Pats defensive back Derrick Martin’s home robbed during Sunday’s game

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Derrick Martin has had better days than last Sunday.

The Patriots safety wasn’t one of the 46 players in uniform for the AFC Championship Game, which meant he had to stand and watch his season come to an end as the Ravens advanced to the Super Bowl with a 28-13 win. That’s bad enough even before finding out that your home in Colorado was being robbed while the Ravens were robbing your team of a trip to New Orleans.

The Denver Post reports that Martin’s Aurora, Colorado home was robbed and ransacked by two masked men. There was at least one adult and several children home at the time of the break-in, which ended after the burglars made off with “numerous items of value.”

“We don’t know if he was specifically targeted or not. There was nothing said during the robbery that would indicate that,” Aurora police spokesman Frank Fania said. “No shots were fired; no threats were made. Thankfully, no one was hurt.”

The Patriots loss ends Martin’s run as part of a Super Bowl champion at two years. Martin played for the Packers in the 2010 regular season and the Giants in the 2011 regular season and playoffs, which means he helped each of the last two Super Bowl champions navigate the season. With the Patriots loss and the home invasion, it’s fair to say Martin’s luck has run out.

10 responses to “Pats defensive back Derrick Martin’s home robbed during Sunday’s game

  1. Nothing was robbed of the Patriots. Ravens just went in there, smacked them in the mouth, and established their dominance. End of story.

  2. Feel bad for his kids being home while that happened, a mans house gets robbed and the first comment is a Ravens fan talking trash, Ravenator you are human garbage, to bad no one wants to rob your moms basement where you live

  3. At least get wasn’t home in bed with nothing more than a machete to protect his family, getting a bullet in his leg and an early grave for his efforts. Tell me again why Sean Taylor’s murderers haven’t stood trial yet?

  4. ravenator says:Jan 22, 2013 9:08 AM

    Nothing was robbed of the Patriots. Ravens just went in there, smacked them in the mouth, and established their dominance. End of story.
    Well, after the first half, they did. They got slapped around a bit themnselves in that first half.

    But every single true Patriots fan knows that the Ravens beat them, straight up, fair and square.

    No bad calls from the officials, no single injury.

    They got out-coached and out-played on both sides of the ball, by a very talented Ravens team. Joe Flacco never looked more like Tom Brady than he did Sunday night.

    There, I said it.

    Now can Raven fans everywhere quit being angry, and start being happy for what their team accomplished Sunday night. Quit bit@hing about the Patriots, and start focusing on how the Ravens match up against the Niners, please.

  5. Can someone tell me what team he’ll be playing for next season? I want to get some money down on that team making the playoffs. regardless of whether he’s good or not, he chooses his teams well.

    On a more serious note–I’m sorry his home got robbed, but it’s only things that were lost. What’s important is that apparently no people were injured.

  6. I know that this is a site dedicated to football and we are all fans of the game here, but to compare a home invasion with his children in the house to a team losing a game is lacking perspective.

    I highly doubt that he learned that his house was broken into, his belongings were stolen, his children were traumatized and everyone was lucky not to be hurt and thought, “This is nearly as bad as standing on the sidelines when my team lost today.”

  7. Someone walked off with his house?

    Otherwise, the term is ‘burglarized’.

    Only with the presence of a person can a ‘robbery’ occur.

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