PFT Live: Harrison on the future of the Pats

The Ravens beat the Patriots to advance to Super Bowl XVLII. Former Patrtiot Rodney Harrison joins Mike Florio to discuss New England’s future and how much Tom Brady has left.

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3 responses to “PFT Live: Harrison on the future of the Pats

  1. since the patriots have been exposed for cheating,they become the 90’s buffalo bills, may get to SB but will lose

  2. @peytongsneck18…………….seriously, aside from the Giants, they have been the most successful team in terms of overall wins and division wins ever since! stop the hating just cause you are jealous!

  3. Most fans throw Spygate out there because they are jealous. They know very well that the Patriots had no film on the Pantehrs and Eagles, because they hadn’t played then. Heck, the Patriots had never even played John Fox’s Panthers before he Super Bowl. The last time they played Carolina prior to that, Seifert was the coach.

    It’s undenable that they won Super Bowls without sideline film.

    But they did probably have booth film of the Carolina signals.

    Thing is, booth film is legal.

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