Elway, Fox consulted Peyton before promoting Gase to coordinator


Most players don’t get a say in who will coach them. But most players are not Peyton Manning.

Manning is as important to the Broncos as any player is to any team, so it’s not surprising that Broncos front office boss John Elway confirmed that he and head coach John Fox consulted with Manning before making the decision to promote quarterbacks coach Adam Gase to offensive coordinator after Mike McCoy left to become the head coach in San Diego.

We asked what [Manning thought],” Elway told USA Today. “There was no resistance there, let’s put it that way.”

Gase was effusive in his praise for Manning when he first took the offensive coordinator position, and Elway said he thinks the Manning-led Broncos offense will look a lot in 2013 like it did in 2012.

“He’ll do some things he’s familiar with and comfortable with, and we might simplify some things,” Elway said. “He’s young, bright, a lot of upside. He knew the system, knew Peyton, so to me it was the logical choice.”

Gase is the logical choice as long as Gase is willing to let Manning keep running the offense.

30 responses to “Elway, Fox consulted Peyton before promoting Gase to coordinator

  1. What does a QB coach advise Manning to do anyway? “Um..I guess just keep doing what you are doing”

  2. Of course they did. Peyton is the most important person on that team, and that includes the coaches and front office personel, so why wouldn’t you ask him first?

  3. indytom87 says:Jan 23, 2013 7:17 PM

    What does a QB coach advise Manning to do anyway? “Um..I guess just keep doing what you are doing”


    Hopefully telling him that he doesn’t have the arm strength to throw the ball late across the middle of the field anymore.

  4. chief67 says:

    Manning is a playoff expert !

    A Chief fan making a funny about the playoffs? What’s it been now…
    20 yrs, slick? Good one.

  5. Peyton Manning has basically been a co-offensive coordinator his whole career. This is nothing new. And it seems to work pretty well for him.

  6. So you are telling me they had to get Peyton’s permission to let Adam Gase to be taught by Peyton Manning.
    Tell Adam Gase to bring his notepad or ipad and be prepared to learn.
    Just listen and learn Adam.

  7. So here is my question. If they consulted Manning about this then don’t you think Manning was asked what he thought about taking a knee with less then a minute left and what 2 time outs in the fourth quarter of that playoff game against the Ravens.

    If Manning gets the props for his play in the regular season then he should get the smack down for his play in the post season.

  8. Manning is the computer who wore tennis shoes when it comes to offense. I wonder what the chances are of Manning becoming a coach when he retires from play.

    I’ve always been able to see him having a Football Sunday TV job but maybe he’ll surprise me.

  9. chief67 says:

    Manning is a playoff expert !


    Correct me if I’m wrong but the chiefs havent won any relevant games since the early 90’s and Manning beat the chiefs in the playoffs early in the 2000’s. After the cheifs had a 13-3 record.

  10. It’s the same in any business where one employee is being promoted to lead others from within the organization. You get some feedback from knowledgeable employees that have worked with that individual. Doesn’t mean those employees’ opinions would carry veto power but they do/should matter and provided they are quality employees like Manning should be of value to the decision makers. No big deal…now if they didn’t talk Peyton then that would say a lot about how they view him..both long term and short term.

  11. Since they are going to set the franchise back 5 years by guaranteeing a dead armed QB $40 million…they may as well let him decide who the coach is…and you people think Fox was calling the shots in the playoff loss? Peyton calls audibles and he is to blame…a true playoff choker…and remember…he wasn’t the Super Bowl MVP the year the Colts won it…let’s see if they can keep Ryan Clady after using almost 20% of their cap on a QB who can’t throw in the cold

  12. I teach management and yes I agree with dabearsk when s/he said that it is like when one employee is promoted to lead others. Yes but the person has to be a capable leader that is either transactional or transformational with charisma and the ability to motivate others. I am not sure Peyton has those qualities. A leader is not supposed to be egoist. He or she must be confident but not egoist and Peyton is egoist. He is all about himself.

  13. Without seniority, if Peyton was employed at my university, the only thing he would be consulted in, is what brand of water to put in the water cooler.:)

    he should not be consulted on a coach’s promotion. Also Peyton chokes in the playoffs. He was not MVP like his brother Eli.

  14. I am a Bronco fan as well as a Manning fan. It is great that they discussed it with the Sheriff but, the last time he took the field was bitter to say the least. The only thing I want to see him leading is a redemption tour in 2013-2014 because they just choked away a grand opportunity two weeks ago. Maybe he can help out in the draft room when they are attempting to get some help with pressure up the middle or getting us a nail eating linebacker to fill the gap!

  15. I knew an English major, an English major was my friend. And I’ll tell you, “would of” and “could of” and such, are no English major writing. Think it’s would have, could have. N E buddy kare?

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