Stevie Johnson wants to see a quarterback competition


The Bills have a new coach in Doug Marrone and many people expect to see them have a new quarterback next season as well.

Ryan Fitzpatrick didn’t have a very good year in 2012, especially when it came to throwing the ball down the field, and there was plenty of talk from Bills executives about the need for a franchise quarterback in Buffalo. Wide receiver Stevie Johnson isn’t ready to say that Fitzpatrick needs to be dumped as the starting quarterback, but he does want the team to make sure he isn’t just handed the job without fighting for it again next season.

“If we went out and got another quarterback, who knows what’ll happen? Fitz may still win, or the other guy my win,” Johnson said, via the Buffalo News. “Let it happen like thatHe is a good quarterback. We’ve all seen that. Obviously, they may bring somebody else in. I just hope it leads to competition. I think Fitz is one of those competitors. He may come out with the job again.”

Johnson might get his wish for a competition, but Fitzpatrick might not be part of it. His $7.25 million salary is too high for a guy that hasn’t proven he’s good enough to be the team’s starter, which makes release the likeliest avenue once the offseason gets underway. He could conceivably return at a lower salary, but it seems more likely that Marrone will take the team in a new direction.

18 responses to “Stevie Johnson wants to see a quarterback competition

  1. good…hopefully the next guy can throw a 20 yd out or heck maybe even a pass down field or wait how bout not a last min pick to lose the game or let the other team back in the game or…..ill stop here..

  2. Let’s open the WR position for competition as well! Another loud-mouth, self-serving ball-dropping WR would make for an interesting summer camp. Well said Stevie!

  3. You guys kill me with you talks of “huge contract” that fitzy signed… He makes $9.8mil for next year, that puts him at the 18th highest paid qb in the league…

    31 other teams laughing? How about Sanchez who is making $11.2k or Matt cassel, or Matt Flynn who was paid $6.5mil because he had one good game in 2011.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think fitz is a great qb, but I don’t see the bills drastically overpaying him… Also, I would like to see him play under a coach who gives him some freedom. He’s one of the smartest players in the league, but old school Chan wouldn’t let him call an audible! It was chan’s play calling the ultimately killed the bills offense, come on there were games that our punter got more touches the spilla da thrilla!

  4. I don’t want to keep him, but we could do worse than Fitz (see Sanchez, Cassel, Bradford). Keep him in case the acquisition doesn’t work out. Flynn or Alex Smith seem worth a shot. The dogfighter can stay in Philly.
    @ cubs in2049, get serious. Stevie is consistent and his drop numbers are very low, you just remember a few plays.

  5. how about we just send the bills franchise to LA, nobody wants to play in Buffalo in november anyways!!

  6. New QB is needed period. It’s really that simple. You know what you are going to get from Fitz, and it’s not good enough.

    P.S. – Can someone please tell the Bills to have those hideous UGLY white stripes taken off around the neck of there Blue home jersey’s?

    Doesn’t look as bad on the road jersey’s, but man is it an awful look!

    Nice new jersey design there Nike.

  7. Fitz has ChrisJohnsonitis, which is a common ailment amongst professional athletes. When they get paid big contracts, the after effects include a loss of desire to try hard.

  8. Hey Stevie Blunder, does he have to catch the ball for you as well?!?

    Moron! Get you game straight before you run that uppity mouth!!!

  9. It is obvious that the people hating on Stevie Johnson have not been watching many Bills games…You judge Stevie off of a drop that happened 3 years ago against Pittsburgh…if you have spent any time at all watching the Buffalo Bills you would in fact know that Ryan Fitzpatrick continuously puts his guys (recievers) in bad position to make plays…Stevie Johnson has done admirably with Fitzpatrick at QB and that in itself speaks volumes of his (Stevie Johnson) talent.

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