Seahawks could struggle to find trade partner for Matt Flynn


While several teams in the market for a quarterback could benefit from acquiring Seattle Seahawks backup Matt Flynn, it may not mean they are willing to give up anything to get him.

According to Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports, the Seahawks’ attempts to trade Flynn could prove to be troublesome as many around the league expect Flynn to be released.

While Seattle can’t trade (or release) Flynn until the new league year begins in March, they certainly can inquire around the league to see what the interest is once he becomes available. Flynn’s current contract calls for him to be paid $7.25 million in 2013 with $2 million guaranteed.

If Flynn were to be released, the $2 million in guaranteed money would count against the salary cap next season.

It seems to make sense that Seattle would release Flynn rather than carrying a backup quarterback making $7.25 million to sit on the bench. However, with Russell Wilson locked into a third round rookie contract for at least the next two seasons, Seattle isn’t devoting a significant amount of money to the quarterback position. They could still keep Flynn on the roster and not be hampered severely by his contract.

While teams may not want to send a draft pick to Seattle for a player they believe will be a free agent soon, the Seahawks may not be willing to cut Flynn quite so quickly either.

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  1. I sort of think Seattle will just keep Flynn, unless he asks to be released. I doubt they’ll be able to trade him because teams aren’t going to pay him $7.25 unless they’re sure they want him to be the starter (obviously Seattle is an exception). And honestly, we haven’t seen enough games from Flynn to say “Yes, he’s a legitimate starter.”

  2. any team that would send anything above a 6th rd pick for flynn deserves to be dead last for the next 4 seasons.

    the dude lost his job to a 3rd round draft pick that says a lot more than the one game he started while with the packers says

  3. I say we keep him for next season till we find russell wilson a backup. Who would back him up next season josh portis? Lol…. Well maybe mike rob can right?

  4. The 9ers are essentially in the same situation with Smith except teams should be willing to give up a little more because his contract is team friendly considering what you get for the price. I hear a lot of talk about the 9ers fetching a 2nd rounder for him.

    Both teams view this as not the worst problem to have.

  5. The Seahawks should just keep Flynn for another year if they can’t get a decent draft pick. Russell Wilson is playing for $600,000 next year and the Seahawks cap situation is great. I think Flynn is good enough to win with the right team but his mechanics are hard to watch.

  6. According to Rotoworld, Flynn signed a 3 year deal for $19.5 million. $10 million is guaranteed including his $2m base each year and a $6m signing bonus. The cap hit the first year was $4 million. The contract includes $5 million in escalator clauses and $2 million in incentives. This $7 million will never be earned if he rides the bench. The cap hit for 2013 is closer to $4M than $7.25 unless he starts. This is rich for a backup but not insane. It would be cheap if he starts because Wilson is unable or because he was traded. If Seattle cuts him they take a $6 million cap hit in 2013. For these reasons, I think the story comes to an inaccurate conclusion. Seattle will keep him.

  7. News flash there not worried about trading Matt Flynn! They don’t have to be. John Schneider says he ‘ll look at offers but it’s not a need. 2 million is cheap to ride pine in Seattle.

  8. For as little as the Hawks spend on players, and as much as Russell Wilson scrambles, it might be smart to keep Flynn around. However, he’s good enough to be a starter, and should get the chance. The Jets seem like the best place for him.

  9. It would make no sense at all for the seahawks to release him. I hope teams thinking they might aren’t holding their breath. It would also be stupid to trade him unless it was a very favorable deal in the seahawks favor. His contract is in no way crippling and without him all it takes is one tweak of Wilson’s knee for the season to be completely ruined. It’s a luxury to have a competent qb on the bench.

  10. I cant believe they put this team in the NFC West, please take it back, they stink! Somethin awful!! Its not the herb!, least they didnt say thats what they failed the test for anyway. There are smart people there cause they do have talent among them, but they just dont got the it factor to be consistantly great!

  11. Jason Cole is out if the loop…no chance in the world Matt Flynn gets released

    1. Seahawks paid the QB position (in total) LESS than any team in the NFL in 2012

    2. They are in excellent position with the cap.

    3. In 2013, They are a Super Bowl contender WITH a QB who runs (takes a lot of hits)…no chance the Seahawks move forward without a backup QB they have confidence in.

    4. Flynn is the prototypical Andy Reid QB.

    5. Andy’s new GM was the guy standing on the table at Green Bay – to draft Matt Flynn. He is also buddies with John Schneider the GM in Sea.

    6. This years Rookie QB crop falls well short of last years

    Flynn will either be traded for a #2 or #3 in the draft – or, Pete holds on to him….again, why release your security blanket and risk everything when you are thisclose to the Super Bowl

  12. Or they could say Matt we need u to take a payout. To stay here.
    Of course first try to trade him Buffalo Arizona Jaguars need help ASAP

  13. it must be nice to get a pay raise a change of venue, a smaller clip board, with equal responsibility. the American dream.

  14. If decent trade options aren’t available $5.25 million (because they’ll lose $2 anyway to the cap) doesn’t seem so bad for a solid backup, particularly when Wilson is getting paid practically nothing (by NFL starting QB standards).

