others, so we will see how he does next year as a manager and judge him from there. He will still, as most HC’s do, be able to overrule/interject a playas he sees fit.

  6. So hard to be a fan of this team. I think Garrett is a brutal play caller and the design of his offense stinks, that said there were more subtle ways to make this change, make it appear that it was Garrett’s call. JJ just neutered him because he wants to make sure everyone knows he calls all the shots…….just write us down for about 8-8 at best until Jerry kicks the bucket….

    Someone please name me a successful team that operates in this fashion

  7. Are we supposed to be excited about this move? I don’t trust Garrett calling the plays, and it seems like it’s even worse now with Callahan.

  8. Another brilliant Jerruh strategy! Wait until all the good candidates are gone, and then start looking for a coach.

  9. Jason Garrett isnt going to do anything about this demotion and he will be fired at some point in 2013. Probably if they start off bad otherwise at seasons end. Its inevitable.

  10. This may be the right move, but good God what an awful owner Jones is. Constantly meddling. That team only found success because Jimmy Johnson had the wherewithal to head off Jones’ god-complex at the start. Until another guy with a backbone like that gets hired, the Cowboys will never have success again.

    To be honest, I hate the Cowboys, so I love watching them suck. But at the same time, it’s a crying shame that such a keystone franchise is doomed to many more years of total incompetence due to their meddlesome owner that can’t get out of his own way.

  11. Garret’s play calling has grown stale over the past few years. He runs that same draw play 6 times a game. Can’t fire him otherwise you have to pay him but if he quits you don’t have to pay him a dime. I just wish he would have been gone for a while now so that a coach of higher caliber would be interested

  12. Bill Callahan is an Xs and Os wizard and the best running game coordinator in the business. Well 2nd best. Greg Roman’s the best right now.

    It’s a good move by the Cowboys’ GM to give Callahan play calling duties.

  13. When will we read an article titled, “jerry jones no longer calling the shots in dallas.” Only when that happens will the cowboys be able to get away from their reputation as the punching bag of the nfc east.

  14. all new coaching staff pretty much, Garret to remain as adminstrator and perhaps punt/kick decision maker; I suppose this overall is a good thing for him

  15. Now Jerry, can we just get Garrett to sit up in the executive box with you and have someone else manage the game down on the field????? PLEASE!!!

  16. Callahan is so incompetent if he had tried to sabotage the Super Bowl the Raiders would have won. Good luck Cowboys.

  17. News Flash….Jerry Jones has just fired Jerry Jones….

    Team announced that a press conference is set for January 21st at 12:00 PM

  18. With no Bill Parcells or Jimmy Johnson around to counter poor Jerrah, we can now watch Mr. GM for life slowly destroy the Cowboys from within. Should be fun.

  19. What an idiot!!!! Norv Turner was available and you let him get away and now we stuck with a washed up defensive coordinator (should of went after Lovie Smith) and a no clue offensive coordinator. Jerry is making it very difficult to keep rooting for the Boys.

  20. Jerry is making the same type of mistake that he made by hiring Garrett as OC before hiring a HC. You have to let the HC choose the staff.

  21. The NFL has become too complex to have the Head Coach calling plays and attempting to manage the clock, throw the flag, and keep the overall picture. I like Garrett and think he could be a good coach, but this had to take place for the progression to occur.

  22. Sad that your team didn’t make the Big Dance? Annoyed that your favourite players got overlooked in the End-of-Season Awards? Never mind! Cheer up! We’ve got the perfect medicine right here! As long as Jerry runs Dallas it’ll be Comedy Central!

  23. I’m a Cleveland Browns fan. And no matter how bad it gets for my team, from the ownership on down, I can always smile and say…

    “Thank GOD I am not a Cowboys fan.”

  24. How about Jerry Jones Fire himself he need to strip himself of his authority as GM I’m a die hard broncos fan,yea we lost in the playoffs but my point is Pat Bowlen hired Elway as GM etc and we went from 4-12 to 13-3 in two years yes it can happen with the right people running the team.

