DeAngelo Hall has finger surgery


Cornerback DeAngelo Hall isn’t sure whether he’ll return to the Redskins for another season, but he’ll have a surgically repaired finger either way.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that Hall had surgery to repair a fractured right pinkie finger on Tuesday. Hall had ligament damage repaired and pins were placed in the finger to help it heal. He’ll have the pins removed in a couple of weeks and will wear a splint for a month. If those timelines hold, he’ll be ready in plenty of time to start the offseason program.

It’s just a matter of which offseason program he’ll be starting. Hall said earlier this month that he’s willing to talk about restructuring his contract, which also includes a scheduled $9 million for the 2014 season. There’s not much chance he’s seeing all of that money so it will just be a question of whether or not he can agree on a new price with the Redskins.

Per Jones, Hall played about half the year after suffering the injury. He had 95 tackles and four interceptions for the Redskins during the regular season.