Cowboys didn’t know Callahan planned to issue statement

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A weird story that has featured plenty of weird twists and turns now has another.

The statement issued late Tuesday by Cowboys offensive coordinator Bill Callahan came not from the Cowboys.  Instead, the statement apparently was issued by Callahan’s agent, the ubiquitous Bob LaMonte.

That’s not to say the Cowboys have an issue with Callahan.  Typically, however, assistant coaches operate more discreetly.  At a minimum, it would have been prudent to give the Cowboys a head’s up before issuing the statement, and perhaps to give the team a chance to read it and to provide suggestions.

There’s also a chance that the Cowboys would have preferred that Callahan handle the situation privately.

For whatever reason, Callahan and LaMonte decided that they needed to go on the offensive ASAP, without consulting the team.  If the goal was to get former Raiders receiver Tim Brown to slam the “sabotage” bus into reverse, it worked.

The only question that remains is whether Jerry Rice will be saying “beep . . . beep . . . beep” at any point today on ESPN.

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  1. Sounds like someone in the Cowboys PR department was asleep at the switch. A major story about your ofeensive coordinator breaks on Saturday and you have not talked to him by Tuesday night to suggest a course of action???

  2. Did Brown handle the situation privately? No.

    All Callahan is guilty of is a bad decision to go to a pass oriented game plan form a run plan. Probably cost them the game and Barrett Robbins his sanity and future.

    Thanks Bill.

  3. Callahan needed to say something quickly as this was going viral. Even if the Cowboys don’t like it it’s HIS reputation at stake and if he could slow this viral meme down then he be well advised to do so.

    As far as Brown and Rice’s comments go they are in the record and no amount of retractions will ever prove that they don’t fully believe what they said. I’m sure that they realize it’s a very bold assertion and I doubt they’d say it if they didn’t feel it.

  4. this has nothing to do with the Cowboys team ……..he should be able to speak on ANY matter that does not pertain to the Cowboys ……ever hear of freedom of speech or how about the right to defend yourself

  5. His statement was as professional as it can get. Very PR and lawyer-eze.

    A heads up would have been nice but the Cowboys actually mentioning no heads up is lame.

    Very control-ish, Mr Jones is, I would imagine…

  6. I would not have hired the clown in the first place…….after all he did change the game plan for the biggest game in his life on the Friday before the game…….not to throw the game….. he just realized at the last moment that Gruden knew his plan better than he did……

  7. This article doesn’t say if the Cowboys were unhappy about not having a head’s up. Maybe this is the Cowboys way of acting like they didn’t help him construct this statement and that it is in fact his own off the cuff personal opinion. It would not do Bill any good to say here’s a statement that Jerry Jones’ lawyer drafted for me that I put my name on. They might want to appear to not have influenced his words and taken control of his position for him.

    If that’s the case, then I don’t buy it, I firmly believe Jerry talked to Bill about this issue at some point and likely put his fingerprints on this statement. Unless the Cowboys issue a statement that indicates they are upset for him speaking out.

  8. The Cowboys should have fired the guy in charge of the stadium seat fiasco instead of transferring him to director of public relations.

  9. Is there any organization more dysfunctional than the Cowboys? Jonsey got himself a team so directionless that it’ll be interesting to see what happens next season. This is better than the Michael Irvin cocaine days.

  10. Just curious: When the Cowboys offense led by Callahan next faces the Rams defense led by Rob Ryan, will the ‘boys be changing their offensive terminology?

    Callahan may be shocked and insulted by the allegations, but he still hasn’t explained why he’d change the offensive gameplan two days before a Super Bowl (or if he did) and why he wouldn’t change the terminology before meeting their former HC.

    Looks like Jerry picked another winner.

  11. “That’s not to say the Cowboys have an issue with Callahan.”

    Nor should they, even if your headline implies it…Callahan has the right to defend his character as he sees fit, not as the Cowboys see fit.

  12. Is it fact that the Cowboys’ front office wasn’t told? Has Jones stated he was not notified? Though it doesn’t matter either way, it seems like this is pure gossip, the same stories that are bashed all the time, on this site, if it comes from ESPN.

  13. I’m glad Callahan sabotaged the RAiders…lol…this is great stuff…let the investigation begin…Al Davis would have started one by

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