Tuck says Te’o situation a “crazy, crazy, crazy thing”

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It’s been a strange week for former Notre Dame football players.  From the ridiculously gullible Manti Te’o to the incredibly cynical Tim Brown, a pair of Golden Domers have bookended the spectrum of human trust.

Former Notre Dame football player Justin Tuck addressed one of the situations on Tuesday night.

“Crazy,” Tuck said of the Te’o case during a charity event at Madison Square Garden, via ESPNNewYork.com.  “You want to reserve your judgment on anything until all the facts are out but it’s just a crazy, crazy, crazy thing.”

Tuck believes Te’o was duped by the hoax involving a fake dead girlfriend, and it doesn’t sound as if Tuck would take a dim view of Te’o for falling for it.  “I know Te’o, I helped recruit him and I know that he’s one of the nicest guys I ever met in a football uniform,” Tuck said.  “So I believe him when he says he doesn’t have anything do with it.  He was just that gullible. And I think he’s embarrassed with the fact that he’s just that gullible.  That lets you know how nice of a guy he is and how genuinely real of a guy he is.”

The only problem is his girlfriend wasn’t.  And while Tuck is willing to regard the cup as half full when it comes to Te’o, other NFL players may be inclined to view him as half fool.  Or as a complete one.

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  1. I still don’t get the Te’o situation.

    So….his imaginary girlfriend is a huuuuuge problem…..but Tebow’s imaginary boyfriend Jesus is a huge marketing opportunity?

    Come on. Makes no sense.

  2. Look like Swarbrick knew what he was doing with that presser. He was putting out the clarion call for all good ND alumni to echo the support he gave Te’o.

    I don’t think it wise for Te’o to be appearing on TV. He should go incommunicado until the combine where he can answer questions in a more intimate setting, man to man with scouts and coaches.

  3. The easiest people to con are those that don’t have experience conning others. His possible lack of manipulating and hustling people might make him prone to not holding out or making a power play to play games with trying to drive up his price when it comes time to negotiate his second contract.

    That could potentially be a good selling point for a team that likes hardcore-loyal people. After this experience you would think that Te’o would be very appreciative of a team that would be faithful and committed to him in a time when he really needs somebody to embrace him and believe in him.

  4. The first action in a major scandal, as advised by slimy Defense lawyers and PR agents, is to deny deny deny, even in the face of a mountain of evidence. The case against Te’o is enormous and he didn’t answer enough specifics especially where he said he MET her at Stanfurd and also in Hawaii. The Notre Dame propaganda machine is in full gear.

  5. “And while Tuck is willing to regard the cup as half full when it comes to Te’o”

    He knows deep down it’s more than half full…of sugar, if you know what I’m saying. 😉

  6. One of the best lines concerning this crazy thing: ‘These Te’o jokes are all very funny…but let’s try and remember that a beautiful, sensitive young woman who never existed is dead.’

  7. Te’o better hire the best financial adviser on the planet ASAP. Because the vultures will be in his pocket day and night if he is as gullible as described.
    This guy may as well wear a neon sign around his neck that says “Please scam me and all my money, I am 2 seconds away from an NFL gold mine of a contract.”

  8. The only problem is his girlfriend wasn’t. And while Tuck is willing to regard the cup as half full when it comes to Te’o, other NFL players made be inclined to view him as half fool. Or as a complete one.


    how long have you been reporting or watching the NFL? have to seen some of the stupid crap these guys fall for and do?

    ok, now let me get back to rooting for the guy that didn’t snitch on a murderer.

  9. Sooooo you believe him if he says he has nothing to do with it, even though that would mean he flat-out lied about having met her (initially) at a football game at Stanford and subsequently lied about having met up with her in Hawaii?

  10. I didn’t (and wouldn’t) watch Katie Couric show but read in daily newspaper where Te’o told Couric that “he briefly lied” about his fake girlfriend. I guess briefly lied is different that other forms of lying. But it raises the question, if he didn’t lie as he first claimed, but now briefly lied, how do we know if he is or isn’t briefly, temporaarily, required, full-fledged, partially, not totally, lying about everything, something, nothing. This dude is a fruit cake and you would have to be one to believe him.

  11. So now Tim Brown is a bookend on the “spectrum of human trust”? Give me a break. This is character assassination against someone who spoke the truth as he saw it. Jerry Rice saw it the same way, so this is hardly one schizophrenic conveying a hallucination.

    Anyone who says that Brown is delusional without knowing all the facts in this case is blindly loyal to the ongoing NFL narrative. When people make their living by having access to the league it’s hardly surprising that they would defend them, but it is going way too far to call Tim Brown and Jerry Rice delusional.

    This should be retracted.

  12. Tuck retired last year you think he would keep his mouth shut after being completly away from the game since last January. I actually though he was dead since I didnt hear a peep out of his retired self all year. congrats on retiring Tuck, the Giants missed you this year but enjoy the good life, retirement that is. Tuck is retired.

  13. Hey logical idiot, if Tuck does retire, he wii do so with two Superbowl rings…

    “I Got A Ring……and guess what I Got Two”!!! – Justin Tuck at the Giants second Superbowl rally

    That my friend is a Logical beat down…

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