PFT Live: Rodney Harrison, 49ers talk with Matt Maiocco

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The football world is still a few days away from descending on New Orleans with full force, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to talk about regarding the Super Bowl.

Football Night in America‘s Rodney Harrison will join Mike Florio on Tuesday’s PFT Live to do just that. We’ll hear what the former Super Bowl champion thinks about the 49ers and Ravens as they start their preparations for the big game. We’ll also hear his thoughts on what the Falcons, Patriots and other teams that didn’t make it to New Orleans need to do to have better results next time around.

We’ll also check in with Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area about the 49ers. It’s the first trip to the Super Bowl for San Francisco since the days of George Seifert and Steve Young, one that has come in large part because of Jim Harbaugh’s bold decision to change quarterbacks. We’ll find out Maiocco’s thoughts on that move and the 49ers in general.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

2 responses to “PFT Live: Rodney Harrison, 49ers talk with Matt Maiocco

  1. Alex Smith won six of the first eight games the Niners played this year. Three of the first four were on the road. He led them to three victories, including at Green Bay. His last game before the concussion that benched him, he was 18 of 19 passing in beating Arizona in Arizona. He was leading the league in QB passer rating.

    Why then is Colin’s 5-2 record such a large part of the Niners being in the Super Bowl? No one knows how Alex would have performed in those seven games or the last two against the Packers (a team he had already led in a Niner victory) or the Falcons.

    To say Alex would not have come back from the 17 point deficit is foolish. He led the Niners back from 21 in Philadelphia last year. He also had four 4th quarter comebacks last year, including the playoffs (twice in the last six minutes) against the Saints.

    I like the way Colin plays. But no need to give him credit that is undue or unknown. Give him credit for what he has done but don’t imply Alex could not have led the Niners to the Super Bowl as well. You just don’t know. And none of us ever will.

  2. @macklinr61 All of that is true, but we know how the media works. The fact of the matter though is that we all know Kap passes the “smell test” better than Alex. Could Alex have led the team to the Super Bowl, it is very possible, he was close last year. Kap brings more to the table though and that is all that matters.

    The incessant need for the media to vindicate Harbaugh’s decision causes them to bash Alex in an off-hand way. Alex is a big boy who can take it. Harbaugh revitalized his career and he will reap the benefits this off season. So while I see your point, the QB takes the most of the praise and most of the heat, so let the kid enjoy the praise while it is being heaped upon him.

    No doubt that the 9ers aren’t where they are without the great play of Alex: he will have earned this ring if they win it. All 9er fans give him credit for that and that is part of the reason he received loud cheers his last time on the field.

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