  25. Jerry you are embarrasing, If you Love your Cowboys, quit, fire yourself and SHUT UP!!!!

    Want to be an accomplished owner, do what the Rooney’s, Kraft have done hire Football people and count your money upstairs.

    Cowboys are what the Raiders have been for the last 25 yrs…..

  26. So basically everyone except for Garrett was a part of Gruden’s staff. Hmmm….looks like we get “this guy” in 2014.

  27. Jason Garrett’s status with the Cowboys = George Costanza’s at ‘Play Now’ after they found out he wasn’t really disabled.

  28. Apparently Garrett’s only job is to talk to the media after the game.

    The only way this whole thing makes sense is that Jerry is hoping Jason will quit so he doesn’t have to pay him. And Jason isn’t going to quit, no matter what steaming indignity Jerry heaps on him.

  29. Just when you think the Cowboys couldn’t hurt themselves any more than they already have, Jerry Jones comes up with another brillant idea.

    There is some talent on that team but Jerry seems hellbent on sinking the ship before it ever sets sail.

    I said it before and I say it again, the Cowboys will never be a threat to win a Superbowl as long as Jerry owns the team.

  30. The Cowboys are going NO where! Sad following this team since 1975, and too see what this clown has done to this once storied franchise is a shame.

    Jerry’s only bright move was hiring Jimmy, after he let him go, it has been a joke!

    No more Super Bowls for the Cowboys, until JJ and SJ are GONE!

    Where is Mark Cuban.

  31. Don’t have any sympathy for Garret. Plus with what these guys get paid if he was smart with his money he’s set for life so if Jones dumps him he’s got little to worry about except being a little bored.

  32. After another 8-8/9-7 just missing the playoffs season Jerruh will be introducing Kevin Sumlin as the HC next January.

    Then he’ll package Romo and draft picks to move up enough to get Johnny Manziel in the draft.

  33. Breaking News: Jerry Jones will now be calling the plays for the Cowboys and will continue to remain as the GM. He will have a headset in the Box with him and will call the plays inbetween shaking hands and getting in the way. He’s considering being the defensive coordinator as well and his staff is safe for 10 years.

  34. I agree with taking away play-calling duties but should have tried like hell to get Norv Turner or Chris Palmer instead. Callahan is a good line coach and nothing more.

    Also, in typical Jerry fashion, this was absolutely the worst way he could have announced this. Should have been Garrett, at some point, saying that he is going to focus on the overall head coaching duties and delegate where he can.

    Every time you think Jerry will LET his HC appear to have some sort of power, he pulls the rug out from under them.

    I’m not sure why everyone gives him so much grief about this kind of thing though. He is a true reflection of America’s narcissistic, all about me attitude. These kind of people are everywhere, he just happens to be the biggest one in professional sports.

  35. You gotta love all of the Redskins fans coming in here talking like their team has been oozing with success over the years. Do you all forget when you were the laughing stock of the NFL trying to buy a Super Bowl championship with Bruce Smith, Deion Sanders, etc, etc, etc???

    You make the playoffs one year and now you have all the room to talk? LOL.

  36. Looks like it could be lining up to be Lovie Smith’s team soon. Already have his boys there for D coaches and secured a solid OC/line coach. The TX native could be headed home.

  37. Well at least Dallas won’t be one dimensional any longer. Skins, Giants, and Eagles should be upset that Garett isn’t calling the plays. Maybe there will finally be some run/pass balance, possibly a screen pass and adjustments. Look forward to it.

  38. As a lifelong Cowboy fan I have to accept the fact that Jerrah is going to be around for a very long time. With that being said this is a good move. If you watched all the Cowboy games like I do you know that Garrett has had trouble managing games, especially the end of games when decisions are critical, and calling plays. This will now free him up to make critical decisions.

  39. If I’m a Dallas fan, and I’m not, I want Jerry Jones to no longer be calling the shots.

    The Cowboys had two good seasons after Jerry became the voice of the Cowboys (’94 and ’95) – and that was specifically because of the EMPIRE Jimmy Johnson had in place. One could even argue that those teams under-performed with Switzer as HC instead of Jimmy Johnson. Those Cowboys could have won 5 straight — even with Free Agency. They were that deep. I hate the Cowboys, but I’ll grant them that.

