Rodney Harrison on what happened to the Patriots, Falcons

NBC’s Rodney Harrison played for the Patriots and lives in Atlanta.  So he’s uniquely qualified to offer up informed opinions about the two teams that lost in Sunday’s conference championship games.

Rodney appeared on Tuesday’s PFT Live to discuss both teams.

What happened to the Patriots?  What do they need to do to improve?  Is the window closing?

And is the door still open on Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez returning to the game in 2013?

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12 responses to “Rodney Harrison on what happened to the Patriots, Falcons

  1. Some of the Pats were more eager to get to Barbados than the Super Bowl.
    Their play reflected that.

  2. I think by now I know who lost that game.

    You might need to remind me who won it though.

    As a Patriots fan I think I know what happened.

    The Ravens had a better defensive game plan, a smart idea to be physical with receivers all over the field, since “boys will be boys” contact is allowed in the playoffs. On the other side of the ball, guys like Bolden and Pitta fought through that contact with no problem. With no Talib, it was just a matter of throwing it up there and the stronger, more aggressive guy would get it.

  3. “He called it right, window closed on Pats.”

    The window isn’t closed on the Patriots, my god they went to the Super Bowl last year and made the AFC Championship game this year what about that says that the Patriots window has closed?

    Until Brady’s play starts to drop of significantly or the AFC East produces a better than 7-9 team the Patriots will contend. I’m not sure if they’ll win another Super Bowl before Brady and Belichick go but if they don’t they’ll most likely be right there in the end.

    Every single year the Patriots lose in the playoffs we hear this but the AFC as a whole is down and you might as well just give the AFC East to the Patriots right now. Outside of Brady, Wilfork, and Welker the Patriots’ best players are all really young as long as they can avoid the Ravens they could be playing at Metlife Stadium next year you never know.

  4. Without taking the time to watch the video, I’m going to guess that they both lost.

    I’m not sure why people are being so dismissive of the Patriots now – saying the window is closed and what not. Sometimes I think teams are better off if they just miss out on the playoffs in terms of how the public views them.

  5. Rodney Harrison is usually full of hot air. But as noted he lives in Atlanta, so he is qualified to relate to us what happened to the Falcons. I’m just disappointed you couldn’t get a comment from soneone that lived in New England.

  6. I’m a bit shocked to not hear any mention of Talib going down with the injury. This was the game changer for Baltimore.. plain and simple. Boldin was being “shut down” by Talib, and once he was no longer being removed from the game he exploded for two touchdowns and gave Flacco more options in the offense.

    Another thing that wasn’t mentioned is Brady’s failure to put a move on Ngata, while scrambling out of the pocket on 3rd and 4. I know it has been a few years since Brady “juked” Urlacher, but Tom has to pick-up that first down with his legs.

  7. Despite a tough loss, the window is hardly closed on the Patriots. Their young linebackers and running backs need to improve and they will. They need a star safety (Jarius Byrd) to fill a major roster weakness. They need real depth at the corners. They need talent and a scheme that gets to the quarterback in critical situations. They need Brady, Gronkowski, Hernandez, Wilfork, and Talib (sign him) to stay healthy (especially for the playoffs).
    Finally, they need to beat up other teams (guys like Pollard need to be repaid two times over for every shot they take at a Patriot player).

  8. As a Patriots Fan,

    I cannot rememebr a time this disheartening or disappointing, since the 2007 season and the following year, when Brady went down with the same undefeated team against the easiest schedule.

    To think of the SB loss and then knowing in 08 we would have been right back there, only to see us miss the playoffs, and then lose Bruschi, Harrison, Vrabel, etc.. Knowing an era had ended with so much opportunity on the line.
    This team has largely rebuilt itself without losing a step. Worked hard in the draft and to make personell moves, although losing Gronk was key. And to think that Tom would have been only QB ever with 2 back-to-back SB appearances, with many more AFC Championship game appearances I’m sure.

    Even if he wins more SBs, its not alsways how many, but taking control of things and winning at the right opporunnities, at the right time which is what they made the most of with the old teams.

  9. How can Harrison can say the Pats are done when they went to the SB last year and AFC title game this year? Rodney is exactly the kind of dirty player the Pats have been missing since he left. The Pats need someone who can send Pollard or Reed down the tunnel strapped to a backboard on a golf cart.

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