Titus Young threatens to quit football if he doesn’t get the football

Getty Images

The Lions may have been better off with the second-round pick they used on receiver Titus Young by simply saying, “Pass.”

Young, who was exiled from the team via an injured reserve designation after lining up “multiple times” in the wrong place during a Week 11 loss to Green Bay, now says via Twitter that, if he doesn’t get the ball thrown his way more often, he no longer wants to play.

Young summed up his position with an oxymoronic tweet, via Anwar Richardson of MLive.com:  “Like I said I never been selfish but if I’m not going to get the football i don’t want to play anymore.”

He also clumsily disputes the notion that he ignored his assignment on a given play.  “Never have I ran the wrong route, just put my self where the ball was going,” Young said.

After the season ended, the Lions seemed to be on the fence about Young.  His latest tweets may be the thing that knocks the team to the “cut your losses” side.

When giving up on a talented young player, teams worry that cutting him will provide the wake-up call needed to get him to straighten up and fulfill his potential.  Possibly with a division rival.  At some point, though, the Lions need to realize that Young will simply never get it, and move on.

Maybe they can say, “All he does is catch touchdowns.”