    Ever since Jerry’s fingerprints at being the head honcho, big cheese, alpha dog in Dallas – they’ve been a disappointment … if you’re a passionate member of Cowboy Nation.

    Remember here? Garret was a Jerry Jones decision, so Jerry now emasculating Garret’s offensive play-calling responsibilities is an admission of a (yet another) Jerry Jones failure.

  40. joemammy says:
    Jan 22, 2013 1:54 PM
    I’m a Cleveland Browns fan. And no matter how bad it gets for my team, from the ownership on down, I can always smile and say…

    “Thank GOD I am not a Cowboys fan.”
    So, Let me ask you this then, When was the last time the Browns has been in the hunt for the division title or finished above .500?? Take your time, I’ll wait.

    rodell77 says:
    Jan 22, 2013 2:28 PM
    Remember guys Jimmy Johnson didn’t call plays either. He had a OC and a DC. Think about it………..
    These pencil jockies dont know anything. They for some strange reason think that Jimmy was the sole reason why we won three superbowls. But, whenever I asked the question, What did Jimmy do down in Miami, I never get a response. I guess that is the answer, Nothing at all..

    dezmick says:
    Jan 22, 2013 1:50 PM
    With no Bill Parcells or Jimmy Johnson around to counter poor Jerrah, we can now watch Mr. GM for life slowly destroy the Cowboys from within. Should be fun.

    Umm, Parcells, Ok, And we won what with him?? So tired of hearing Jimmy Johnsons name being thrown around like this. How come he couldnt win a bowl with the dolphins with one of the greatest QB’s in the history of the game?? You all need to get off of that band wagon..

  41. How many other Head Coaches in the NFL call their own plays? Not many…less than 5, maybe. So, what’s NORMAL with the rest of the NFL turns into drama as soon the media adds the terms Jerry Jones or Dallas Cowboys. I’m starting to see how this works.

  42. Dan Snyder tried to get Jim Zorn to quit this way too! Sometimes its just better to cut your losses and hope someone else hires him and picks up part of the paycheck you owe him.

  43. Jerrah needs to put on the headset, coach the WHOLE thing for a season and then maybe he will get a real GM and let the coach do his job!

  44. @ialwayswantedtobeabanker, I think you have your facts wrong. Jerry has always been the man in charged. When he bought the team in 89 he was the head man. When he traded Walker for all of those players it was him that did it, Not Jimmy. And that team couldnt have won five superbowls. Because of the Salary Cap, We had to get rid of top notch players. YOur attempt to pile on is noted, Now keep trying to be a banker, Maybe your better with money then facts..

  45. Should have waited to make this announcement dring SuperBowl week, nothing like trying to steal the thunder of the SB. Jerry’s Motto, Good or bad as long as they are talking about the Cowboys!

  46. “solomon” — unfortunately, you’re not as wise as your namesake.

    Jerry was the head man in name only during the Jimmy Johnson era. Jimmy ran the team, and bristled, as did the other coaches, when Jerry tried to act like a big shot.

    There’s so much info out there on this, that it stuns me that you don’t get it. Why don’t you research why Jimmy left the team?

  47. Of all the things I considered about Jerry, the one thing I never though about him that he was a coward. He doesn’t have the courage to just fire him. And, if I’m Jason Garrett I’ll be damn it I’d quit. Do, the right thing MR Jones and fire the man so he could move on.

  48. What this means is that the phone in Jerry’s box will be wired straight to Callahan’s headset. Jerry will be the one really calling the plays now. Megalomania at it’s highest level.

  49. That’s not the way to fire a coach. Make a clean break and start over so that he can do the same. Jerry and Goodell have the same power problem.

  50. It’s a state of the art stadium… how about just rigging the seats with screens and x-box controllers so the crowd can choose the play from the Madden 2013 playbook?