  15. They aren’t going to trade or cut Flynn. Stop with the speculation. As I said last week when you posted about Wilson’s deal, they have less money invested in this position and are getting more out of it. The moment Wilson goes down and Flynn is gone everyone will start saying how dumb it was for the getting rid of Flynn. Remember how dumb the Redskins where for drafting Cousins? Yea turned out to be a good idea. There is a good chance you will need your backup and Seattle isn’t going to cut a decent on and there won’t be a trade unless it is a high draft pick.

  16. Alex Smith will probably be more attractive for the same amount of money, at least he has a year & a half worth of winning record & QB rating to show for.

  17. leave it to John Schneider, he’ll find a trading partner for him. There’s at least ten teams looking for a QB this off season and Flynn is as good as most of them

  18. It makes more sense to keep him, then to cut or trade him unless you get better than a 5th rounder. Good insurance policy and you only have about $8 million tied up in QB1 and QB2.

  19. If I were Andy Reid, I’d offer a pair of 4th round picks, or one third round pick. Flynn is still young, ran a west coast variation his whole career, and would be worth the gamble for a year or two. Since there are no “sure thing” QBs in this year’s draft, it’d be worth it. Then he can dump Cassel and Quinn, draft some prospect in the mid-to-late rounds, and use his top two picks to bolster the unit around Flynn.

  20. How will Wilson feel about his backup being paid 10x more than him for 2-3 seasons? They have to cut or trade Flynn

  21. Keep him. As it says, they are not in to the position for a lot of money. What if Wilson got hurt? Look at RGIII. Redskins are glad they have Cousins. A good backup is sometimes a valuable thing.

  22. Exactly. Doubt he will be released since they have a veteran (won’t say proven) backing up a rookie. They will entertain offers, but no need to get desperate. It’s win/win.

  23. If you believe that Flynn can win games if Wilson goes down then you keep him. If they were devoting a large amount of cash to both players (they aren’t) then you’d have to move on. Pretty easy decision. Keep him….unless you get an offer that knocks your socks off that is….which is unlikely.

  24. Keep him then. They are not desperate to get rid of him so if teams aren’t offering enough, then keep him and have a suitable back up. I’d feel very, VERY comfortable having Flynn back up the kid until some team gets desperate.

  25. You could have just left off the second part of the headline and left it at “Seahawks Could Struggle.” We all know they will plummet back to earth and finish mid pack next year.

  26. The Seahawks should tear up the contract they have with Russell Wilson and sign him to a new 5 year deal for about 35 million with 15 guaranteed. Then release Flynn who GB should sign as a backup to Rodgers.

  27. Flynn might be a great QB, but no one knows that. He couldn’t win the starting position in training camp over a rookie drafted in the third round. Russell Wilson did of course play above expectation, so it’s just hard to know if Flynn is very good or just had one really good game subbing for Aaron Rodgers in 2011. There’s not enough film on him to make teams comfortable with a 7.25 million dollar salary.

    Well, there was enough film to make the Seahawks comfortable with it, so maybe someone else would be too. Hard to say.

    One thing is certain. There are a lot of teams out there with a dire need for a QB. I’m betting someone takes him, but if they have to trade a draft pick and end up with yet another bad QB on the payroll it could be a death sentence. Do you really want to be paying Kolb, Skelton AND Flynn if none of them can play? Same scenario in KC.

    Those teams need to do SOMETHING though and it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  28. If a team is going to trade for a veteran quarterback to start for a year or two while the quarterback they draft in 2013 improve then that team should trade for Matt Schaub.
    Matt Schaub is a 10 year veteran with 2 good years left as a proven starter who has won. He would be a great fit for Kansas City, who has 6 Pro Bowlers, which has talent except at quarterback. With the Chiefs last place schedule and Matt Schaub as the quarterback would make the Chiefs a potential playoff team. Immediately, they become the 2nd best team in the AFC West who could win 8 to 10 games.
    Andy Reid would look a genius and immediately become viewed as an elite head coach again.
    The Chiefs fanbase should be demanding for Matt Schaub.

  29. Flynn’s content to go with the flow. Got news for ya: he ain’t going to restructure his contract with the Hawks – he has bou-coup guaranteed $, and that contract ain’t bad for riding pine, OR for going elsewhere…

  30. Coach Carroll said on several occasions during training camps that Flynn was doing everything they had expected of him. Considering the money they paid for him, it’s logical that expectations were high. So to discount Flynn’s abilities because he got beat out as starter by rookie Wilson is foolish. It’s now clear to anyone but mouth-breathers that Russ Wilson is every bit the gem that RG3 is, only nobody realized it, and even Carroll and Schneider only saw the potential of this, otherwise they’d have snatched him up with their #1 pick instead of Irvin.

    Flynn is no less valuable than he was before Wilson was even a factor, and a QB-hungry team would be stupid not to seriously consider going after him. Flynn makes no secret that he is not happy as a backup, regardless of his paycheck. He will jump at any guaranteed offer to start with any team. And the Seahawks will let him go provided they receive in return what is of most value to them right now, which is draft picks. What other GM/coach team in the league has a better eye for overlooked rookie talent than Schneider/Carroll? If a team parts with the level of picks Seattle covets, they will have no problem acquiring a competent backup QB to replace Flynn. Any seasoned veteran no longer valued by his present team will suffice. Go Hawks!

  31. Alex Smith and Matt Flynn may be traded, but I suspect that it will take more than most teams want to give up to get either of them. Unless the deal is sweet for SF or SEA it won’t happen and the QB situations remain constant. Not bad for either NFC West Team.

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