Monte Kiffin “real excited” to get back into the NFL


While many men his age are sipping a glass of prune juice and reading a newspaper this time of day, Monte Kiffin was out interviewing prospective football players in Mobile, Ala. this morning.

And that had him fired up.

The 72-year-old Kiffin told Calvin Watkins of that the prospect of working for the Cowboys had him excited to get back to work as a defensive coordinator, where he can implement his Tampa 2 defense.

“Just the fact it’s the Dallas Cowboys — you know, a unique situation,” Kiffin said. “I’m very fortunate. The coach [Jason Garrett] and the Joneses. The whole bit. Excited to be back here at the Senior Bowl, checking out the players and looking for good players. I’m real excited.”

Switching them from a 3-4 base to a 4-3 was no deterrent for Kiffin, citing the ability to adjust to what they had on hand.

“You just take the job because of the people you’re with and who you’re going to work for,” Kiffin said. “The head coach, Garrett, is an awesome guy and the whole bit.”

Kiffin will turn 73 next month, and clearly has the kind of passion you need to sustain a demanding job.

“You got to have great passion for coaching,” he said. “It starts with the energy and you expect the players to be the same way. I can’t wait to get to work every day. I just love it. [Former Tampa Bay coach Jon] Gruden used to say, ‘You like it or you love it.’ You got to love it.”

Of course, Jerry Jones giving him many, many reasons to love it probably helped.

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  1. First let me say that I think Rob Ryan did a good job in Dallas. Turning the 32nd ranked defense into the 19th ranked defense in two years is doing a nice job to me, especially with all the injuries we had on D. That being said I like the hiring of Kiffin. It will be interesting to see how our defense switches to the 4-3, and I think we have a much better D line coach now. All we need to do now is to pick up or draft another good pass rusher to help relieve Ware and sign an offensive coordinator who can actually call plays and work the play clock and then concentrate on the O line. That needs alot of work.

  2. I have been a Tampa area resident for about 20 years, I have nothing but the utmost respect for Monte Kiffin. He is a heck of a coach and tactician…however, switching from 3-4 to 4-3 and vice versa is not such a simple task. It usually takes a couple of years to get the proper players for the system; the cover 2 (should he install) requires pass covering LB, and corners to play the zone, getting almost all of the pressure from your front 4…which now means your best player (if not one if the best in the league) D-Ware is now a DE with his hand in the ground and is gonna be a little “light” especially in the running game…i also did not think Ryan did a bad job considering injuries…IMO a better hire for Jerry would have been to back up a truckload of money and hire Norv again! …I say that those skill players on offense would fit his scheme well…but as I said, I am transplant…from D.C. so I hope it fails anyway! HTTR!!!

  3. Shortly after making his statements, Kiffin immediate requested the heat be turned up and asked for a cup of hot tea as he lowered his head into his applesauce and oatmeal breakfast.

  4. Can’t wait to see Chip Kelly’s offense hang 60 on him again. Maybe then will people realize Rob Ryan was an undeserving scapegoat for the common short comings in Dallas.

  5. @benroethlisberger7

    If you believe that Kiffin’s age is cause for concern, how do you feel about Dick LeBeau’s even older birth certificate?

  6. The selection of coaches and a defensive scheme that doesn’t match existing personnel pretty much ensures at least another two years of continued irrelevance for the Cowboys. Just when they start getting comfortable in the new scheme, JJ will get fed up with the lack of results and bring in a new set of coaches and another scheme. I love it!

  7. Ware and Spencer both played 43 DE in College. Hatcher as well, although he now translates more to a 1 tech DT. Ratliff if healthy and or retained will move around the line. Lissemore is a better fit at 43 DT.

    Sean Lee played in a 43 in college, Carter played hybrid at UNC, but he translates well to SOLB in the 43. So realistically they need to find a MLB.

    The secondary is the bigger concern IMO. Claiborne and Carr will be fine, in the Tampa 2, CBs play zone and man, and both can excel at either. My worry is the roster does not have a centerfielder FS, can’t count on Matt MIA Johnson or Church (SS) to come back and fill that John Lynch role. I’d like them to nab Vaccaro from TX and a MLB in round 2. The dline doesn’t need as much help as ppl think. The oline does need help, but I think Warmack will be gone, and Barret Jones isn’t a top 32 prospect to me. While he has great versatility. He’s a little light and I think he was helped by playing on such an elite Oline in college.

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