Callahan becomes apparent compromise between Jones, Garrett


The initial report from ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was accurate, on both counts.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was stripping play-calling duties from coach Jason Garrett, and Jones was nudging Jason’s brother out of the building — a rare instance of resistance to the nepotism that has become commonplace in the NFL.

But the ultimate decision to let the man with the title of offensive coordinator fully coordinate the offense wasn’t as automatic and natural as it would seem when Jones gave the reins to Bill Callahan.

As we’d heard throughout the process, the Cowboys were looking beyond the building — and Garrett wasn’t happy about that.  The external candidates included, among others, former Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt.

But Garrett didn’t want an outsider who had been a former head coach, and Garrett was adamant that his system be used, even if he no longer would be running it.

While it appears that Jones and Garrett ultimately found a compromise, there’s a lingering sense that Jones tried to setup a showdown with Garrett that would result in an impasse between the two men that resulted in a severance of their relationship.  It could be that Garrett has opted not to give Jones the satisfaction of pushing Garrett out.  It could be that Garrett fears that if he quits and claims he was essentially fired he won’t be able to obtain a buyout.

Regardless, Garrett has both been emasculated and placed on notice.  And with so many members of Jon Gruden’s former coaching staffs now firmly in place, the speculation will persist that, eventually, Gruden will be coaching the Cowboys.

15 responses to “Callahan becomes apparent compromise between Jones, Garrett

  1. just hire gruden now and get it over with…oh, wait, interview a minority first so that you’re in compliance with the Rooney Rule and keep the Fritz Pollard Alliance happy…

  2. Jason Garrett, it’s time to quit buddy before this clown makes you the complete fall guy. you’re to good an O.C. to allow king Jerry to take away your play calling. If it’s Gruden he wants step down and let Jerry fall on his face without bringing you down with him.

  3. Jerry Jones has all three of his children working for the Dallas Cowboys, yet firing Jason Garrett’s brother shows “a rare instance of resistance to the nepotism that has become commonplace in the NFL”? Nice to see ol’ Jer doing his part to fight nepotism.

  4. Garrett sucks. Please stop being cheap now and fire him and bring in Gruden. The Cowboys need someone with fire to wake up all this talent and put their asses on notice!!!!

  5. R u serious greg mayers, Garret is a good OC u must have a big ass cup of stupid juice every morning. If i recall Wade Phillips got fired because we couldn’t do nothing but kick field goals so what would be the next dumb thing to do ohh yeah let Phillips go and hire the dumb ass who was the reason for field goals and no td’s. Thats right Jason Dumb Ass Poor Clock Management Ice my own kicker rum three dumb ass running plays instead of getting a first to seal the deal amd give someone like Brady 2min. Left to beat u Garret. What a Dumb Ass

  6. As long as Jerry’s making every decision and Romo is the QB face it the Cowboys will be mediocre at best. Jerry should do what he really wants and fire everyone so that he can be Head Coach, OC, DC, GM, head scout, equipment manager, beer salesman, ticket scanner, etc.

  7. Bill Callmyhand bluff is just that, a player with no hand. A disgrace to all honest good coaches out there. Cant wsit til him throwing the bowl for the Raiders exposes him with his pants down. The truth always comes out and Jerry Rice and Tim Brown just set the gauntlet in place to fall….its just a matter of time and his headis going to roll.

  8. It sure looks like Jones is paving the way for Gruden- he’s about the only piece missing (most of his staff in Dallas). On top of that it appears Jones is phasing out the Garretts. I seriously doubt John Garrett planned on looking for another job, and Jason G isn’t calling the plays anymore. I don’t buy the story Jones came up with either, Garrett didn’t want to lose his play-calling duties; he was originally a little defensive about that.

    The problem with hiring Gruden would be the level of control he’d have. Jones would have to come to some sort of compromise if that’s possible. He did lure Parcells out of retirement, however (another control guy). Jones has to decide whether he wants to win another championship, he isn’t getting any younger and his way obviously isn’t working. Maybe that’ll be enough, but I won’t be holding my breath.

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