  51. As a cowboy fan, I officially loathe Jerry Jones. I think his hairbrained idea to move to the 4-3 is going to backfire horribly. It really doesn’t matter who your DC/DL coaches are, if you don’t have the personnel, it isn’t going to succeed. At least I can enjoy a laugh at draft time every season. We always wind up with injured supposedly “high value” guys, but they seem to never become uninjured, and if they do they leave the first chance they get. I’m tired of this circus. Someone please put JJ in an old-folks home and turn the reigns over to somebody who will hire a freaking GM for once.

  52. Maybe if Garrett had taken the Ravens job back in 2008 instead of using them for leverage, he’d be the one going to the playoffs every year with Ray, Ed, Haloti and Joe.

    And the Super Bowl this year.

    Glad he didn’t. Harbs worked out great for the Ravens.

  53. wwwfella says:

    as a skins fan im loving this
    As a fan of any of 31 teams other than Invincible Dallas, one should be loving this. Fans of the Redskins, Giants, and Eagles have more reason to love this than the other 28, I’ll grant you.

    Jerry Jones–What a maroon.
    thetooloftools says:

    If Jerry Jones wants to fire the most unproductive member of the Cowboys organization, he need look no further then the closest mirror.
    His idiot son Stevie, the “Executive Vice president”, can give dear old Dad a run for his money in that department.

  54. Remember when the Redskins did this to Zorn? And fired him at the end of that season?

    Put the house on the market now, Garrett… this isn’t going to end well.

  55. Do me a favor and watch JJ’s interview before commenting – As a Cowboys fan I love the fact that Garrett will be a “walk around coach” next season. Fits the mold of Tomlin, John Harbaugh, Beli-cheat to name just a few. Personally – I hate the HC being the DC or OC, that takes away your ability to actually be involved in every aspect of the team.

    Also Jerry mentioned that when he hired Garrett as HC it was his insistence that Garrett continue to call plays – as for the players losing respect for Garrett – he has already dumped the trouble makers and the players already respect the heck out of him based on how he involved each one of them during the death of their teammate.

    Nice try Cowboy haters!

  56. Classic example of how Jerry Jones’ ego hurts the team. Instead of making the decision with Garrett behind closed doors and allowing him to preserve some dignity, Jones shows once again that he doesn’t get it.

  57. When are you all going to get it?
    A narcissist will never “fire” himself.
    Do you know how stupid that sounds to ask him to do that?
    Keep wishing for that but its never going to happen.

  58. Let’s hope Callahan doesn’t “sabotage” the playcalling because he “hates” the Cowboys!

  59. Jerry Jones is showing everyone what an idiot he is. He has guaranteed himself a losing season next year by undermining the authority of his head coach. He should have just fired the guy. The players know when the head coach is in trouble and they all jump ship. Dallas will be lucky to win 6 games in 2013.

  60. One common thread that most people are overlooking: Recently-hired DC Monte Kiffin and newly-appointed OC Bill Callahan were both assistants under Jon Gruden (Kiffin in Tampa and Callahan in Oakland).

    The 2013-2014 season is Jason Garrett’s last chance.

    Meanwhile, Chucky awaits.

  61. @ialwayswantedtobeabanker, here you go so you won’t be so stunned next time buddy.
    “Jerry takes a lot of grief for me leaving, and he shouldn’t,” says Johnson. “I was leaving (regardless). It got to where it wasn’t fun for me. I was hard on our team. After winning the first Super Bowl, I was harder. I had to be the bad guy because people get complacent.”

    Aikman, for one, now has added insight on the outcome, offering: “He’s said that a number of times to me that he was tired of being the bad guy. Which I guess that was a little bit of a shock to me — because he was so good at it, you know? It seemed like he really enjoyed being the bad guy. But it’s been since I’ve gotten to know him that (I realized) that’s not him.”

    To learn more about Johnson, catch A Football Life on Wednesday night at 8 p.m. ET (and many subsequent airings) on NFL Network.

  62. You just know, considering the senility is finally catching up with him, Jerry Jones really wants to be the head football coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

    And I am talking standing on the sidelines coaching instead of coaching from the owners box.

  63. Lol Ted the man thinks players always jump ship when they think a coach is in trouble. Ted must not know anything about how Tom coughlin was on his way out in 07 but the players rallied around him and won a superbowl. So remember that when you spread your wonderful insight on what players always do

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