Kyle Rudolph gets a Pro Bowl trip

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There’s still a slim chance Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez will extend his career by another season.  But he definitely won’t be extending it for now by one game.

Gonzalez has pulled out of the Pro Bowl due to an injury.

He’ll be replaced by Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph, a second-year player making his first trip to the NFL all-star game.

Rudolph, whose nine receiving touchdowns trailed only Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski (1o) among all tight ends in 2012, will join defensive end Jared Allen, fullback Jerome Felton, linebacker Chad Greenway, running back Adrian Peterson and, kicker Blair Walsh in Honolulu.

13 responses to “Kyle Rudolph gets a Pro Bowl trip

  1. the NFC North will be wide open next year. Green Bay is going to take some inevitable lumps with Jennings, Driver, and Finley leaving. Chicago is under new coach/leadership, Detroit is trending downward, and Minnesota might finally have a good chance if they can stay healthy and Ponder can improve on his late season run. Should make for good suspense next season.

  2. The Pro Bowl is so watered down. So many starters have pulled out. Cromartie could learn a thing or too…

  3. The poor guy wouldn’t know what to do once he gets out there and realizes the Qb’s can actually throw the ball with some velocity. He might petition his GM to get a real QB.

  4. May So Cal guy but a big Viking honk. Ponder this. Bring in Mike Vick. Read option, Adrian, Harvin (need to sign him to an extension) and our pro bowl tight end. Vick can definately throw it. Just needs to stay healthy. Now thats some weapons! Bet you if Percy knew Vick was coming he would stay?

  5. Congrats to Rudolph he has been a great team player!! And for those who are silly enough to think the Vikes would ever bring Vick in!! Thats just plain dumb!! He’s a has been who never was!! What the Vikes will do is resign Harvin, Make an offer to Jennings! And trade Webb. The Vikes will fill some holes via Free agents and the Draft!! Ponder might get some vet to mentor, him and or push him!! But Ponder will be the Vikes Starter in 2013!!

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